blink xt2 local storage

Discuss: Blink's Outdoor Security Camera is solid, but the last-gen XT2 was better, More companies should offer free cloud storage (commentary), Amazon's Blink battery-powered security camera is still kicking 1 year later, Amazon's new Ring camera is actually a flying drone -- for inside your home, Ring Mailbox Sensor: Amazon will alert you if someone steals your mail, the Wyze Cam Outdoor does even more for only $50. That link does give the continued free XT2 storage information. Download the Blink app and create an account if you don't already have one -- or login with your existing credentials. The Blink Outdoor Security Camera takes its cue from the XT2, only now you have to pay for cloud storage. The wording means a lot​:hugs: I can have one sync activated before and one after. Currently, the new Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras in addition to the XT, XT2 and Mini are for North... How To Save Live View on Blink Cameras Use the search function to type in a word or phrase. They are using the same info Blink used, showing free storage. If i cared more about local storage, I would have setup a PoE camera outside (but then I’d … Hi everyone, thank you for all the info. Please check your local page above for more information. I think even support was originally putting out confusing info. Been using them for years and even moved them to multiple houses. The April, 2020 date involves the new cameras and whether or not they require subscription for those who had accounts before or after that date, as I understand it. No monthly fees are required to use local storage functionality. All you have to buy is a flash drive. With every business, some customer reps are good, some stupid and give misinformation.

Doesn’t matter where they announced the termination of free cloud storage, Amazon still publishs the original description on Blink XT2 page. With local storage you can view, share, and download stored videos from Mini cameras through the Blink app or watch the footage on your computer by plugging in the flash drive. Customers do get a free trial of the Blink Subscription Plan through 2020, but after that, you have to decide if you want to only receive alerts and view the live feed -- or if you're fine forking over the cloud service fee to review saved clips, which will start at $3 per month. April 15th 2020 has been the cutoff date for free ongoing cloud storage. I’ll give you that! I just bought the Blink XT2 3 cameras package x 2 . If you actually bothered to do what I said in above post, you would have found the exacts same information.

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