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More posts from the DenverBroncos community, Press J to jump to the feed. Under Vic Fangio, the Broncos are 4-0 in games in which they force three or more takeaways and 5-2 in games when winning the turnover margin.

The traffic here is better. Get a free trial. Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs: How to watch, listen and live stream, Looking ahead to Kansas City: How the Broncos might prepare for the Chiefs | Broncos Beat, Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos | NFL Week 7 Game Preview, Broncos vs. Chiefs: Preview for NFL Week 7, Here we go again: Broncos face Chiefs in benchmark game, Close game on the horizon for Chiefs at Broncos.

Schefter: Even after sending home RB coach. Transient. Denver practicing today for Sunday’s game vs. Chiefs. Should you move? Not much of a drinker. KC can be cliquey from us townies who have lived here forever but there are way more people now moving here from other big cities due to jobs so they are creating a much more collaborative environment to meet new people. However, I'm not religious or conservative. Give them a little credit. Wow, I not much older and can’t believe it was that long ago. I guess it depends on what you're into, but I never find my choices of what to do in the evenings / weekends to be lacking. Anyways, my company offered me a job in Kansas City. Wont happen. Nothing like this is really happening in KC right now and you can find an affordable place to stay pretty easily. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Still, from a purely social aspect Denver is the clear winner here hands down. fumble return (H.Butker kick is good), T.Hill 57 yd. If our defense plays to their potential we can probably hold them under 30 points, and if our offense plays to their potential we can probably score over 24. Live in the city the first few years if you move here, not the suburbs. May this decade of adulthood for us bring much Broncos success . Not college kids. How can you watch Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefs live stream on Kodi, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and other devices from the US, UK, Canada, and rest of the world? I'm a 34 single male living in Denver, Colorado. You'll find it hard to meet people if you move to the suburbs. Michael Ojemudia forced a pair of fumbles to go along with seven solo tackles and one pass defensed last week. The Broncos rank first in the NFL since the start of the 2019 season in red zone scoring defense, allowing a touchdown on only 25 of 61 opponent trips (41.0%) into the red zone. From everything I've read, the dating scene is way worse and it's really hard to make friends. Denver is home to more than 2x as many college educated millennials than KC. I realize everyone has their own experiences / opinions but wanted to get all of your input. Time to hear what they know about mahomes .

Shelby Harris ranks third amongst defensive linemen in passes defensed (19) since he joined the Broncos in 2017. You won't hate it here (I hope). noticing a hateful billboard or whatever). I'm actually kind of shocked you have had so much trouble in Denver, TBH.

I work in training for the US government, so I see a lot of people come from all over the US. You'll hear a lot about how KC is one of the worst cities in the USA for dating, and while there is some truth to that, it's not as bleak as you might be led to believe.

Denver is essentially millennial Mecca right now for a whole host of reasons. Good morning, everyone! There’s only been one game since they started Mahomes where they’ve scored less than 23 points so 24 points is the bare minimum for our offense. Jacksonville +300 vs L.A. Chargers, My 2 ozs on Jacksonville vs your 6 ozs on L.A. Chargers u/nosilverworries1. Is dating ok? Remember, people complain online, they rarely say good things (no reason to speak up when things are peachy). Our housing is a LOT cheaper. Come and go. I don't know if you ride a mountain bike but if you do you might have a hard time finding roads with dedicated bike lanes (but this is changing quickly). Tim Patrick needs 100 receiving yards to record the longest consecutive stretch with 100 yards receiving by a Bronco since Demaryius Thomas (7 games; 2014). That’s incredible. It will keep happening until we either get lucky, get consistently better on offense or both. pass from M.Moore (H.Butker kick is good) Drive: 2 plays, 73 yards in 0:40, H.Butker 39 yd.

Along side this, demand for housing is causing a surge in property values, making it more difficult for some to pay their rent. The Broncos forced three turnovers in their 18-12 victory against New England. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I guess I'm blind to it since I live here.

Every chiefs fan ever.....send your energy to Mahomes right leg! If we had a bum it would hurt. I'm originally from Omaha and love the Midwest vibe.The people are more down to earth.

I don't expect a win here, being competitive with the best team in the league would be nice though. Is it easy to make friends? It's more (politically|socially) conservative here than Denver. Denver is more cosmopolitan than Kansas City. We don't have as many breweries but we do have the best BBQ. 99 votes, 6.0k comments. So, not sure what type of people to expect in KC. Just about anything you would ever want to go do is within a 20 minutes radius or less (except during rush hour). Our defense played great against the pats, but they don't have a single game-changer on offense. Please check back throughout the week as I’ll update the news/injury report daily. Glad to see them really shine after the huge blow. Kansas City is in my opinion, a safer city as well despite crime rates. In Colorado you can't fart without someone on a hiking trail or a mountain tell you they can smell it. It can be a lot of fun, but you have to make an effort to immerse yourself in it. Kansas City vs Denver +375, My 4ozs on Denver vs your 15 ozs on Kansas City. There are outdoor activity opportunities, but they pale in number and scale to what is available in the Denver area.

The suburbs, like anywhere else, are more family oriented and clicky. This is not a broncos team of years past. Night life is pretty good. We have mahomes lol. I dunno. There are beautiful women here in KC.

R.Freeman 1 yd. Colorado/Denver have seen record growth for many years now, like top 5 fastest growing in the country as of late. For issues or suggestions please message /u/fireislander, Dealing with Kelce, Hill, or even Hardman is way different because they can actually get open downfield, or take a slant to the house, etc. We’re just young and injured. Lots of people are Broncos fans. Denver has it's high crime areas, but the areas are patchy and in different parts of the city. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Still “professionals” and it’s been an all year thing, not just post injuries. Broncos release DL Timmy Jernigan. I love Denver, and I love Kansas City, so I think I can probably be pretty non-bias. NFL Network – As soon as the live broadcast ends, the NFL GamePass allows you to replay every game, all season long. Is there a lot to do? KC just isn't going to grow at that rate unless something dramatic happens to change our trajectory. There is a lot to do, however, if you are an outdoorsy type you are going to struggle here.

Field Goal Drive: 13 plays, 37 yards in 6:53, R.Ragland 5 yd. Might as well! Living in the burbs always seems like a good way to get yourself isolated. The past few weeks they've gone against solid secondaries and haven't had too much success, hence needing to run the ball on Monday against the Bills. The locals are very clicky and don't really accept new friends. More younger single folks, more outdoorsy types. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. They might be bad, but they're no Raiders fans.

Mahomes pushing his right leg pain there to Andy so he can heal faster ... Good move pat. There's a lot more "high end for the sake of luxury" going on there than here.

The arts scene is pretty good. People in KC aren't used to having attention when it comes to their city, so we're generally pretty excited to have new people.

Cam looked lost out there, and Mahommes and the Chiefs offense are clicking. On defense we like to keep opposing WRs in front of us, however that goes out the window when Mahomes can scramble and get a throw off like 5 seconds later than any other QB. Kansas City has a very, very large part of the city that is very high crime, but it is very easy to avoid.

Tim Patrick became the first Bronco since Emmanuel Sanders in 2018 to record consecutive 100-yard receiving efforts. I think the arts and theater scene is better. I think we can contain their run game, but they don't need a run game to win, so let's see what we come up with. And the people are mostly from Cali, Portland, Seattle...all trying to get in on the pot scene. But I’m glad we won. Just want to get a better idea of what the people are like. National Football week 7 will be started on Sunday, October 25 in the United State.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. They’re likely to get assaulted by drunk donkies. Denver has received individual 100-yard rushing (Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay) and 100-yard receiving efforts (Tim Patrick, 2x) in back-to-back games for just the fifth time since 1997. There is outdoorsy stuff to do here in Missouri, but it's different. The dating scene is what you make of it anywhere. I think our secondary is getting there and it will definitely be tested and they'll probably have a few good plays but I'm hoping they can keep it up. Field Goal Drive: 5 plays, 30 yards in 3:06. Is Kansas City a fun place to live? Try it free for 7 days.

Screen or reverse, we have the speed! Kansas City has a very, very large part of the city that is very high crime, but it is very easy to avoid. We've lost the last 9 games against KC... this can't keep happening. Even setting aside BBQ, we have a lot of very good restaurants in town. Based on that alone, if OP has a hard time dating in Denver, he's going to be worse off in KC. Alternative lines from fan duel: San Francisco vs New England +700 O/U 29.5, My 2 ozs on the under vs your 14 ozs on the over.

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