friedrich der große azur lane

I am Friedrich der Große, prototype H-class battleship of the Iron Blood Navy. Pages in category ‘Friedrich der Große class’ This category contains only the following page. Shouldn't I be the one doing this to you instead, my child? Having a relatively new commander be your representative there, while strange, wasn't unheard of. This site uses cookies. How this will translate to AL we obviously don't know yet. The release of repressed emotions can be both medicine and poison. My child, I will always, always welcome you into my embrace... (Sortie with Z46) You should let me pamper you once in a while. My child, can you help me wear this outfit? Just indulge yourself to your heart's desire, my child. Hal tersebut adalah hal yang paling tidak ia inginkan. About | It has been speculated since that picture came out, and now it's finally been confirmed. Thanks to the gain in displacement, Friedrich has a significantly larger hit point pool than Bismarck. Having a commander transfer to the Azur Lane base wasn't unusual. Some content is for members only, please sign up to see all content.

Are you tired? But regardless she is a monster. Listen to this melody and release the violent emotions you have suppressed during combat. Movement refers to: A self-contained part of a musical composition or musical form. When your body trembles in fear, you should stand behind me. That isn't to say he isn't up to the task. Friedrich der Große of the Iron Blood Navy, one of the planned models of the H class series battleships. Feel free to fawn over me as much as you wish, more, and more... 以后,悲伤也好、喜悦也好、痛苦也好、欢愉也好,无论发生什么,都来依靠我吧,我会一直、一直理解你、包容你、支持你的喔……. Turn into nothingness, along with the symphony of the void! Mana bisa. I am told that these are all event ships and ergo only really available for the event duration, though IIRC at the least, Graf is being added to the permanent pool. It is only visible to you. I welcome you. Honour? The Commander is a busy man, what with so much paperwork and the day to day running of an entire fleet to concern himself with. I will always stay here. This is what the Sakura Empire claim as "kimono" yes? Yes Graff and 25 gives each other defensive bonuses, however, only Z-1 has a damage improving one and it's only useful for Z ships. And now, thanks to an experiment from Stalingrad, the Ironblood now have three more child ships to look after now. This page was last modified on 28 October 2020, at 12:04. I feel as if I can bring out even more beautiful music. -Friedrich der Grosse. Please tell me about it. Skill Activation - Beethoven's Symphony No.9 is regarded as one of the best orchestral composition from 18th century, Frederick the Great reportedly being a fan. Two naval aviators disappear over the Bermuda Triangle while on a routine training exercise.

Rather than battles, I prefer things as it is now. The sensation of this embrace is the warmth of human contact... Do you understand, my child? Alas, since I am able to stand here like this, surely there is a reason for it...some sort of rationality must be at work here. KMS ships also lacks a nation specific offensive bonus.

The EX barrage probably will be consist heavy amount of HE shells divided between CL and DD types. Things such as courage have no value on the battlefield. A slight miscalculation from Akashi ends up with the Northern Parliament aircraft-carrier Stalingrad with the siren laser that made all the child ships. Hehe... For me, the most important thing in the world... what I hope for the most - is you, my child. Come, child...if you can not fall asleep, I shall play you a lullaby. She may never be forgiven for the latter, but she can be forgiven for the former. Hurry and welcome raise the curtain for today, the (musical) participants are being impatient! This page was last modified on 6 October 2020, at 06:17. Hehe... I’ll take that as a compliment. I've prepared a beverage for you. That's intimidating. Friedrich der Grosse always saw herself as a maternal figure for the Ironblood. Two of the biggest were sinking Hood, and turning her back on the Azur Lane. Let the melody of hatred, fear and despair resound――!

What a shame. © Valve Corporation. Shall I sing the contents of this message for you? I really wonder about that, too. Or perhaps eternal youth? The commander finds out that a living ship has slipped through the cracks and been working off of nearly everyone's radar, so he goes to rectify his negligence.

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