gy6 auto choke bypass

It’s just annoying.

The needle should be clearly visible. I found out it stays in the off position that way....They are a major pain in the butt... That is a fact jack, so if you UNPLUG the ENRICHER it is ALWAYS feeding EXTRA FUEL. Whoever had it before me was a monster to the wiring harness and attempted to splice a bunch of stuff into it. My neighbour is pretty good with electrics and he worked out that a DC, not AC, CDI was needed. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. I had spark a come for about 5 min then went away, then it came back, for what I thought was good, then I put plus in engine and it would not start, pulled out still had nice blue flame, tried again still would not start so I thought did I put something in backwards, and I noticed I put stator 180 around, took it off put it back on the way the first one was and no spark one again. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The intake manifold is brand new and all vacuum lines.

I took a small screwdriver and actually bent the tab downward so as to seat the valve quicker. GY6 50 / 139QMB Gaskets & Templates.

Screwed out will open the enrichment circuit (choke on).

you cant just pull the choke off and cap it 'cause then the carb will always be in "choke mode"Videos that I have created to help … I have taken it out of the tank and cleaned it and blew it out with compressed air and seem to correct my issue. This video shows how to test a auto choke commonly found on many mopeds and atvs. There is a golden-colored clip holding the choke in place.

can you make a bypass image sir?. The next problem I have is my head lights where blown out so I had some h4s 55/60w i put in they work they are to hot, the is starting to melt. 1 x CDI UPGRADE FOR 150CC GY6 I was having similar trouble where I could see the fuel fill the inline filter, then as the engine rev’d it would drain the fuel and empty the filter. A faulty exhaust gasket will cause loss of power, hesitation, etc. I have cleaned the carby 4 times, replaced the secondary coil, CDI unit, flushed fuel lines, checked for damages hoses & wiring, change the spark plug & gapped it, removed & checked the operation of the choke, I’m lost on what to do next. :(. You’ll need to remove the two Phillips-head screws holding the clip in place, then you’ll be able to pull the choke right out with minimal force. Thing is driving me nuts. My buggy starts fine and runs fine at idle, but boggs down and will eventually die under any heavy throttle or load. This is called an enrichment circuit. Tool Links: If I can ever be of service to you, here is a video explains how to connect with me.

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