fancy goldfish tank mates

Cons of keeping Murray River Rainbow Fish with goldfish: ✖ You will need enough space for at least three, preferably more, Murray River Rainbow Fish in your tank. These social fish do best in small groups of 6 or 7, and I’d allow an extra 20 gallons capacity for a group this size. These comic plecos get up to 5 inches in length and sprout long tentacles around their snouts as adults. Snails and goldfish rarely work out as tank mates because goldfish enjoy eating them. The slowness can deprive the fancy goldfish of food and can be a serious problem which may even lead to death. Some people are wary of housing goldfish with algae eaters, as they’re said to suck onto the sides of goldfish and hurt them. But what are the best algae eaters with goldfish? Be sure to watch your new additions once they are added to the new tank to make sure everyone is getting along.

☑ They are fast, so can out-run fancy goldfish, which tend to be slow swimmers. Moisture These guys look like a typical pleco and are often mistaken for juveniles of other species.

Along with temperament, compatible needs are one of the main factors that you need to think about when selecting tank mates for your goldfish. Now that you know how your type of goldfish and aquarium set-up factors into the tank mate decision, let’s talk about what makes a particular fish or invertebrate suitable for a goldfish tank. An aquarium full of orandas and fancy goldfish is beautiful and appealing. These intelligent and sociable creatures must be kept in groups of at least three. They are a newer aquarium species and we’re still learning about their ideal care. Larger slim-bodied goldfish are best kept in a pond, which presents different challenges and requirements. « Reply #17 on: January 26, 2012, 11:20:37 AM » I have 3 fancy goldfish in a 5 gallon tank and it is a great attachment to my room. ☑ They have similar environmental requirements to goldfish. They are similar in size to zebrafish when they grow to their max size. ✖ There is some risk of Bloodfin Tetras nipping goldfish. Therefore, these types of goldfish and any others with significant handicaps should only be kept with their own kind or other similar fancy types that face the same challenges. 7 min read. This often results in a stalemate, where the goldfish and Axolotls live peacefully. While a pond is ideal, you’ll need at least a 20-gallon tank for a single Common, and should add another 10 to 15 gallons on top of that for each additional feeder you add. These hunched-backed fish are one of the few double tail fancy goldfish breeds that do well in ponds and as companions for single-tails! All you need to do is be careful when selecting tank mates. The fancy traits like double-tails, bubble eyes, and their hunched or round bodies slow them down. By following the guidelines and examples we’ve laid out, you can discover many other tank mates to keep with goldfish. Slim-bodied single tail goldfish are fast swimmers and will definitely gang up on any fish that are slower than they are. There are hundreds of fish that can live with goldfish, so if you’re looking for new fish to add to your goldfish tank, there are plenty to choose from.

If your goldfish is nipping or chasing the new additions, try adding some more hiding places so everyone can have their own space. This is true of common plecos, who sometimes attempt to eat the slime off their skin, leaving red sores, but the majority of other algae eaters pose no threat. Repashy Bottom Scratcher is designed to be a more rubbery consistency so that other fish in the tank have a hard time eating it. Add that to your goldfish’s space requirements and you’ll need a mammoth tank. This is because all of the fry are likely to be eaten by your goldfish and the Platies themselves. Stunting them in a smaller tank will only hurt their immune function. These long, thin silverfish sport black markings on their tails and bodies and can reach 6-inches in length. The best options for tankmates are other single tail goldfish, although you can also keep these goldfish with koi in a pond. However, once you've mastered their care, perhaps your goldfish might like a suitable friend. While goldfish have been known to chow down on smaller snails, apple snails’ large size and tough shell means they’re safe. ☑ Look at them! You’ll need at least a group of 10 for this to work. One thing to remember about goldfish is that they are cold water fish, requiring a steady water temperature of about 65 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit. They can reach between 2 to 3 inches in length as adults and enjoy swimming in open water in the center of your tank. Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. Might the fish chase each other around the tank? If you provide plenty of places to hide and offer them sinking food, they’ll probably do well with your goldfish! Although you may be tempted to use flake, smaller tropical fish pellets are best. However, not all fish will make the best goldfish tank mates. Platies are a diverse group of colorful fish in the Xiphophorus genus that typically grow to around 1.5 to 3-inches in length. Keep in mind that any new tank additions should be quarantined for four to six weeks in a separate tank with separate equipment. young) slim-bodied goldfish, as they are less likely to be able to eat their tank mates due to their small mouths. Generally, though, fancy goldfish prefer warmer water stabilized with a water heater and open low-flow areas of your tank, which makes them a good fit for many other tropical fish! Therefore, Bristlenose Plecos fall into a useful sweet spot of being small enough to fit into many goldfish tanks, without being so small that goldfish can eat them. How Can You Increase their Lifespan? This is usually less of a problem with Gold Barbs than with some other types (such as Tiger Barbs), but it is still a risk. Weather Loaches, also known as Dojo loaches, make great companions for goldfish, as they are coldwater fish themselves. ©2020 - While goldfish will eat and uproot live plants, using plastic plants to create hiding spots for other fish, shrimp and snails are one way to increase the chances that a particular mix will work out in your tank. ☑ Rubberlip Plecos are quite placid, non-aggressive fish. 12%, Ash Max. The topic of what fish can live with goldfish can often spark heated debate! 5%, Crude Fiber Max. Goldfish (Carassius auratus) have been domesticated for over 2000 years and are probably one of the most diverse aquatic animals in the world. But you could likely keep a small school of 6 in a 30-gallon fancy goldfish set-up. They are nocturnal, and adults can reach up to 12-inches in length, so an Axolotl may hunt your goldfish at night when they are sleeping. This is more of a technically possible animal to keep with fancy goldfish, as opposed to a recommendation. Here are some of the best options for goldfish tank buddies: Goldfish like swimming with other goldfish (no profile). Shipping on orders under $89 is charged at a flat rate of $4.99. However, some fish on this list may also live with small (i.e. However, some fish on this list may also live with small (i.e. The temperatures may range anywhere between 45 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow at least 10-gallons for every group of 10 you add to your goldfish community. Like barbs, Giants enjoy swimming in a current and will flock to those areas of your tank, leaving the still regions for goldfish. They can reach 1.5-inches in length and nearly any aquarium has room for a group. Hopefully someone else can chime in. Goldfish keepers often ask: which fish make great goldfish tank mates?

Please share your experiences in the comments. Goldfish (Carassius auratus) have been domesticated for over 2000 years and are probably one of the most diverse aquatic animals in the world.There are more than 200 distinct types of goldfish and they can have dramatically different appearances and care requirements.. Equally, there will be people who have successfully kept all of these fish with goldfish. They are an OK algae-eater but prefer veggies and live plants. Different varieties have their own standard colors, but the care is identical. Pros of keeping Bristlenose Plecos with goldfish: ☑ Unlike other Plecos, Bristlenoses don’t usually suck on goldfish scales. Pros of keeping White Cloud Mountain Minnows with goldfish: ☑ A small fish, but still interesting, with a bit of color. Our experts have given this some serious thought and have come up with an ultimate list of 21 possible goldfish tank mates.

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