aon2 x2 gps altimeter

So, AON2 designed X2's mount to have easily changeable arm bands! If the altitude is over 1000 (feet or metres), then it will display the altitude in 1000’s. All of these altimeters have buttons that allow access to a screen menu and generally have the same size of numbers on the visual display, which can be set to show feet or meters. We will also release dimensions so you can design or 3D print your own mount! Full details on the the SuperStars Rewards Program at this link.

There are 2 possible ways to update the firmware: wired, and wireless. There is a mudflap mount also available for £30, and we’ll be creating a variety of other mounts soon!

Our next generation digital altimeter with GPS. Most functions will also be accessible through a smartphone app interface via Bluetooth.

X2. Colour: black(orange version shown in photo). However, if you rotate the screen 90 degrees to "portrait mode" (such as having your arms raised while flying your canopy) the screen gets blocked out by polarized sunglasses. A SIM card? No, the X2 does not have any audible functions. Fly Better. Tap to select your 13 theme with parallax effect. VARIO GPS ELEMENT TRACK by FLYTEC. Digital skydiving altimeters have continued to be improved upon the past few years, but the recent release of the DigiAlti plus the Dekunu One SmartAlti and AON2 X2 has really shaken up the offerings for skydivers.. One by Dekunu is the first sport skydiving specific digital altimeter featuring GPS with 3D location tracking.

If there are problems with Bluetooth functionality, please disconnect from the X2, go into your phone settings -> Bluetooth and “FORGET” the X2 device and re-do the pairing process.

High-resolution color screenEnhance your situational awareness with flight data displayed on our large, high-resolution 2.7″ LCD screen with excellent clarity in bright sunlight.

The battery is not user-replaceable due to the waterproofing of the device.

The middle button acts as the power button. GET ONE. This app enables access to the AON2 Brilliant Pebbles audible skydiving altimeter.

Going to the menu “modes” screen you can select the sport mode you wish to use. If plane mode is entered accidentally (for example, driving uphill above the threshold speed), you can force a return to standby mode by pressing both TOP and BOTTOM buttons at the same time. (Note: all X2s already come with the original arm mount). A green light will indicate that charging is complete.

At the moment it displays altitude, direction and distance to landing area, and ground speed. The battery is not user-replaceable due to the waterproofing of the device.

ChutingStar ships worldwide from our Marietta, Georgia, location. The Bluetooth and GPS functionality eats up … LightBar has 33 different light alerts and affects available, Comes with a Nylon Wrist Mount, but can also be used with the Wedge/DigiPouch Mudflap Mount. To power on the X2, press the middle button.

The X2 can support up to 18Hz GPS update frequency, but it will dynamically change the update frequency to optimize battery life. It can set up to 20 alarm altitudes, choose alarm tones as well as change units between feet and metres.

So please don't make a U-shaped band as this would put all of the load into the pins! After jump feedback includes jump-path mapping, G-force, swoop and landing zone analysis, which is all synced to the cloud to view, analyze and share. A progress bar from 0% to 100% should appear while it is updating. Pressing the middle button again will restart the device.

No problem! SuperStars Rewards is ChutingStar's "Thank You" Loyalty Program. To set a waypoint, use your phone to connect to the X2. It can set up to 20 alarm altitudes, choose alarm tones as well as change units between feet and metres.

This will return the altimeter to the home screen. In this screen, the X2 will have several days of battery life. Here is a review video: By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, Fix crash when going into Settings screen, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments.

Note: if you pull on the band hard enough, you can bend the steel pins and pop them out of the mount. If you change your mind about the color or the fit is not quite right, whatever the reason, you can exchange it for another item or return it for a refund. The VISO II+, ARES II, AltiX and AloXs use replaceable batteries, but the Atlas, X2, DigiAlti and One are rechargeable through a USB cable. Free Bluetooth® iOS/Android app for setting the altimeter and syncing logged data to FDS Logbook, Jump counter can be set to match your current jump numbers plus records detailed jump log for last 300 jumps, Break-Off Altitude setting where icons on altimeter will flash at break-off altitude, Can be used as watch with date/time display.

The LightBar allows you to customize up to 33 different light alerts and affects. Enjoy the beautiful space art. If this occurs please contact support via email at

ChutingStar offers several shipping speeds from USPS and UPS at checkout. Logs more than 200 jump profiles and 2500 jump summaries, Velcro Hand Mount included; Several mounting options and colors available separately, Water resistant with replaceable air filter, Waterproof and shock resistant aluminum case with reinforced glass, Quick setting for Altitude Offset, Ground Zero & Backlight, Elastic Wrist Mounts in 8 colors, or the Mudflap Wingsuit Mount available as add-ons, GPS with 3D location tracking syncs to cloud, Logbook allows you to view stats, plot your canopy flight function, unlimited synchronized jumps, horizontal, vertical and path distances, opening g-forces, max/min. Long battery life With up to 1 week standby time and up to 50 hours of GPS navigation, you can have worry-free adventures with X2. ALTIMÈTRE DIGITAL NOUVELLE GÉNÉRATION X2 AVEC GPS de AON2. Enter your starting altitude. This is also saved as “User Waypoint” on the device memory.

The Dekunu One specific mudflap Wingsuit Mount includes the needed Velcro Pocket attachment. Operating altitude: 0 to 33,000ft (0m to 11000m), High resolution sunlight readable colour display (2.7″), typical battery life*: ~4 days @6 jumps per day, 10% reserve capacity, Range and heading to landing area, jump run offset, GPS log upload to Android/iOS and web app, Detailed jump logging with wireless upload to Android/iOS, Dimensions: 77.36 x 55.12 x 13.11 mm (3.04 x 2.17 x 0.5″), Go outside with a clear view of the sky, and turn on the X2. Arrow indicators for DZ heading and distance, and set up waypoints for navigation. Most of the time it will use 1Hz update frequency. This unit can then provide you a lot of data on your jumps.

X2 companion app for viewing jump logs, setting drop zones and changing settings.

If it hangs, or exits with an error, please email for tech support.

The next generation digital altimeter with GPS.

Plane mode will display distance to waypoint and ground speed in the units the user has selected, and true heading in degrees.

If “skydive” or “wingsuit” mode is selected in the mode menu, then the device will automatically switch to plane mode if sufficient climb rate is detected (230 feet per minute). Order your Dekunu One Wingsuit Mount here! Plane and canopy flight data in real time, on your wrist, the moment you need it. At the very start of a jump day, we highly recommend the following steps: Go outside with a clear view of the sky, and turn on the X2.

However, if you rotate the screen 90 degrees to “portrait mode” (such as having your arms raised while flying your canopy) the screen gets blocked out by polarized sunglasses. Built for any landingX2 has IPX7 waterproof rating and can be fully submerged in fresh water or salt water down to 1 metre depth.

Yes, the arm mount is included in the price. GPS feature to view jump stats on map; It works well; Parasport AltiX.

Download the update utility for your platform: PARAPENTE. Full returns and exchanges info at this link. Download jump logs, set GPS waypoints and more.

Prix 439,00 € Ajouter au panier. This app enables access to the AON2 Brilliant Pebbles audible skydiving altimeter. Battery life depends on the usage – typically up to 1 week of normal usage. Fly Better With Information. There is an extra little loop in it to keep the mount from sliding around the band too much, but it's basically just a circular band.

Comes with 2 spring bars and removal pins. Keep the X2 in the standby screen when going for a skydive – it will automatically detect when in a climb (exceeding 230 ft/min) and change to plane mode if the skydiving mode or wingsuiting modes are selected. Bring your situational awareness to the next level by combining altitude awareness and location awareness. The AltiX is the only digital altimeter with a traditional round shape. Spare arm mount for the X2.

How long is the battery life?

From exit altitude to freefall speed up to a 3D mapping of your jump, you get the data you need to analyze and improve your skydiving skills. For the first update, please run the setup script first (will prompt for root privileges). One is the altimeter you'll look back at and wonder how you jumped without it.

... At AON2, we connect people to … First, to measure your arm band size to select a size, simply measure your arm around where you want to wear your altimeter.

Hold down the top button while pressing the middle button, this will start the device into bootloader mode, and a new firmware can then be flashed on to the device.

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