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I really enjoyed the preaching section this year. The Pharisee and the Publican. This was the Spirit that overshadowed the Holy Virgin, before that holy thing was born of her: and this same Spirit must come, and move upon the chaos of our souls, before we can properly be called the sons of God. I enjoyed great fellowship with a group of diverse, yet faithful saints. God's abounding grace was evident from the first day of the week as we had sweet holy fellowship, Christ-saturated teaching & preaching, and heart-warming prayer & worship all week long. 13:8), 50.

Some indeed content themselves with a figurative interpretation; but unless they are made to experience the power and efficacy thereof, by a solid living experience in their own souls, all their learning, all their labored criticism, will not exempt them from a real damnation. Worldly Business no Plea for the Neglect of Religion. Explanation: The Great Awakening was a difference in the religious ideas that changed the colonies in America during the 1730 and 1740. But now the scene is changed. The Holy Spirit convincing the World of Sin, Righteousness, and Judgment. So don't wait; make plans to attend ASAP! Need we now any further witness, that man, fallen man, is altogether a piece of marred clay? Till then, (for to thee, O Lord, will we now direct our prayer) help us, O Almighty Father, in patience to posses our souls. Directions How to Hear Sermons: George Whitefield : Intercession Every Christian's Duty: George Whitefield : Marks of Having Received the Holy Ghost: George Whitefield : On Regeneration: George Whitefield : Persecution Every Christian's Lot: George Whitefield : Satan's Devices : George Whitefield : Saul's Conversion: George Whitefield : The Benefits of an Early Piety: George Whitefield … The scriptures call it holiness, sanctification, the new creature, and our Lord calls it a “New birth, or being born again, or born from above.” These are not barely figurative expressions, or the flights of eastern language, nor do they barely denote a relative change of state conferred on all those who are admitted into Christ's church by baptism; but they denote a real, moral change of heart and life, a real participation of the divine life in the soul of man. 18:3), 24. O then believe, repent; I beseech you, believe the gospel. (Luke 19:9-10), 37. Thankfulness for Mercies Received, A Necessary Duty, Christ the Best Husband: Or an Ernest Invitation to Young Women to Come and See Christ. The Righteousness of Christ, an Everlasting Righteousness, 16. Marks of Having Received the Holy Ghost, 44. This will appear yet more evident, if we consider the perverse bent of his will. He must “go down to the potter's house” (the prophet knew where to find it) “and there (says the great Jehovah) I will cause thee to hear my words.” Jeremiah does not confer with flesh and blood, he does not object that it was dark or cold, or desire that he might have his message given him there, but without the least hesitation is immediately obedient to the heavenly vision. Christ the Best Husband: Or an Earnest Invitation to Young Women to Come and See Christ Preached to a Society of Young Women, in Fetter-Lane, 06. And was there any thing so extraordinary in this, that it should be ushered in with the word Behold? It is, therefore, called “a creation;” but put ye on (says the apostle) the new man which is created” — And how? In addition we had instruction on hermeneutics, church history, the necessity of moral purity.

And as I presume this may be done, without either wire-drawing scripture on the one hand, or wrestling it from its original meaning on the other, not to detain you any longer, I shall, from the passage thus explained and paraphrased, deduce, and endeavor to enlarge on these two general heads. Pastor Nathan Tarr taught four lessons on church history chock full of information. Christ the Support of the Tempted. Who, who is there amongst us, that upon such a melancholy review of man' present, real, and most deplorable depravity both in body and soul, can refrain from weeping over such a piece of marred clay?

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What think ye of Christ? 4:1-11), 18. (Psalm 107:30-31), 8. The Lord our Righteousness. Sermon #22: The Folly and Danger of parting with Christ for the Pleasures and Profits of Life. But this was not the first time Jeremiah had heard from heaven in this manner. Will you not see reason to pray for yourselves also? Who, who can help adopting holy David's lamentation over Saul and Jonathan? 1,280+ | 31 min: The True Way of Keeping Christmas. This is the account, which the sacred volume gives us of this interesting point. Sermon #1: The Seed of the Woman, and the Seed of the Serpent.

The Indwelling of the Spirit, the common Privilege of all Believers. I certainly enjoyed my time at the Whitefield Training week this year and I am already looking forward to 2018. You know what a body of sin and death you carry about with you, and that you must necessarily expect many turns of God's providence and grace, before you will be wholly delivered form it. The great Duty of Charity recommended. Preached Before the Governor, and Council, and the House of Assembly, in Georgia, on January 28, 1770. The Folly and Danger of parting with Christ for the Pleasures and Profits of Life.

(1 Cor. Mr. John Wesley.pdf, George Whitefield A Penitent Heart, the best New Year's Gift.pdf, George Whitefield A Preservative against unsettled Notions, and want of Principles, in regard to Righteousness and Christian Perfection.pdf, George Whitefield Abraham's offering up his Son Isaac..pdf, George Whitefield An Exhortation to the People of God not to be discouraged in their Way, by the Scoffs and Contempt of wicked Men.pdf, George Whitefield Britain's Mercies, and Britain's Duty occasioned by the Suppression of the late unnatural Rebellion.pdf, George Whitefield Christ the Believer's Husband.pdf, George Whitefield Christ the Support of the Tempted.pdf, George Whitefield Christ the best Husband or, an earnest Invitation to Young Women to come and see Christ.pdf, George Whitefield Christ the only Preservative against a Reprobate Spirit.pdf, George Whitefield Christ the only Rest for the Weary and Heavy Laden.pdf, George Whitefield Christ's Transfiguration.pdf, George Whitefield Christ, the Believer's Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification, and Redemption.pdf, George Whitefield Christians, Temples of the living God.pdf, George Whitefield Directions how to hear Sermons.pdf, George Whitefield Intercession every Christian's Duty.pdf, George Whitefield Marks of a True Conversion.pdf, George Whitefield Marks of having received the Holy Ghost.pdf, George Whitefield Of Justification by Christ.pdf, George Whitefield Persecution every Christian's Lot.pdf, George Whitefield Preached before the Governor and Council, and the House of Assembly, in Georgia, on January 28, 1770.pdf, George Whitefield Thankfulness for Mercies received, a necessary Duty.pdf, George Whitefield The Almost Christian.pdf, George Whitefield The Benefits of an early Piety.pdf, George Whitefield The Care of the Soul urged as the one thing needful.pdf, George Whitefield The Conversion of Zaccheus.pdf, George Whitefield The Duty of searching the Scriptures.pdf, George Whitefield The Eternity of Hell-Torments.pdf, George Whitefield The Extent and Reasonableness of Self-Denial.pdf, George Whitefield The Folly and Danger of not being righteous enough.pdf, George Whitefield The Folly and Danger of parting with Christ for the Pleasures and Profits of Life.pdf, George Whitefield The Heinous Sin of profane Cursing and Swearing.pdf, George Whitefield The Holy Spirit convincing the World of Sin, Righteousness, and Judgment.pdf, George Whitefield The Indwelling of the Spirit, the common Privilege of all Believers.pdf, George Whitefield The Knowledge of Jesus Christ the best Knowledge.pdf, George Whitefield The Lord our Righteousness.pdf, George Whitefield The Marriage of Cana.pdf, George Whitefield The Method of Grace.pdf, George Whitefield The Necessity and Benefits of Religious Society.pdf, George Whitefield The Observation of the birth of Christ, the Duty of all Christians; or the true Way of keeping Christmas.pdf, George Whitefield The Pharisee and the Publican.pdf, George Whitefield The Potter and the Clay.pdf, George Whitefield The Power of Christ's Resurrection.pdf, George Whitefield The Resurrection of Lazarus.pdf, George Whitefield The Righteousness of Christ an everlasting Righteousness.pdf, George Whitefield The Seed of the Woman, and the Seed of the Serpent.pdf, George Whitefield The Temptation of Christ.pdf, George Whitefield The great Duty of Charity recommended.pdf, George Whitefield The great Duty of Family-Religion.pdf, George Whitefield The heinous Sin of Drunkenness.pdf, George Whitefield The wise and foolish Virgins.pdf, George Whitefield What think ye of Christ.pdf, George Whitefield Worldly Business no Plea for the Neglect of Religion.pdf, The Ninth Commandment and the God of Truth, What the Name “Jesus” Means for Believers, 6 Ways to Live in Light of the Serpent-Slayer Story, Your Salvation Doesn’t Depend on Your Feelings.

(Psalm 105:45), 7. George Whitefield | Farsi Persian Sermons. The Good Shepherd [A Farewell Sermon (The last sermon which Whitefield preached in London, on Wednesday, August 30th, 1769, before his final departure to America.)] It was rich in food, fellowship, teaching, learning, worship, and prayer.

Walk in Love: 32 Sermons on Ephesians 5 (eBook). And when can they be more properly employed, and brought forth, than when we are acting as ambassadors or heaven, and beseeching poor sinners, as in Christ's stead, to be reconciled unto God. Because they are only to be “spiritually discerned.” Hence it was, that Nicodemus, who was blessed with an outward and divine revelation, who was a ruler of the Jews, nay a master of Israel, when our Lord told him, “he must be born again;” appeared to be quite grappled. Christ the Believer's Husband. It was to be delivered to the whole house of Israel, princes, priests, and people: short, but pungent, even sharper than a two-edged sword.

These particulars being discussed, way will naturally be made for a short word of application.

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