how to give a horse a shot in the rump

However, it can be used as a last resort for a difficult horse or a horse that is sore in all other injection sites. At the neck, there are three exciting landmarks for you to observe, which form a visual triangle (see Image A). A tied horse that overreacts to the injection may pull back against the tie rope. The actual injecting technique varies, depending on a person’s personal preference, but the following is one commonly used method: If you’re injecting the neck, pinch a fold of skin just in front of where you’re injecting and then, as smoothly and as quickly as possible, insert the needle into the muscle up to the hub (the plastic part of the needle). The proper location of this site is the intersection of a line between the tail head and point of hip and a line between the top of the croup and the point of the buttocks. You will need: It’s crucial you don’t inject your horse without first knowing where to go and how to get there. Make sure you have the epinephrine on hand when you are giving injections. The area covered by your palm is the injection site. Lucky you! Antiseptic cleansing of the injection site is not commonly practiced by most horse owners or veterinarians. Channel your inner scout and gather the equipment you need before you begin. As always, stand nice and close to the horse, just in front of their hind leg.

Novice horse owners often worry about injecting air into the horse when the needle is inserted without the syringe attached. You’re much better off with someone holding the horse and standing on the same side as you than tying the horse up. Collect used needles, with their plastic covers attached, and syringes in a resealable plastic bag or bottle and take them to your veterinarian’s office for disposal in an approved medical waste container. Because, just like when you get your flu shots, the horse will have some degree of discomfort at the site of an injection.

If you suspect a piece of needle may be retained in the horse’s muscle, consult your veterinarian. If you don’t feel confident, it’s best to seek assistance from someone with more experience. To thoroughly clean the injection site, the horse’s hair must be shaved, the area scrubbed with an antiseptic soap which must remain in contact with the skin for at least two minutes,then rinsed with alcohol. Make sure you have epinephrine ready for injection in case of anaphylactic shock. Intramuscular (IM) injections are given deep into a large muscle mass.

This work is supported by New Technologies for Agriculture Extension grant no. I had to give my horse her last 4-way shot..i had to give her two. Despite popular belief, it isn’t necessary to do a particularly good job of cleaning the injection site. A quiet horse may allow you to simply pop the needle into its neck or buttocks. There are several methods of giving the horse an IM injection. It is safest to pull the needle out completely and start over in a different area with a clean needle. This is a good site for injecting because there’s plenty of muscle and you’re a healthy distance from the danger zone of your horse’s hind legs.

However, some horses may learn to associate the taps with the following needle stick and leave the area prior to the needle stick. You are not safe from being kicked if you stand on the left side of the horse and reach across the horse to inject its right buttock. IMAGE A: Learn your horse's body landmarks, so you can inject into a major muscle, and stay clear of bones and ligaments. Have your veterinarian discuss signs of drug reaction in the horse and how to handle this situation. This is impractical for most horse owners and most people do not want their horse shaved at the injection site. If your horse has a slightly dusty or Winter coat, you can use it as a canvas and trace the area between the landmarks, so you get a nice, obvious target to aim for (but you also don't want to be injecting through large amounts of dirt, so try and find a balance). This is problematic because there aren't enough blood vessels in a ligament to absorb medications effectively. It is a good practice to check the label before you draw the medication out of the bottle and again before you inject the drug into the horse. The site should allow the needle to be placed deep in the muscle without danger of hitting bone, ligaments, nerves or blood vessels. Double check you take up the quantity prescribed by your vet. The method you use will depend on your experience, the injection site and the horse’s attitude. Remember, a larger gauge number equals a smaller diameter. This will maximise sterility, and ensure the needle is as sharp as possible for getting through the thick skin. This ensures that the needle will not shift during the injection and that it is deep into the muscle mass. If the neck becomes sore from the injection, the foal may be reluctant to nurse. You could also consult your veterinarian about this method.

If the horse does pull back during the injection, simply move with the horse and continue the injection when it calms down. This should be relatively easy to find. Have the new needle separate from the syringe. The landmarks marked in yellow on the rump are 1. point of the croup (tuber sacrale), 2. point of the buttock (tuber ischii). Higher toward the crest, you risk hitting the nuchal ligaments, and lower toward the bottom of the neck is where the cervical vertebrae and blood vessels are located. Using a sterile needle and syringe is more important in preventing injection site infections than thoroughly cleaning the site.

Draw back again to ensure your new position isn’t in a vessel and, if no blood appears, go ahead and give the injection. there’s a total of four clear parts of the anatomy to familiarise yourself with - all of which should feel like bony lumps when you push on them. Make sure you stay near the base of the neck rather than injecting higher up the neck toward the ears. Needles should not be disposed of with general rubbish. For horses that are extremely dangerous to inject, another option for the experienced horseman is tying or placing a horse in stock. It’s a course of injections. Go for the neck, it’s slightly safer and easier. Anyways I gave her the last shot. Then, if the horse has a drug reaction it may be easier to identify the drug that caused the problem. By observing proper safety rules and injection techniques, you can often avoid infections and adverse drug reactions. It is not uncommon for horses to have an excitatory reaction to a component of the penicillin injection. Most horse owners occasionally must give their horse an injection. Do not mix individually packaged drugs in the same injection. If you have to go somewhere to retrieve the epinephrine, the horse may die before you can give it. Discontinue its use and consult your veterinarian immediately.

Those same arteries that supply oxygen to the muscle also conveniently courier medications around the body. When injecting a horse, you can never be sure how your horse will react; therefore, it is best to untie the horse and hold its lead line or have someone else hold it.

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