competition 45 pistols

Even then, most of them have to admit, when it comes to DA/SA pistols it’s pretty dang sweet. Similar to most polymer-framed .45s, the PPQ’s ‘wow-factor’ is its capacity. Get 12 Issues a year of the country's best firearms writing. The bells and whistles aside, perhaps the biggest selling point of the FNX is its capacity — 15 rounds. Furthermore, the pistol has a number of other features that ensure it’s a quick and accurate shooter, including fixed tritium front sight and ledge rear, ambidextrous thumb safety, accessory rail, Magwell and a diamond-tough carbon finish. The XD is a striker fired, double-action only handgun with a polymer frame and metal slide. The icon. The Range Officer brings the precision of a competition pistol in a simple and straightforward configuration. Though this rate is likely improved with modern ammunition, hollow points can and do fail for a variety of reasons — barriers, velocity and clothing, just to name a few. The Tactical Carry also has a 3.5 to 4.5 pound trigger pull, fiber optic sights for shooting in low light conditions and a one-inch accuracy guarantee at ranges of twenty-five yards. The TRP is based off the custom Professional Model HRT 1911 developed by Springfield Armory for the FBI.

Best of all, it’s accurate as they come, especially in its price range.

Intertwined with most of America’s 20th-Century military conflicts — including both World Wars — the .45 has more than done its part in shaping our country’s story. The XD-M is the perfect pistol for those looking for large caliber performance in a full size platform.

Try adjusting your selection. It’s not the longest out there, nevertheless it has the chops for serious target duty if that’s your thing. In reality, the Glock 21 is actually one of the best, and most affordable, .45 ACP pistols on the market. A major innovation built into the HK45 is a spring operated recoil reduction system, which Heckler & Koch claims reduces recoil by up to 30 percent. One of the best values in .45 ACP, it’s difficult to go wrong with the G21. Certainly, if you don’t mind weight on your hip, the Classic is a carry candidate. Often overlooked, not every hollow point, no matter caliber, will expand once in a target.

Amazing, given all the competition it presently faces from guns chambered for old standbys such as the .380 ACP and 9mm, and newer upstarts such as 10mm and .40 S&W.

FN has engineered answers to nearly any need or eventuality into the FNX 45 Tactical, making it one of the most capable handguns on the market. Load hot enough ammo in these small and lightweight guns, you have the potential of managing more recoil than you would with a full-sized 1911 shooting a mid-of-the-road round. Boasting a dual recoil spring assembly, the pistol tends to be a relatively mild shooter for caliber, particularly given its lightweight — just a hair above 29 ounces. The one point that may not win favor, at least among left-handers, the thumb-safety is strictly a right-handed affair. Additionally, the .45 Automatic Pistol Ball Cartridge was highly shootable. Among the belles of the ball is the Tactical model, which arms you with all the advantages of a 1911 and a whole bunch more. The HK45 is 8.03 inches long, has a barrel length of 4.46 inches, and weighs just under two pounds with an unloaded magazine. Few .45 pistols — particularly at this price point — offer as complete a package. Springfield Armory XD45 Mod 2 Service Model. The most iconic battle rifle in American history. Please try again. The Glock 21 carries thirteen rounds in a double stack magazine that is wider than the 1911—but is not uncomfortable to hold. MSRP: $1,087, SIG P220 Legion $1,199.99 SIG P220 $849.99 Featuring a superbly refined trigger, the XD-M Elite represents the pinnacle of performance in modern striker-fired pistols. For some, the types that can’t abide crunchtickers, the P220’s trigger pull is about the only thing they can complain about. Sorry, no products match that criteria. crabbys44, read it again. Forged in the fire of disciplined craftsmanship.

The Executive Carry also features a matte stainless steel finish and fiber optic sights. Get the 74th edition of the World's Greatest Gun Book. For those that know the platform, that’s an appropriate background for a company building custom 1911 handguns. Long story short, exemplary showings in extensive testing, the cartridge made its way into military service in the legendary M1911 — essentially the evolution of the early 1905. The XD(M) has everything you want and need in a pistol, superior ergonomics, reliable performance, and features that make it easy and intuitive to use. Like all 1911s it features a single stack .45 ACP magazine of up to eight rounds, the same as a Government model.

Takedown is a simple matter of clearing the handgun, removing the magazine, flipping a side lever, and sliding the slide to the rear.

The ultimate “big bore” pistol cartridge, the .45 has been a proven U.S. military cartridge as well as LE and civilian round for more than a century. In turn, the greater the permanent wound cavity, the greater the blood loss. A 1989 FBI study pegged only 60 to 70 percent did so after entering a human body. Generally thought of as a race gun company, STI has a host of more practical pistols aimed at home defense and concealed carry. Whether you want your pistol in polymer or steel, there’s a .45 ACP Springfield Armory pistol that’s just right for you. Standing for “Tactical Operations,” the Tacops model comes decked out with a number of features that enhance its functionality. An Austrian pistol with a polymer frame and modern internal design, the Glock 21 is simply a scaled up version of the original Glock 17 handgun introduced in 1982. Not a good situation, but one that was reversed in part by the military reverting to the Colt Model 1873, a .45 Colt famed for its use in the Old West. The lighter the gun, the more it will buck — something that enthusiasts of the new micro nines are certain to have noticed. That’s nearly unheard of, even in the sphere of double-stack .45 pistols. A traditional M1A, loaded with all the features you want to take your rifle to the next level. Soldiers with a balisong, machete or whatever edge weapon was at hand.

Designed specifically for the 9mm cartridge, the EMP features shorter dimensions making it one of the smallest 1911s out there.

Ultralight pistol build that offers outstanding mobility and fast-handling characteristics required in close quarters. Where this is most notable is in the gun’s fit, not only slide to frame, but also barrel to bushing.

The PPQ .45 is a rock-solid defensive choice, but really it would excel in any role you wanted it to fill. One shot by the larger caliber, in many cases, was all that was required to stop Moro or any other adversary dead in their track.

In turn, as the largest commonly used self-defense round, the .45 ACP allots some peace of mind with its added girth. Today, advances in bullet technology means a 9mm round can deliver as much energy as the .45 ACP. Battle Proven. Shot multiple times by the .38, the Moros would continue to hack away at a U.S. While other cartridges have come and gone, arguably John M. Browning’s most influential contribution to the ammunition world has continued to soldier on. Refining the more than 100-year-old design, SIG has produced a gun exceeding modern standards and more than living up to contemporary shooters’ expectations. The Glock is easier to disassemble and clean than the 1911. Among the most notable is its shootability, especially for a lighter .45 pistol. In the context of the .45 vs. the .38, the big-bore round produced a wound canal nearly 20-percent greater on a straight pass-through shot that didn’t yaw once entering the body. Our Custom 1911 pistolsmiths have over 200 combined years of experience and individually hand fit every major component of your firearm. Certainly, you foot a hefty bill with the Classic, but when it goes bang everytime you pull the trigger you’ll find it’s worth every penny. It’s as dependable as daybreak, chewing through anything it’s fed and asking for more. Like all full-size “Government” model 1911s, the Tactical Carry has an overall length of 8.7 inches, a five-inch barrel, and weighs 45.2 ounces fully loaded. Learn how your comment data is processed. And today, there’s still ample hardware to send the .45 flying in style. Boasting a 4.5-inch barrel, the pistol tends to be a smooth shooter with excellent accuracy potential, due to its long sight radius. From 1911 on, the pistol and cartridge served with distinction and both continue to see action, despite neither presently being standard issue in any branch of the armed services. Despite this and for its price, the SR1911 offers you everything you’d want out of this iconic gun design.

From the 1911 pistol to the Thompson submachine gun and the M1917, there have been some truly iconic guns chambered for the slugger.

Therefore, there have been some parameters set for this particular list to home in on a more or less general category of .45 pistols. And that’s only in the world of semi-automatics, there’s the whole realm of revolvers to consider too. It was one of the first DA/SA .45s on the market as the Browning BDA. The Tactical ships with two enhanced-capacity magazines, one 10 round and one 11 – solid firepower for what otherwise is a 1911. The 1911 Ronin combines a legacy of service with the features modern shooters demand. The use of a polymer frame means that despite carrying up to five more rounds than a typical 1911, the Glock 21 fully loaded weighs nearly half a pound less. Product specifications are subject to change without notice. they are half or less than any of the ones you mentioned and both of mine are every bit , if not more, accurate than my wife’s Kimber? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Target rounds aren’t through the roof, with the likes of American Eagle going for around .34 cents a round at Lucky Gunner. MSRP: $707. In turn, you’ll note race guns and compact models do not show up on the list. The HK45’s development can be traced to the original Heckler & Koch USP pistol. This is the standard issue semi-automatic 45 ACP 1911 that the LAPD SWAT team have on their hip, kind of, although it is one of … The 1911’s early twentieth-century pedigree involves the precise fitment of many small interlocking parts to produce a reliable, accurate pistol. Incidentally, the sights are high enough that if your optic poops out you can still aim with them. Need an optic? Certainly, it’s not the 15-plus rounds the 75 packs, but with a 10-round double-stack magazine it brings plenty of firepower to the table. Elwood Shelton is an online content developer for Gun Digest.

The XD45’s double stack, two-row magazine holds thirteen rounds.

Named after the Colt Commander, a handgun designed for wear by officers, Commanders feature a shorter, 4.25 inch barrel, a reduction of three quarters of an inch over a standard, full size (also known as Government) model.

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