henry and mudge under the yellow moon journeys pdf

What does Henry like? Mudge have some Halloween fun in ... https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/Henry-and-Mudge-under-the-Yellow-Moon/Cynthia-Rylant/9780689810206read more.

Read online Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow - Pearson School book pdf free download link book now. Make sure they use the vocabulary word in their responses. we'll send an email with your membership information.

chipmunks picked sniffing south woods. They may also use more variety in their structure and word choice  (e.g. Have partners turn and talk to create other examples. Partners will glue the cards under the correct heading. Read the story aloud, using the text-based questions written below. What do Henry and Mudge both like the most? Writing an Opinion Piece Using “Henry and Mudge: Under the Yellow Moon ... (pdf / Microsoft Word / View as HTML), https://www.nysut.org/resources/all-listing/2015/july/lesson-plan-henry-and-mudgeread more. - Inside the Common Core Classroom. After introducing the vocabulary, leave the cards displayed. Some of the worksheets for this concept are Study guide henry and mudge pdf, Henry and mudge under the yellow, Henry and mudge the first book, Vocabulary test, Henry and mudge books, High frequency wordshenry, Henry and mudge under the yellow moon pdf, Henry and mudge. Introduce vocabulary on index cards. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/287597126174505036/read more. Henry and Mudge under the Yellow Moon by Cynthia Rylant - Henry and his dog

Have them draw lines to connect cards that show how the characters are different (e.g. Book Study: Henry & Mudge under the Yellow Moon {A Reader'.

The colors in the pictures are brown, yellow, orange and red. Spell. by Grade Three. Write Complex Sentences Using “And”  (15 minutes). You’re currently using one or more premium resources in your lesson.

Important:  modify your selection of vocabulary words depending on the language level of your students. I like it! You may choose to work with a small group. Read-aloud (15 minutes)   Shift:  Text-Based Answers. Study Guide. Cynthia Rylant is the author of more than 100 books for young people, including De-contextualize Vocabulary (students connect words to their own lives)  (15 minutes). being together, Model this by folding a blank paper in half and labeling one side “Henry” and one side “Mudge”.

a few.

They will each end up with six cards. Then they take their seats.

Students will work with a partner, either still at the meeting area, or back in their desks. Gather in the meeting area to share answers as a class. Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon. Grades. To maximize accountability and engagement, have student names written on popsicle sticks and select one at random. Have partners discuss and share. Summative Assessment - The opinion piece will be scored according to the following rubric: Testing/Assessments and Learning Standards, Copyright © 2020 and Mudge’s ears Record an example (e.g. Does the author think they are more alike or different? Henry and his dog, Mudge, are best friends. Students should each have an assigned discussion partner whether they are seated at desks or in the meeting area. Are Henry and Mudge more the same or different? Depending on the knowledge and skills base of your students, you may need to supply them with samples of opening and closing statements, particularly if this lesson is being taught at the beginning of the year.

Many trees grow in the _____. Tell students that to prepare for their writing, you are going to give them a few minutes to re-read the story independently.

Tell students you are going to read the story aloud again. What did Henry love to do? The NYS Education Department has classroom videos available in ELA (3 elementary, 1 secondary), mathematics (2 elementary, 2 secondary), and a European history lesson. Have partners practice and share. Make sure that students are moving their fingers under the words, not on them. Introduce Vocabulary in context (15 minutes)  Shift:  Academic Vocabulary. Your paragraph should begin with an opening sentence that could start with “I think…. Henry loved looking at

the leaves too.

[ePub] Henry And Mudge Under The Yellow Moon Pdf. Students should have available to them their T charts and sentence samples as well as the class charts with sentence samples. LESSON MATERIALS: Download lesson plan (pdf / Microsoft Word / View as HTML) Download homework worksheet (pdf / Microsoft Word) Download student work samples ( pdf) PLANNING AND … Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon. You want them to listen for the vocabulary words and raise their hands when they notice one. How is Mudge's coat different from Henry's coat? at the ground. Henry put on a coat                      Why does Henry put on a coat in the fall? Henry and Mudge: Under the Yellow Moon Study Guide Vocabulary Words chipmunks picked sniffing south woods 1. Collect these for assessment.

The fall wind. In order to access and share it with your students. Download Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow - Pearson School book pdf free download link or read online here in PDF. the birds flying south.

and Mudge grew one. They will write a paragraph (a few sentences) to support their opinion, using evidence from the story. Learn. Click here to re-enable them. Henry’s ears turned red One partner will be Henry and one Mudge. The next Henry reads another. Partners who have that card displayed turn it over. Students Record Vocabulary Words (10 minutes). In the case of words like “migrate,” they should raise their hands at the part they think matches it. “OR “In my opinion…”.

Note that if you are using this story from the Trophies series, my selection of vocabulary words has some overlap, but is not identical. Since one was a boy Students return to their desks. Use them as clues to decide why the author wrote the selection. Match. At your signal, have them walk to their chosen side. Henry and his 180-pound dog Mudge are best friends forever. Mudge's coat is made of fur. Gather students in meeting area, seated next to a partner. In this book, Henry and Mudge experience all of the fun that happens in the fall. As partners finish, have them discuss how Henry and Mudge are different. Henry picked apples The videos are presented un-edited and formatted to highlight specific NYS Learning standards as they are implemented. Elicit the idea that the pairs also show how much Henry and Mudge have in common.

For example, “Henry likes to look at leaves, but Mudge likes to eat leaves.” and “Henry likes to look at leaves, while Mudge likes to eat leaves.”  Record the sentences on a chart/board. You can also post these words to have available throughout the week’s discussions and writing activities.) Partners will work together to put their character cards saved from Day 1 in the form of a T chart.

Learning Standards: ELA:  RL 1, RL 7, RF 4, W 1, SL 1, SL 6, L1, pick, sniff, chipmunk, woods, inside out, migrate, compare, same, similar/dissimilar, alike/unlike, different. This activity provides students with additional practice, and allows the teacher to assess comprehension of the targeted vocabulary. 3 Apr 2019 ... READING COMPREHENSION AND VOCABULARY TEST. Call on one student to read a Henry card.

If we find you in our database, by Cynthia Rylant and Sucie What in the text tells you? SUBJECT: GRADE: 2. Use words like and, but, while to make complex sentences. Terms in this set (10) Why does Henry look at the trees? Demonstrate sniffing and have students mimic. What does this mean? One way to increase engagement is to have all Henrys spread out their cards and stand up. You may wish to use the template that is included which provides a stronger scaffold for these students. What is the author telling us about Henry and Mudge? Repeat with all Mudges. 300. Write a paragraph to support your opinion. When it’s windy, what happens to Henry’s ears? Samples of these are attached. Fiction

In the autumn, Henry and his 180-pound dog Mudge watch the leaves turn, meet with some Halloween spooks, and share Thanksgiving dinner.

In the autumn, Henry and his 180-pound dog Mudge watch the leaves turn, meet with some Halloween spooks, and …

“ He likes to look at leaves.” and “He likes to eat leaves.”   If you have newcomers, beginners, or non-readers, you may want to work with them in a small group. Clicking 'Purchase resource' will open a new tab with the resource in our marketplace. Henry And Mudge Under The Yellow Moon - Displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept.. For example, they both like leaves.

What is fiction? In the fall, But one thing about them https://quizlet.com/94781991/henry-and-mudge-under-the-yellow-moon-vocabulary-flash-cards/read more. And when the fall wind blew, Henry And Mudge Under The Yellow Moon. Mudge liked watching Why? 300. Stevenson • Book 4 of the Henry and Mudge ... https://www.teachingbooks.net/tb.cgi?tid=3033read more. Loading... Grade 's other lessons.

Possible answers are:  “Since one was a boy and the other a dog, they never did things just the same way.”  and “But one thing about them was the same.”, Support a Dissenting Opinion Using Evidence from the Text  Shift:  Staircase of Complexity, Create Complex Sentences Orally Using “And”  (15 minutes). 400. Henry puts on a coat and Mudge grows a fur coat. For many, it .... 1. Gather students in meeting area. Call on one student to share out. What is the dog’s name?

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Differentiation is integrated into the lesson. Have students read the story aloud with their partners. ), Henry and Mudge:  Under the Yellow Moon, “Together in the Fall” by Cynthia Rylant pp 5-11, Student copies of “character cards” worksheet (attached):  1 copy for each pair of partners plus 1 piece of blank paper, Envelopes or baggies/ 1 per pair of students, Staircase of Complexity (Note:  I deliberately chose what appears to be a simple text, in order to introduce a complex concept requiring analysis of the text.). turned inside out. Students will form compound sentences using linking words such as, Students will be able to verbalize and then write an opinion piece supported by evidence in the text, Students will comprehend a grade-level text, In the story, Henry and Mudge walk in the, Contains an introductory and closing sentence, Includes several details which support the opinion with text-based-evidence, Most sentences are complex and use linking words, Follows standard conventions of written English, Contains an introductory or closing sentence, Includes a few details that mostly support the opinion with text-based evidence, Mostly follows standard conventions of written English, Contains no,or limited use of, complex sentences, Inconsistent use of standard conventions of written English, Contains only one or two simple sentences related to the task, Does not follow standard conventions of written English.

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