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He has even become accustomed to having sex with Imagase every day. (Source: MU) However, when accidents and mishaps seem to start following Tsumabuki, can their love last, especially since it's rumored that noone who have dated Hiroshi have lasted for more than week? This BL manhwa is a sweet addition to BL manhwa and gay webtoons present in the list. Is this love? Hikaru Hanada, 52 min

Viewer’s Discretion Advised. Nise x Koi Boyfriend Lovely It's a fairytale with a twist... Does it look like you? Three high school boys and a teacher. When Shin hears about a doll known as the "bloody doll" from his friends, he can't help but be curious. However, Shuuji soon realizes that this was never meant to be just a lighthearted fling, and he slowly begins to deal with his new, unfamiliar feelings for Takafumi. Tôru Furuya, [Written by MAL Rewrite]. So, is it on a teenage whim that he starts lusting after Ryoumei? The relationship between Shell and One also has some quirks which will be better if you check them out by yourself. This webtoon is in the story build-up stage yet is doing a great job in gripping control over the audience.

The world does not have any loopholes. | Then nothing is the same again. Included one-shots: Night one month after, Fuji Azuma is thrilled to have the chance to spend two whole weeks with his adorable 8-years-younger nephew Taira, head over heels for the kid and the proudest uncle there ever was. Animation, Comedy, Crime. While that's happening, their friend Fumi-chan seems to be in love with Taichi...? That is, until Takahiro visits them with his new fiancée! This is a cute and sweet gay comic – webtoon. Also, romance, relationships, and arts are the major part of this series. The Uke usually seem weak and helpless but they often have an iron character and a lot of energy. | (Source: Tokyopop), Being a virgin employee, Yamashita had dreamed to sleep at least once with his most favorite gay porn star, Hikaru. Even as Takato sets his alert level on MAX, Azumaya catches Takato in his shameful drunken state and uses it to blackmail him! Characters: Scheming tsundere psycho X cold heart college student. Vanilla Sex

A failing high school student, Yukio finds a magical book at his teacher’s apartment. One of the boys is involved with gangsters, the teacher and one of the boys are siblings and two of ... See full summary », Stars: (Source: MU), Clumsy high student Rintarou Noe has a problem: he has a difficult time dealing with his home tutor, Kaede Sumizome, and the strange feeling he gets whenever he gets too close to him.

As the shell is supposed to be broken; one-day Ginu sees Yubin doing something not so innocent through his window.

Mikihisa Azuma, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Enjouji and Ranmaru are a mostly-happy couple, but when Ranmaru finds lipstick on Enjouji, he becomes suspicious and leaves in a huff. Tokage to Chutsugai (Source: Queen2408), 1.

Hashiba has an accident and has lost all of his memories.

But, in joint pursuit of a scandal, the two of them begin to care about each other...? Trouble occurs when Chisato gets jealous, due to Riju's friends constantly coming over. This is a master-servant plotting taking absurd and comic turns. I stick to the principle "the farther, the better", I do! Will Shima put aside a history of disappointment in order to take a chance on a complicated relationship? However, the passing days changes their employee-employer relationship. Instantly falling in love with the figurine he decides to buy it, but there are rumors about the doll and how it got it's name. Sie können Ihre Einstellungen jederzeit ändern. Should he give in to his desires, he will risk more than just another heartbreak. 1. (Source: MU), Naoto is Hajime's childhood friend. Suchae being a solo traveler gathers the determination to go talk to him and they end up journeying together. (Source: DramaQueen), To break away from his existence as a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and staying at home all day, Endou Hiroshi starts work at a convenience store. Wataru Araki It is never quite obvious who is the predator, and who is prey. He is tied by all the prophecies. Mio Chibana is a recently bereaved orphan who spends his free time gazing into the endless expanse of sea. 4. :) Do you like the quiz? Both the main characters have their own flaws and strength, which we witness as the story develops. Show Hayami, It kick-starts with the main characters, Ganghyuk Choi and Joowon Kim going on with a one-night stand. (Source: MU), 1-3.

It centers around the 16-year-old Tagami Masataka as he aims to find his place in life. However, a chance encounter with classmate Ritsuka Uenoyama may finally give Mafuyu the push to let his voice be heard. Asumi Matsumura, Out of desperation, he found his only defense was to treat Shinonome coldly so he could keep his sanity intact. The story talks about a 30-year-old man who falls in love for the very first time. Hikaru Midorikawa, Uenoyama is the guitarist of a band, whose fellow members include the kindhearted bassist Haruki Nakayama and rough-looking drummer Akihiko Kaji. He got lost and met a queer guy, Suga Kazuhiro, who went to pick him up. Onoe secretly considers Kaburagi his rival, and Kaburagi's haphazard way of doing things goes against Onoe's strong sense of ethics—there's nothing but conflict between them. TV. Stealing his thunder is the newbie actor with a 3-year debut, Azumaya! Animation, Drama, Romance. Yaoi, also known as Boys' Love or BL in Japan, is a genre mostly written by women, for women, that depicts homosexual relationships between men. This gay webtoon is a good option for first-time readers who do not want to explore the dark side of BL manhwa just yet. Everything seems perfect until he finds himself about to be attacked with nowhere to turn yet desperately hoping for help, when a guy crawls through the wall and says, "There's no helping it. Hideyuki Hori, An innocent sin is a BL Manhwa where the main couple isn’t gay, but it still represents enough for boy love. I'd like to read about something different. 6. As he clutches the guitar in his hands, this melody swirls around and around, screaming words of regret, longing, and loss.

Later Sun Hwa gets to know that the stranger is the baker who lives just down the floor, Moon Gong Ha. Considering that he is far from becoming a manga artist of any sort, he joins a shooting for the sequel of that dreaded commercial from his past. I’m new to this so I have no idea. | Gaming News; Japanese Mythology; Light Novels; Pets; Instagram; Home; Webtoon List; Top 20+ BL Manhwa and Gay Webtoons: A Guide for ALL! Animation, Drama, Romance, Twelve year old Aoyagi Ritsuka is left with his insane mother as his only family when his brother, Seimei, is killed suddenly. Bi no Isu Though, where is the spice without emotions? After moving to a new school, he meets Agatsuma Soubi, who ... See full summary », Stars: During his POV, he tells that he woke up at the hospital with no memories of himself or any other people. From then on he starts to question whether everything is as it seems.

How will these four brothers weather tragedy after tragedy and stay together? With his weakened mind, Bum has found solace in watching his handsome classmate Oh Sangwoo; Bum's love runs so deep, in fact, that he has begun stalking him. Volume 2 It has a very engaging story, artwork, and narration. What kind of love can spring from such an awkward start? And yet it touches your heart and brings tears. (Source: September Scanlations), 1-2. Kôsuke Toriumi, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc, Gekijouban Sekaiichi hatsukoi: Yokozawa Takafumi no baai. At the start of the series, Misaki is about to sit for his college entrance examinations.... See full summary », Stars: With an art style that satisfies both sides and a good but comedy filled story, it takes the expectations further above. 2. 5.

(Source: Vices & Devices), Hana no Miyako de (Source: DMP), As a child, Masahiro Setagawa hated the idea of heroes, as no one had ever attempted to save him from his own miserable existence. (Source: MU), Being with an older lover is hot on just sooo many levels... Seiji-kun is a novice manga artist. Japan typically uses this single category for all forms of these relationships, sexual or not. Dan Bello, In the middle of all the prophecies, an important aspect is the Beacon, Kappa, a fish with shining scales. But when Hidetoshi gets involved with an abusive boyfriend, Kengo feels that he can no longer just sit back and watch…

Boy‘s Love Teenagers’ big worries and little secrets. Why is he wearing something like that in the first place? Even if it qualifies under the gay comics tag it talks about heterosexual relationships. He enters the shark’s dungeon and is held captive. That exchange student, Qaltaqa, is a native from a developing country who can't understand Japanese!! But when the subject of his tutor's unrequited love appears at his doorstep, Nowaki claims Kamijou all to himself and declares his feelings for him. A read which will leave you wanting for more as you go through each chapter. (Source: MU). From there, he has an unbelieveable encounter when he left from work! Their prophecy tells them to kill kappa so that they can escape the curse which causes frequent causalities. After being reunited with Rat years later, the two ... See full summary », Stars: | Be the first to share what you think! Anya no Tsubute In contrast to the troubled Toono, Kajima, who joined the club at the same time, is completely unphased and even slips a confession to Toono into the confusion. | It portrays the sea world where all the fish-people varieties have prophecies that will help them grow to success in one way or another.

Don’t sweat it because we got your back with another Top 20+ list. But much to his surprise, Keigo comes up to him and asks him out! Later Gong Ha moves in with Sun Hwa due to certain reasons. It seems interesting.. Where I can read all these ? Japan typically uses this single category for all forms of these relationships, sexual or not. Yowamushi Kareshi to Kuroi Neko, University employee Ryouichirou is ordered by the Chairman to take in an exchange student. Their chance arrives when they're both invited to audition for a new erotic film. 6. | Every night Bexan turns into a human being. This is a yaoi (gay/boy x boy) series. Press Room Animation, Comedy, Drama, The protagonist of the story happens to be stuck in his classroom a derry cold night. The moment Siren sees him he gets entranced by his beauty. Manga Tag: cold seme. share.

He directly inherited from his dad and apparently, his dad does not have many expectations from him. In a desperate effort to keep Ayase close to him, Kanou demands the debt be repaid in full and suggests the perfect way to do it: by selling his body to Kanou for 500,000 each time. [Written by MAL Rewrite], Chiaki Sakaguchi appears to be a sociable, popular high school senior, but he carries a dark secret with him that he can tell no one about – not even his closest friends.

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