hexblade patron list

Delrond-Archfey, Goddess of the Dryads, Protector of the Forests. Syrune-Hexblade: Prefers the resolute.

For that I use another possible patron idea, The Dark powers. Unfortunately it doesn’t scale with Warlock spell slots. Ramiel-Celestial: Seeks the kind. Vielot-Hexblade: Prefers the curious and intelligent. While very different from the traditional spellcaster, a Hexblade Warlock is a great option particularly with Pact of the Blade as their boon. Ever since a voice has called out to you, guiding you to some sort of treasure. Centering a Level 10 feature around defending against being charmed is especially lackluster. Hexblade leaves a lot of open space to come up with what your patron is. Raphael-Celestial: Seeks the charitable. One of the benefits of this subclass is that it offers more utility than any other Warlock option. But she was trained to be a warlock and eventually told to go find her patron, so she goes to the nearby city and begins asking every weapon she sees to grant her power (her Dad used to train her, and she preferred glaives to blasts). Said to be the harbinger of the end of the world. The Tomb Queen-Hexblade, The Goddess of Death: If she is your patron, you must seek to destroy all undead, and fight the armies of Orcus. Hexblade warlock again! Raziel-Celestial, The Crusader, Patron of Paladins, Member of the Hebdomad. Simuun- Hexblade: Prefers diplomacy over unnecessary violence.

What’s not to love about a melee-centered character that uses strength as an attribute sink? […], Need a Kobold name for your next character? Maybe it's literally an earworm, a melody so catchy it makes you want to just chop people up to the rhythm, and it gives you the martial and magical abities to do it too... Well, you know what I'm gonna say: HEXBLADE, HEXBLADE, HEXBLADE!!! Happened after I got the hammer in the campaign so that worked out. They really don't get mentioned much and I think them being ones who give that pact is very viable and cool, I miss reading about them.

It's also hinted to possibly be the Raven Queen. Lady of the Lake-Archfey: Often takes the form of a swan.

The other features of this subclass are also strong, although the expanded spell list is forgettable at early levels. Michael-Celestial: Seeks the humble. Preatoran-Hexblade: Desires perfection, often seeks out artistic people. Bloodfang-Hexblade: Has an insatiable bloodlust; Demands that its followers kill in its name. The most obvious Hexblade Patron is the Hero's Shards, the site where a famous hero in ancient times died in the Shadowfell, and his spirit and the shattered remains of his weapons and armor lie. Will do anything to earn her master’s favor. Flengoth-Archfey, Lord of Healing, Loyalty, and Protection; God of the Pegasi.

One was an Aasimar, he made his angelic guide, a militant planetar, his patron, his pact weapons being from his guide's arsenal. I've always been a bit confused by Warlock's but none more so now than the Hexblade. Tonu’Zin-Hexblade: Your initiation into the Knights of Judgment went smoothly. In fact, you will see below that two of the six stand head and shoulders above the rest. This is a great subclass, but a fairly specific one. In my opinion, the falloff from second to third on this list is pretty steep.

In my group we prefer to just have a character with a back story and then pick classes as it fits them. Both Celestial Resilience and Searing Vengeance are very strong options for high-level Celestial Warlocks, though. I'd like to hear how you guys have gone about loreing up a Hexblade character, particularly any ideas and justifications for multiclassing Bard or Divine Soul Sorcerer. who are all very clearly embodied entities. Erikah-Hexblade: Prefers those that value freedom and have a sense of purpose. The first priority is the Hexblade’s Curse. Markiel-Celestial, The Ascetic: Patron of monks, ascetics, and mystics. Her devoted often swear off alcohol; A clear mind is needed to judge correctly. As long as it does not equate to addition advantages outside the normal class features. Instead of weapons, the variant Hexblade was focused on musical instruments, trading the ability to touch weapons to make them charisma based for the ability to touch an instrument and gain proficiency with it.

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