family office list pdf

We are based in the financial hub of Charlotte, NC and pride ourselves in working directly with customers to customize solutions for reaching Family Office Investors. With ever-changing markets, Family Offices don’t want to get pigeonholed for only investing in certain areas and prefer to remain open to emerging opportunities. Family Office Industry Growth in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Family offices are very secretive, and therefore full information is not always available.

It is packed with hard-to-find information – the information needed to lay the groundwork for successful relationship building and valuable lead generation. The partners invest their own capital in each venture, rather than raising outside funds, and believe that such investment creates a longer term investment horizon that… ", Stephen Strauss — Managing Director, NI Holdings, “Thanks for providing a well-qualified list. Our firm is managed by a small team of experts with experience in alternative investment, private equity, marketing and database management.

Below is a list of family office services that are commonly provided. Once payment has been made, you will automatically receive an email with instructions to access your list(s) through our cloud-based platform. Once our list has been purchased and delivered, we can not provide a refund. h�bbd```b`�`�K���d�"�&�H�� �[L:�I)�)&g���H�Y`v6��U����,"�sA$c�4�V� $���- �$�����V&FF�JF:���0 �4� Join Us in Singapore: The Family Office Club is hosting a Family Office Workshop in Singapore on October 4th, 2013.

We had a great experience using it for an email campaign which yielded an 85% open rate and a 12% reply rate.”, Join the growing number of firms relying upon our data…. Our lists are accessible at anytime from anywhere through our cloud-based platform. 06 2 Family office services 09 3 The costs of running a family office 20 4 Family office governance 22 5 Constructing a business plan, staffing and strategic planning 26 6 Risk management 32 7 The investment process 35 8 IT, trading tools and platforms 41 Appendix 44 Or, browse our range of family office lists, "Family Office List has been an invaluable tool for providing introductions to Global Family Offices, PE Institutions, VC Funds, and wealthy individuals to our various clients.

Now in its 18th year, Family Office List continues to prove itself as a profitable and time-saving tool to our clients. FAQs on our family office list format (pdf vs excel), the information included in each list, and what happens if you don't raise the capital you need. Information on AUM and investment preferences can be difficult to find, and as such, is a less complete portion of our database. Some family offices offer strictly strategic and investment services while others offer everything from strategic philanthropy to convenience services. We encourage feedback from clients and love hearing success stories utilizing the platform. View our Privacy Policy for more information. © Copyright 2020, a Family Office Lists LLC Company, 13866 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Charlotte, NC 28277, 3 Tips To Virtually Harness Family Office Opportunities, Strategy for Virtual Relationships with Family Offices, Contacts’ Associated Job Titles: All C-level decision-makers, Direct Contact Phone Numbers & Email Address: 99% of the contacts, Website URL of the Family Office: 94% of the contacts, Family Office Address including Country, City, State, or Zip Code: Filterable for easy targeting, Transaction Type/Size: 18% of the contacts, Industry Group & Sub-Industry Based on Global Industry Standards: 28% of the contacts.

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