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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. SSEL Type C. The SSEL is a programmable motion controller for the ROBO Cylinder® RCS2 series actuator. Various control functions are combined into a single unit. Im Browser des Nutzers werden keine Informationen gespeichert und dieses Cookie kann nur von der aktuellen Website genutzt werden. Here is a 15 minute "Introduction to the XSEL PC Software" video tutorial. This cookie is mainly used in forms to improve the user experience. Serves to protect the website from falsification of cross-site requests. Once selected, the program menu will open and should look similar to window shown above, LUBTEX Industrial Oil and Grease Lubricants Indonesia, LUBTEX Industrial Grease supplier in Indonesia, Extreme High Temperature Grease Indonesia, LUBTEX Industrial High Performance Grease Indonesia, LUBTEX Industrial Multi Purpose & General Grease Indonesia, LUBTEX Industrial Non Melt Grease Indonesia, LUBTEX Industrial Superior Performance Grease Indonesia, LUBTEX Industrial Oils supplier in Indonesia, LUBTEX Aromatic Rubber Process Oil Indonesia, LUBTEX Biodegradeble Hydraulic Oils Indonesia, LUBTEX Industrial Compressor Oils Indonesia, LUBTEX Industrial Machine Tap Cutting Oil Indonesia, LUBTEX Industrial Paste supplier in Indonesia. Cookie von PHP (Programmiersprache), PHP Daten-Identifikator. - 1500 positions. Selangor, Malaysia. The controller can store up to 3000 unique points. This will reset the controller which completes the homing procedure. *(required) The XSEL PC software is fully programmable and can perform many of the same functions as a small PLC. Once this error has occurred, it will persist until the controller is reset. A possible error that may occur is the "EE6C-DO output current error". Hence, interpolation movement of up to 8 axes is possible. DD Motor Product Page Move to the Download Page. In most cases, however, it is simply caused by disconnecting the encoder from the controller. Once reconnected, the absolute encoders will have to be reset/homed to clear this error. A possible error that may occur is the "EE6C-DO output current error". Once communications has been established, all menus should become available as shown in the image above.

Please view the video tutorial above. You can give your consent to whole categories or have further information displayed and thus select only certain cookies. Amongst other things, the user benefits from the ability to easily reprogram actuators which are already concealed behind fixed covers at any time. The encoder battery is located on the controller for easy replacement. To open a program go to the "Program" menu and select "Edit". For up to 512 positions of an axis, multipoint position controllers are compatible with all common field networks.

This will reset the controller which completes the homing procedure. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Cookie from Google for website analysis. Es wird erst nach einer erfolgreichen Anmeldung gesetzt. To open this window go to the "Controller" menu and select "ABS. > Software Download PSEL XSEL Software Training, XSEL PC Software, การใช้งาน IAI, พื้นฐานโปรแกรม EP2 - Duration: 6:32. In addition to the standard version, it is also available in dust-proof design, equipped with a protection structure according to IP53 for possible installation outside the control panel. This error is an alert that the absolute encoders have lost battery power resulting in a loss of positional information. The tutorial below was written to demonstrate the simplicity of writing a program on the X-SEL controller. Notice that a few of the menu options are unavailable. SSEL single or double axis programmable controllers (230 Vac) - Free programmable. Once reconnected, the absolute encoders will have to be reset/homed to clear this error. *(required) Therefore, please read it before operating. These controllers include the X-SEL, ASEL, PSEL, and SSEL as well as many older SEL controllers. IAI soft user can update the latest version of PC software. Controller for the IAI RCS RoboCylinders and IS actuators.

The software may display the menu above when the X-SEL PC Interface software is started. Außerdem erhalten Sie weitere Informationen zu den verfügbaren Cookies. If more than one axis is to be controlled, the multi-axis positioning controllers are used. Refer to your External Device manual for details. The error may also occur if the controller powers up before the 24VDC is applied to the controller. This error is indicating that the digital IO card not being supplied 24VDC.

Once all axis are reset go to the "Controller" menu and select "Software Reset". Taman Industri Meranti Jaya, Dieses Cookie wird vor allem in Formularen benutzt, um die Benutzerfreundlichkeit zu erhöhen.

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