how did kirito lose to heathcliff

... Like how someone could lose all HP and still deal a deadly blow because of "willpower". When the timer reached zero, Kirito started out with full-on assault with his «Dual Blades», however Heathcliff was able to block all of Kirito’s attacks with his tower shield. He was able to recognize that Heathcliff was cheating, avoided deadly fire attacks despite being tactically outmaneuvered, and could even recognize that the system he was fighting Sugou inside was one built from the old Aincrad model.. Samurai Jack may be able to creatively synthesize his surroundings to … KleinTiffanyKeitaSachiDerrickCharlieSilicaLizbethRecon They both later had dinner at Asuna’s house. Episode 11. Black. In real life, he is much less confident and outspoken, and his hatred towards humanity is implied to be a result of psychological and physical abuse suffered at the hands of his younger sister, Suguha. Kirito then told Asuna that he understood his odds, however he boldly declared that he still did not plan to lose easily. Video GamesMaking fun of others Black Although shaken by the story, Asuna hugged him and promised that she would protect him, giving Kirito some relief for his guilt.

YamatoSFX yes. Eye Color

September 17, 2013 (DVD/BD)October 5, 2013 (TV) why people never vote for goku, even if in goku's own profile shows that goku is stronger? Bureaucrat, Content and Social Media Admin (Gsimenas), Sword Art Online Publication Navigation Bar, Sword Art Online The Movie -Ordinal Scale-, Sword Art Online Art Book and Guide Book Main Page,, [[:Category:S1E{{#pad:10|2|0|left}} Screenshots|Image Gallery]], The scene where Asuna complains to Kirito for accepting Heathcliff's duel, in the Light Novel happened on the 50. He downright states that he hates humanity, viewing people as "a complete write-off as a species" and believing them to be irredeemable. Kirito is also shown to be quite knowledgeable about movies, as not only he was the only player in SAO able to understand most of Kayaba's movie references, but he was even able to figure out Heathcliff was Kayaba by calling back to a TRON reference he made in the beginning of the series. Kirito seemed to be at a disadvantage, as Heathcliff easily defended and attacked using his Holy Sword. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE... Master 1,000 Words in English. At the Knights of the Blood guild headquarters, Godfree informed them about taking Kirito to a mandatory training session in the 55th Floor's Labyrinth to evaluate his skills. However, in the abridged version, Kirito is an arrogant and snarky egomaniac who often ridicules other players mercilessly, giving him the title "Crowned Prince of Douchebags" by Asuna; original Kirito was also a bit cocky, but much less so than Abridged Kirito. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Biographical Information At that point, feeling hesitation about killing Kuradeel, Asuna lowered her guard and Kuradeel used the chance to attack.

Goku vs Jin what level could Jin fight and it be good.

In a relationship 紅の殺意 Before leaving, they gave their crystals to Godfree as a method to prove their skills.

Gazef would still probably one-shot before Incarnation happens, though at the same time Incarnation did allow Kirito to stay alive and kill Heathcliff, so same thing can happen here and lead to an inconclusive. is the tenth episode of the Sword Art Online anime adaptation, as well as the tenth episode in the Aincrad Arc. Then my sword came flying into his arm, making him lose ten percent of his HP. giflingua. Guild At that moment, Asuna used the opportunity to question Kirito why he avoids guilds and people, despite being a nice person. Kazuto Kirigaya After he first lost the people he cared about, Kirito started to show sociopathic traits and shut out all emotions to prevent himself from being harmed again, while the original got over the Midnight Black Cats fairly easily. Index Aincrad October 7, 2008 With his HP nearly depleted, Kirito was nearly at death's doors, but his desire to not leave Asuna gave him motivation to resist and he struggled to remove Kuradeel's blade, though he was only able to hold it back for a few moments. Sword Art Online Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Still not letting up on his assault, Kirito continued to attack by activating Starburst Stream and finally knocked Heathcliff’s shield to his side, creating an opening. is yui kirito and asunas genetic daughter. Kirito tried to explain the situation, however his apologies were not enough and Asuna punched Kirito for the whole embarrassing ordeal. Kirito was startled when Asuna suddenly rose from her chair at the conclusion of their meal, turned off the lights and started undressing herself. While drinking, Kirito noticed something weird in Kuradeel's expression, but it was too late, and both Godfree and Kirito were paralyzed by the poisoned water. English dub airdate Episode 9 After the harrowing experience, Asuna believed that she was to blame for the tragedy and said that she would never bother Kirito again. Moonlit Black Cats (Formerly)Knights of the Blood Oath (Formerly) Friends In the Light Novel, a group of four were part of the training session; while it was only Kirito, Godfree and Kuradeel, a group of three, in the anime. Kurenai no Satsui He is cynical, sarcastic, self-centered, anti-social, lacks empathy and seems to be taking great pleasure in insulting, belittling, pranking, scamming, trolling, and humiliating people for his own amusement. Kazuto Kirigaya (桐ヶ谷 和人, Kirigaya Kazuto), also known as Kirito (キリト, Kirito), is the sole surviving member of the Moonlit Black Cats, and the main protagonist of Sword Art Online Abridged. ALO Episode 1 As for the excuse he would make, he told Kirito that he would claim that the party was ambushed by orange players, and that he held them all on his own. did kirito marry asuna. Arc

Although Asuna told Godfree that Kirito was stronger than him, Godfree made him go as Kirito had to comply with the guild's rules despite his relationship with Asuna. Agil spoke up "Oh my god." Afterwards, Asuna woke up to find Kirito recently out of her bed, while happy that her time with Kirito had not been a dream. Like Kayaba, Kirito makes a lot of references to pop culture throughout the series. he announced, his voice filled with triumph.

He's also extremely self conscious, and hated when people called him an asshole, although he would later get over this. In the anime, he did not start the duel with a Sword Skill at all. Suguha Kirigaya (Sister)Asuna Yuuki ("Wife")Yui (Adopted daughter) Episode Navigation "Sorry kiddo. Kirito blocked the attack just in time by taking the blow with his wrist, sacrificing his hand temporarily. I'm gonna let people who agree with me help me try to start up the conversation and people who disagree with me debate on it. SAO Status The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, If your level of toxicity=AP which fandom wins, Top 5 faster MFTL+ characters ( no infinite, no immensurable and no omnipresence). The scene with the "Moral Code Removal" option was omitted from the anime. That cut the mood, everyone was whispering and murmuring. AdvertisementsIdiotic PlayersBeing called an asshole (Formerly)Escort MissionsPeople (Formerly)Reality TVRoleplayersHis sister's bullying In the English Dub Kazuto is voiced by Bryce Papenbrook. 16

Next She then attacked Kuradeel, who tried to make an excuse saying that it had been a training accident, but then, after suffering numerous blows at godlike speed, he begged for mercy and told her that he would surrender and leave the guild. heathcliffs sheild. Though Kirito complains constantly about weaker players, he is often manipulated into joining miscellaneous quests, mostly by Asuna. While Asuna was watching from one of the entrances, Kirito entered the arena where Heathcliff was already waiting. Original airdate As pointed out by players such as Klein, Asuna and Rosalia, his 'tough guy' persona is to compensate for the fact that he's weak in real life, and he uses it to vent his frustrations on people he believed were beneath him. If Kirito looses, he'll have to join the KoB. Seizing the moment, Heathcliff made a clean hit on Kirito causing his health bar to reach the yellow zone, therefore winning the «First-strike» duel. Physical Description Heathcliff VS Kirito. kirito won. He pulled down his menu "14 of us died." Male It aired on September 8, 2012. (Equal Speed ) Diablo vs Current Goku | Fandom. no. At the same time, the abridged Kirito seems to be more emotionally fragile than the original. Kirito was waiting in his room with Asuna, who was still annoyed that Kirito had accepted to duel the strongest player in the whole game. The purpose of this wiki is to index the statistics of characters from a wide variety of different fictional franchises. Asuna, with tremendous speed, entered the scene just in time, blowing away Kuradeel, and then immediately used a healing crystal on the critically injured Kirito. To Kirito's shock, Kuradeel also came to accompany them in their training, and because of now being Kirito's guildmate, apologized to him for his previous actions.

Kirito answered by telling her about his time with the Moonlit Black Cats, and how they died because of him.

Kuradeel's last words accused Kirito of being a murderer before he shattered into polygons. A terrified Asuna scolded Kirito for his actions and reminded him that Heathcliff was famous due to his Unique Skill, «Holy Sword», that granted him an outstanding offense and defense, plus the fact that no one had ever seen Heathcliff’s health bar reach the yellow zone.

September 8, 2012

Kazuto has been shown to be extremely arrogant both before and after his imprisonment in Sword Art Online. Aliases During his coerced membership of the Moonlit Black Cats, he meets and befriends Sachi who convinces him to try and be less of an asshole by taking the feeling of others into consideration.

These thoughts raced through my mind over and over again as he repeatedly blocked my attacks with his shield. Kirito's narcissistic tendencies grow exponentially after Sachi's death, as well as resulting in several PTSD-induced psychotic breaks. But the longer we stay here, the greater the chance I'll lose the things I love about it most of all.

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