dc trickster vs joker

And as is often the case in trickster myths, he achieves some sort of victory. But one day Mxy got careless with his mischief and offered the Joker a sliver of his reality-warping powers. However, his most crucial and debilitating flaw is easily his own ambition, which, paired with an unquenchable thirst for power and a general lack of human understanding, has sealed his downfall on numerous occasions. In all manifestations he is, and here I am quoting The Dark Knight, an “agent of chaos.”. He repeatedly kills characters, brings them back to life, and then kills them again. 22. Maybe it's Tom Hiddleston's cheekbones that make Loki so enchanting in the eyes of so many nerds, but there was brief period in the year 2000 where Thor's little brother was only the second greatest trickster god in all of comics. Initially, the Joker was mostly content with just torturing Batman, brutally killing the Dark Knight every night and then immediately resurrecting him. By Dorian Reyes Black Mar 28, 2020 When it comes to trickster gods, most think of Marvel's Loki. That latter characteristic is due to his resistance to intense pain and quick recovery from injury - another side effect of his chemical transformation that greatly comes in handy when Batman is beating him to pulp. • In the live action television series The Flash (1990–1991), the Trickster was played by Mark Hamill. Mxy adds that even reality-bending gods have to follow the rules of the universes they create. Long story short, he's a godlike being who resembles a Keebler Elf dressed as a Jetsons character and he uses his reality-warping abilities to cross dimensions every 90s days to pester Superman, and only leaves when tricked into saying his name backwards. He explains the presence of suffering and injustice. On a whim, the Joker commits his most devastating act by annihilating the People's Republic of China and then gobbling their piled-up skulls like Galactus (literally just to make a bad joke). Now, you may think that Loki has the upper hand on a psychologically disturbed maniac in that realm, but if you recall, the Joker is the same man who tricked Superman into killing his own wife, so I would not underestimate this clown's brain power. In contemporary times, mythology  has been relocated. Related: Batman And Captain America Once Teamed Up To Fight Joker And Red Skull. Joker was simply forcing everyone to experience his individual reality simultaneously, thus altering the fabric of the universe. And even though its antagonist was Batman's greatest nemesis, it's actually a pretty good Superman story.

Does Joker deserve the crown or do you think I'm just pulling another Loki-style trick. He may have the confidence to brave an opponent like the Joker, but he is too ignorant to realize just who he is messing with…. In essence, it's Cool World meets A Nightmare On Elm Street. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Some noob combos here and there nothing special just thought I would re download the game to play as one of my fav DC villains also (Heath Ledger) … 2020 12:00 PM Facebook cinemablend Copy to … So how did the Joker become so obscenely powerful? During the pursuit, Jesse gets the upper hand and captures Lockhart, but not before she is able to call her frien…

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