elecampane for dogs

I just want her around as long as I can. treatment course is 15 days for infection and 6-8 weeks for crystals and does absolutely nothing for my dog. You can find one near you at http://www.ahvma.org.

A previous vet wanted to put him on prozac, we’re not big on medicating him and we still want him to function normally just a little less stressed out. Dr. Doug does not consult online or over the phone. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

He is one of a very few clinicians with over thirty five years of experience.

For gum inflammations and tartar. Not recommended for puppies or kittens.

Wanted your thoughts here .

Do you see a bad interaction with any of these?

We are the experts when it comes to the use of this supplement for your pets!

Thank you. Have you heard of small dogs taking this and being ok? This is a great tonic for any senior or less active pet. And what would the dosage be?

dysplasia and other joint/disc problems. He is under 10 lbs. Pet’s Weight        Tea       Dried Herb        Tincture I think very little of any herbal tincture can be absorbed through the skin. Consider a Nanny cam to record her day, so you can see the effect and perfect the treatment.

A way around that problem is to dilute the dose of herbal tincture with an equal amount of hot water. She is raw fed and otherwise very healthy. Licorice Root - Due to the variety of constituents found in this herb it has wide-ranging applications for bronchial issues. If asthma is a concern, consider teas of elecampane root and chrysanthemum.

Just do each dose before you give it.

• Liver Disease – Dandelion

This herbal remedy has been formulated by a certified Master Herbalist using USDA organic herbs in an alcohol-free formula! She’s also had one known 4 pound Nerve Sheath Tumor removed a year ago and two others currently on her that are suspect.

You state if there are liver issues one should be cautious using dandelion.


My dog is on Denamarin.

I’m not sure to give him Rhodiola or ashwagandha. There should be no problem.

I see on your list that astragalus is bad for dogs with autoimmune issues, yet I’ve heard its recommended for dogs with mast cell tumor. If in doubt, don’t mix the two.

We have her back up to every other day, but I wanted to try other options-specifically natural ways. blood clots and is an excellent choice for recuperation from surgery.

She has developed hyperthyroidism, with symptoms like diarrhea, constant need for food and weight loss . Read Full Disclaimer. It may be time to consider an endoscopy of the stomach since an ultrasound does not see into the stomach very well. Use turmeric, rosemary, parsley nettle and feverfew. Hello! He is on an iron supplement, but there is not much hope that he will stabilize. 3 drops of peppermint Dose according to chart in this article.

I really cannot help without examining your dog.

Elecampane. Except for bleeding from his mouth, he is otherwise still himself… I have been learning about herbal uses for myself, and have been trying to find something to try for Mr. Bach. Our female puppy of 9 months, a 60 lb husky mix, has a so far mild case of an upper respiratory infection, as diagnozed by our vet (kennel cough).

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