deftones new album leak

If they can do it, I'm sure more successful acts can. The current month release date is September, "We have a record that we finished maybe… a few weeks… maybe a month ago, about a month ago we finally got all the final mixes of it. I'm kinda surprised a writer for a music site isn't in this sub. Side note: I’ve purchased everything the band has done. The leaked version isn’t really quality but overall i get how this album sounds. Links to all private downloads will be removed. So stick with y’alls guns on a sept. 2020 release, force the labels hand if necessary. Thanks so much for your support. We're just as excited as you are for all the new album hype and we appreciate everything you do to make this community awesome.

We've updated and crossed out the revised points in the original post below. So no, they are not going to just sit on a completed album just out of hopes of touring again next year (@ least in my opinion anyway). Or am I missing something ? I’d just like to know what people are seeing out there. So there's a chance it could still be called Pomeranian Decoy.

All that does is drive people away from the site and defeats the entire purpose of the site. When Chino mentioned the song name, he was still naively hoping that dropping one bit of info on Instagram wouldn't blow up everywhere on the internet. So I checked out Passenger and loved it. I guess it’s once again Vesanic. This is one of the best music communities on reddit, and we want to make sure it continues to be a place for all Deftones fans to feel safe, supported, and free to contribute to interesting discussion. What I truly don’t understand is why that one member from Kingdom leaks didn’t want it to be made available until tomorrow. I really don’t I think it’s worth getting but if you want it, go there. Anyone doing this will be banned. You just brought me back to linewire kazaa days. We hope this explains why we have been so diligent about keeping this leaked information off of the subreddit for the time being, and we appreciate your support in helping us out. Error We could really use some new 'tones right now. Deftones News, Media, Tour, & Discussion.

9. – I guess it is what it is. They flew under my radar for a long time too. The very last riff heard in the clip is the one shown by Abe in his live stream on instagram, which has been published on youtube and can still be found. Download Deftones - Ohms #BESTALBUM# Link with Album: 2. It’s bunch of good/medicore songs. 4. Conclusion: perfect combination of heavy and mellow. – I didn’t hear any bass. - If you didn't know, most artists these days see their new material leaked before the actual release date. Hopefully more bands start to release their own music. i hate your tattoos,you have weak wrists. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. – While i listened this album, i didn’t ”wow”ed but i definitely want to listen a few songs. The album is way better than previous albums but not better than the legendary ST-WP era. Also keep in mind that article about lalapolloza & other shows potentially not starting up again until 2022 @ the latest. K-L : Deftones has leaked — however, at the request of a significant member of the fan community, Kingdom Leaks has decided not to aid in its spread until Thursday morning EDT. Chino's voice in the segement I've heard is also more on the hauntingly beautiful side of things, very interesting and unusual vocal melody as you would expect from him. The vocals are also good. It makes you wonder exactly what the reason is for a major record label for them. I just don't understand why we don't have a single yet if the album is dropping in September (at least that's the last I heard).

I mean how many rock bands are actually run like this these days, there’s just not many still operating under the 1990s massive corporate rock band design, I think it’s definitely worth reconsidering when you look at the fact that like any other business, the label is affected by all the virus business adjustments which only makes the wheels turn slower. Just look @ the band Hum who surprise released their first album in literally (decades) forever. – This album still doesn’t hit the top spot. I understand the album name floating around might just be a working title, but why is it so hush-hush to say? We're going to support the band in their efforts to keep these things quiet until they're officially released and appreciate the community's understanding. I'll try to describe what I've heard for those interested. Seems like something he’d do.

There is a spoken word sample (by a woman I believe...although not cringy like Pink Cellphone) which plays over a riff that reminded me slightly of the last riff in Royal. Keep hope alive. – Steph/Guitars are way too much but i guess this is Deftones, so it’s ok. Riffs and notes are good but you’ll feel that it’s kinda…too much.

Honestly it’s just a dinosaur operation and going back to the ridiculous Gore rollout it was a joke. 5.

When Tool was set to drop Fear Inoculum, and I was binging on all things Tool, I saw on Wikipedia that MJK did guest vocals on a Deftones song. They may have changed their mind at the last minutes and could be doing so here too, who knows? So to start, we the moderators would like to be as transparent as possible: We’ve taken a pretty aggressive stance against leaked information about the album, most notably a potential name of the album that was leaked. Album pre-order: No pre-order link added. I did this with the SNW leak. This Link is Dead Ok, so I have it on reasonably good authority (aka she's not COMPLETELY full of shit, usually) that the leaks we heard weren't mixed or mastered and she also said something was off with the tempo, like it had been messed with.

It appears that the release of this album name was unintentional, and our mod team was directly contacted by a representative for the band, asking that we please try to limit its exposure on the subreddit for the time being. Or hasn't asked around to figure out what the title is. The label allows for wide distribution, but if it’s put out electronically then what are we really talking about, vinyl pressings distributed worldwide? He didn’t fucked up most of the songs by putting vocals everywhere. I wonder what animal will be on the cover of this album...probably a gopher. I'd be very surprised if there wasn't. It’s not that special if that’s what you are expecting. I will say that this gives me a glimmer of hope that the shit track we heard isn't the finished product at all. – The album is ”Heavy riff intro, clean vocals, atmospheric chrous with ”uuu/ooh” back vocals, weird guitar bridges and cool ending parts. At several times in the song you can hear some ambient sounds that resemble the very beginning from Prayers/Triangles and set a very dreamy mood and a good contrast to the heaviness of the guitars. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Yes, it is. I heard most of White Pony in leaked format (I still use some of the working titles to refer to song names). They promote too, but bands can do their own promoting & Frank, Chino, Abe, & Sergio all did multiple Twitch DJ sets and/or live appearances on IG during the lockdown which were fantastic. "Ohms" - Deftones New Album Drop ... Have fun, don't fuck it up for other people is all I'm asking and do not post links to leaks, and do not request it on here either. For example, if someone rips a leaked track and makes the audio file available via file sharing, we’ll remove that. I know they are bigger than Hum and My Bloody Valentine and operations like that which just drop something on Bandcamp and produce it independently, but it seems like they are behind the times when it comes to a business model. Leaks have already begun to circulate, and we know everyone is super excited to hear new Deftones. It had a ton of different names and I still call them by their working tittles. We’re going to maintain a strict policy about sharing leaks, but we also know that leaks can take a variety of different forms, so we want to establish some guidelines that are both fair and clear. Bet it’s Abe! 6. Patience. lol. That leak brought me into the band. Remember that the supposed September release date came from a band member not label or promoter. Who knows maybe that’s sorta what Chino was attempting by both announcing the albums name all impromptu & then actually playing shitty quality new material cuts of the new album on mixlr of all places. Also keep in mind the self-titled album was gonna be called "Lovers".

What were the rest? Know what I mean? Their albums have very little filler-ish material. but 320kbps, the quality is great. Just don’t hype yourself too much. However, you should not post links to those leaks, were they to happen. What you do with that is up to you, but please don’t be asking us for links or publicly aid others in finding it on this website. Urantia Alrighty then,another day of waiting it is. (Yeah, I'm still a fan) LEAK RULES (OR BANNED): - NO LINK POSTING 8. Radiant City We know everyone is pumped for the release of the next Deftones album, we are too. Leaks have already begun to circulate, and we know everyone is super excited to hear new Deftones. This year has sucked straight ass cheek for so many of us. Couldnt those be coordinated by a Janine-type figure or small staff that doesn’t command huge salaries and drain the operation? We’re going to maintain a strict policy about sharing leaks, but we also know that leaks can take a variety of different forms, so we want to establish some guidelines that are both fair and clear. The main riff is very badass and chuggy, I like it a lot. Give responsabilities to stupid people and see the result.

However, a SoundCloud link to a full rip of a song would be considered a leak and may be removed. Deftones News, Media, Tour, & Discussion. It's a straight ban. Links to studio-quality material may be removed on a case-by-case basis. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. That got me to check out the rest of White Pony.

I had always liked Deftones based on nothing but their popular songs like Change, My Own Summer, Back To School, Diamond Eyes, Tempest, etc. Back in August, Deftones excited their fan base by sharing a few photos of band members jamming in a studio, with the hashtag #writing. A self proclamated significant member. I dunno if it does mean anything but the user "rumors" on the sharinglungs forum just replied to my post on there... For those who don't know "rumors", it's either a band member or someone in the deftones camp, and they only ever show up right before an album release and they usually tease/hint at what /when we'll get something... Now it may mean nothing, but I don't think it's a coincidence either. They will absolutely continue to sell out most all of their shows (whenever they start up again) & plenty of merch no matter what. Apparently saying the album name is like saying Voldemort in the wizard world, That's pretty funny! Drums are very good but i didn’t hear anything special. It will come as soon as the label sees it’s good to release. Informed music outlets know where to look. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. EDIT (July 28 2020): After further discussion with a representative of the band, we've been asked to not allow any unreleased/leaked clips or information regarding the upcoming album on the subreddit at this time. Content that is readily available via a public link is generally going to be considered fair game. It's safe to say their one of my favorite bands now and that I've been obsessed with them lately.

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