best 38 special ammo for snubbies

Rem Golden Saber 125 The most common question when it comes to these two types of ammo is what separates them from the LRN bullets? Opinion, By the way, have you noticed how there are more snub-nosed revolvers available today than ever? These bullets have no copper jacketing and they have a cavity to the flat nose. per second and 201ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle, which proved to be not enough power. If this is not the case, then recommending substandard performing products is totally irresponsible.

They are mainly used in hunting, self-defense situations, and target shooting. Of MAJOR interest are the loads from Remington and Winchester. The Honey Badger is a copper, fluted bullet that delivers moderate recoil and proper performance as if it was made for the .38 Special. or 158gr. ammunition in it.

Try counting your rounds with a full-sized semi-automatic, once you make it past 10, things start getting complicated. These are often +P to optimize ballistics for the underpowered .38.

of 9mm Luger. I carry a Kimber K6S with 3″ barrel. I know gel is not the same as a bad guy’s body, but it’s a better way to compare rounds than simply multiplying bullet weight x velocity or, worse still, accepting the manufacturer’s claims for muzzle energy. when you look at the ballistics. the gel tests were pretty impressive to look at. She now “packs” the firearm in the pocket of her easy chair. Looking at the numbers, the reported low-performance checks out, a 150 gr projectile producing 777 feet per second and 201ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle, isn’t going to have a lot of knock-down power. What makes revolvers so popular amongst shooters is that they can process a large variety of bullet types and weights. Editor’s Note: The following is a post by Mark Kakkuri, a nationally published freelance writer who covers guns and gear, 2nd Amendment issues and the outdoors.

Twitter and other social media icons below. It’s no small coincidence this dressing-down took place in the same era as the war on drugs. As a nation we have gone too far down the road to anonymous vulgarity. Federal Premium Personal Defense.

Of course, carrying legally isn’t an option here either: carry permits are required, but not issued. At the time of its introduction, the .38 Special was considered a modern cartridge. When it comes to variety in terms of weight and performance, the Jacketed Hollow Point .38 Special bullets have the most diverse portfolio.

These, too, see regular duty in my snub-nosed revolvers. In the Luckygunner site, this round had NO EXPANSION when shot into ballistic gelatin with either a 2″ or 4″ revolver. That’s certainly true of this .38 Special cartridge as it’s often found not only my gun’s five chambers but also in a speedloader or speed strip when I’m carrying. It proved inadequate in terminal performance and penetration when used in the Philippines prior to World War I. You might be tempted to dismiss this round offhand, but I don’t recommend you do so. So if you are curious about the Best .38 special ammo for snubbies that you can use, continue reading on for an in-depth guide to finding out.

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