Chapter 4: A Confession

A Confession I ended the previous chapter with four questions Christians need to answer as we consider our responsibility to be agents of the gospel in the world today. However, before I can address any of those questions directly, it’s important for me to openly address the biases from which I am coming. All of […]

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Chapter 3: Gospel Integration

Gospel Integration Some traditions refer to the transformative work of the gospel as “progressive sanctification,” but the application of that concept is almost exclusively individual and “spiritual.” For those traditions, the gospel begins a spiritual work in the heart of a person to make that person increasingly less likely to sin, less likely to think […]

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Chapter 2: A Re-United Gospel

Our Different Gospels Not long ago, I was in a meeting with a variety of pastors from a variety of traditions and we were talking about something scholars call “Liberation Theology.” Before long, we found ourselves in the midst of a heated debate over the true meaning of the word gospel. For the unfamiliar, gospel […]

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Before getting into the main content of my book, I want to take some time to share an introduction of sorts, a brief description of the journey I have taken over the past 16 years or so. Introduction In 2006, when Jennifer and I moved to Lafayette to start a church, we had a number […]

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This morning, as research for my next sermon series, I watched Bill Maher’s documentary Religulous (a conflation of the terms “religious” and “ridiculous”) and wanted to post just a few thoughts here…

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A Whole New Mind

A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink Daniel Pink has written a very interesting book about the coming shift from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age. He makes an interesting claim that the Information Age is already over and a new way of doing business has begun. The book is mostly about business […]

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