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share. Well, the Amalgam version of the Legion was called the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099, referencing both the Legion as well as Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (which, at the time, were a future-based team) and the 2099 universe (Kesel wrote a really neat Fantastic Four 2099 series that sadly came at the tail end of the 2099 Universe). Gone was the era of naming everyone Girl, Boy, Lad or Lass. Idea Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community.

Death Metal: The War Between DC's Dark Gods Could Destroy the Multiverse, Doctor Doom's Most POWERFUL Ally Is on the Verge of Betrayal, Batman/Catwoman Artist Teases Two Mystery DC Characters, TMNT: The Last Ronin Was Destroyed by [SPOILER]'s Grandson, Death Metal: Lex Luthor Gives a Classic DC Team a Terrifying New Form, The Flash: Barry Allen Just Used His Smartest Arrowverse Trick in Comics, Spider-Woman and Captain Marvel Team Up to Save Her Family. Clock (Piotr Michael) (Dr. Bong + Clock-King), Johnny Allen/ Spectre Rider (Jamie Foxx) (Crispus Allen/ Spectre + Johnny Blaze/ Ghostrider), Jason Reyes/ Demon Rider (Robbie Benson) (Robbie Reyes/ Ghostrider + Jason Blood/ Demon), Roxanne Montoya (Moreena Beccerin) (Roxanne Simpson + Rene Montoya), Constantine the Caretaker (Greg Ellis) (John Constantine + Caretaker), Blackheart Adam (Arnold Vosloo) (Blackheart + Black Adam), Steve Kent/ Captain Super (Rino Romano) (Superman + Captain America), Bruce Stark/ Iron-Knight (Jason Bateman) (Batman + Iron Man), Donald Curry/ Aquathor (Darin DePaul) (Aquaman + Thor), Legolas McKenzie/ Elf-Mariner (James Patrick Stewart) (Sub-Mariner + Legolas), Peter Allen/ Scarlet Speedster (Jason Marsden) (Spider-Man-Flash), Bruce Holland/ Swamp Hulk (Fred Tatasciore) (Bruce Banner/ Hulk + Alec Holland/ Swamp-Thing), Hal Rider/ Nova Lantern (Freddie Prinze Jr.) (Richard Rider/ Nova + Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern), Thanosied/ King Crystal (Peter Weller) (Thanos + Darkseid), General Ab Sabanwolf (Kevin Michael Richardson) (Apocalypse + General Steppenwolf), Korabak (Michael Petersbrandt) (Korath + Kalibak), Lashina Lasher (Tara Platt) (Lashina + Lasher), Highfather Yondu (Alan Tudyk) (Yondu + Highfather), Orion the Destroyer (Kieth Szrabajka) (Drax + Orion), Billy Vell/ Captain Shazam (Dominic Scott Key) (Captain Marvel + Captain Mar-Vell), Diana Danvers/ Ms. Marvel (Juliet Landau) (Diana Prince/ Wonderwoman + Ms. Marvel), Freddy Quil/ Star-Marvel (Justin Timberlake) (Captain Marvel jr. + Star-Lord), Shazam the Ancient One (James Hong) (Shazam + The Ancient One), Dr. Bolivar Sivanna (Brian George) (Dr. Sivana + Bolivar Trask), Ronan the Eternal (David Sobolov) (Ronan the Accuser + Vandal Savage), A'Challa/ Poke-Man (Matthew Broderick) (Ash Ketchum + Black Panther), L'Chaka/ Poke-Man (Jeff Bridges) (Lir + T'chaka), Deliamonda (Jennifer Hale) (Ramonda + Delia Ketchum), Evee Milaje (Grey Griffin, Tara Strong, Kari Wahlgren) (Evee + Dora Milaje), Ulysses Ruber/ Unkown (Gary Oldman) (Klaw + Ruber+Unknown), Augustine Kilmonger (Yuri Lowenthal) (Augustine Sycamore + Erik Kilmonger), Eddie Oak/ Grendel (Tim Curry) (Gary Oak + Venom), Kory "Misty" O'Neil/ Starfire (Jodi Benson) (Starfire + April O'Neil + Misty), M'Brocko the Man-Onyx (Kieth Ferguson) (Brock + M'Baku), Ray Pym/ Atom-Man (Peter MacNichol) (Atom + Ant-Man), Karen Van Dyne/ Bumblewasp (T'Keyah Kaymah) (Bumblebee+Wasp), Ryan Lang/ Atom-Man II (Andrew Kishnao) (Atom II+ Ant-Man II), King Kobra (Julian Sands) (King Cobra + Kobra), King Sphinx (John DiMaggio) (King Shark + Sphinx), Ben Long/ American Dragon (Dante Basco) (Ben Tennyson + American Dragon), Grandpa Max Long (Ken Wantenabe) (Max Tennyson + Lou Shi), Gwenani Tennyson (Kari Wahlgren) (Gwen Tennyson + Nani Plekai), Saundra Long (Sumalee Montano) (Saundra Tennyson + Susan Long), Carl Long (Matthew Yang King) (Jonathan Long + Carl Tennyson), Trixie Green (Miss Kittie) (Kai Green + Trixie), Spud Cooper (Robbie Daymond) (Spud + Cooper), Rose Yamatto (Tara Strong) (Julie + Rose), Fu-Azmuth (Richard Steven Horvitz) (Fu-Dog + Azmuth), Vilgax the Huntsman (Arnold Vosloo) (Vilgax + The Huntsman), Val Khan the Dark Dragon (Greg Cipes) (Dark Dragon + Kevin Levin), Stephan Aang/ Avatar (James Sie) (Aang/ The Avatar + Dr.

One of the problems with doing a sort of "post-apocalyptic" take on famous characters is that people are going to want to go back to the original versions of the characters eventually, but here, it was essentially "impossible," despite an attempt to introduce young doubles of the team that received their own spin-off series called Legionnaires after Giffen's run ended, so there would be one group of adult Legion members and a group of teen members. and one book, 100 Things X-Men Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die, from Triumph Books. In their latest look at creators talking about comics within their comics, CSBG sees an Amalgam comic mocking a long-running comic's many reboots. [2][3] DC Comics has not yet identified or numbered the Amalgam Universe in its Multiverse.

Triplicate Girl was now Triad. Steve Kent/Captain Super (Rino Romano) (Captain America + Superman), Kara Barnes/Winter Girl (Katie Higgens) (Winter Soldier + Supergirl), Peggy Lang (Minnie Driver) (Peggy Carter + Lana Lang), Lois Carter (Susan Egdan) (Agent 13 + Lois Lane), General Zemozod (Oded Fherr) (Baron Zemo + General Zod), Perry Jameson (Wade Williams) (J. Jonah Jameson + Perry White), Jimmy Wilson (Corbin Bleu) (Falcon + Jimmy Olson), Lex Luthortron (Clancy Brown) (Megatron + Lex Luthor), Bibbo Dougan (Bill Fagerbakke) (Dum Dum Dougan + Bibbo Bibbowski), Vrell Xanatos/ Brainiac Coyote (Jonathan Frakes) (Brainiac+Coyote), Leslie Diamond/ Diamondwire (Danika McKeller) (Livewire+Diamondback), Bruce Stark/Iron Knight (Jason Bateman) (Iron Man + Batman), James Grayson/War Wing (Khary Peyton) (War Machine + Nightwing), Riri Drake/Iron Robin (Charlotte Chung) (Ironheart + Robin), Kathy Potts/Iron She-Knight (Sumalee Montano) (Rescue + Batwoman), Laugh Monger (Troy Baker) (Iron Monger + Joker), Dr. Victor Gill/Mr. He has written two books about comics for Penguin-Random House – Was Superman a Spy?

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