how to make a stand up collar for a costume

Or painting a thin coating of glue that dries clear....might give it some stiffness? The defined shoulder is having a moment. I wanted to use my graduation gown to make the cloak as well but didn’t know how to improve it. If mine are off a bit, I serge them to look nice.

Thank you everyone for the suggestions! For my Terra cape, which I'm sewing up today, I want to add a stand up collar to it.

I developed this technique quite by chance when experimenting with different ways to dress up the neckline of my doll clothes.

// ]]> Breanna Cooke is a Dallas-based graphic designer known for her award-winning body paint and costume creations. Now the whole collar would be a solid, removable piece from the … Lips: Vincent Longo lipstick in “Lust” (not shown). Last Friday I won the Saturday ticket giveaway from the Irving Convention Center for Dallas Comic Con Fan Days!

I was thinking maybe a few layers of craft foam shaped and covered in fabric but I've also heard worbla can be used (although I'm not sure how and I've never worked with worbla before, anyways).

:jjacks: I use sheets (I bought a roll of it) of heat n' bond on things like organza, and it is very stiff as well as clear. Hope it turns out nearly as great as yours. Triple/quadruple the height of a standard mandarin collar. I pressed the V with the iron first using steam. Turn the top over and measure how much the back of the collar is over.

Now draw the bottom edge of the collar.

I used a section of black hackle feather trim (check Michael’s or Hobby Lobby) and glued it to the collar base with hot glue.

Your email address will not be published. This is the first pressing done.

Turn to right side and roll so you have a sharp edge. I wish I had a pattern off the top of my head to recommend that would have that shape for the collar - it does sort of have a basic mandarin collar shape to it, but a mandarin on steroids.

I do not hem them; less bulk. Cut notches down to the stitching line without cutting the stitching. Fold the collar so it is right sides together and stitch on your line. Another tip to getting the collar to stay upright is to use the seam allowance.

Press the straight part of the seam open.

And don’t forget the horns! I have been looking for a vampire costume online for the past hour and they are either too expensive (JUST for halloween) or too big/small. As you approach the center front, bring the curve up … Make Threads a part of your holiday. I cut the straight part of the collar with regular sheers.

For more tips on working with two-sided fabrics, Insider members can read “How to Sew Double-Faced Fabric.” To learn an alternative half-lining method, check out “How to Make a Half Bias Jacket Lining.”.

They’re made with reticulated foam, craft foam and electrical tape!

Below are some of my behind-the-scenes photos of my late night crafting.

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