interstellar mountains scene

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When his helmet cracks though we’re left wondering if he will win. And Matthew McConaughey’s performance is honestly brilliant!!! There are many ways to ramp up the tension in a scene, whether it's by tightening shots, changing the lighting, or introducing troubling information about a character. Once again, in this scene Hans Zimmer’s score is shattering. The Wormhole – This was the first scene in the movie that blew my mind. 7. THIS shocked the hell out of me... once I recovered I stood and applauded in front of my tv lol. I completely felt what Rom was saying, then Cooper gives him the headphones and instantly I was comforted by the thunder and rain. The IMAX was also insanely crazy. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I love reading lists made by fans Interstellar. Cornfield Chase – As you said this is something that you would see in a Speillberg film. The first use of the do not go gentle poem is probably the most powerful. Even Interstellar’s biggest critics admit to this scene being masterful. I think the reason why I didn’t take it in the first time around was that I wasn’t entirely sure what Cooper was trying to do. The whole building rocked and you felt as if you were going through some psychedelic super portal. And the earth scene where Murph is going to burn the crops is fantastic as well. scene on the Miller's planet. Follow. When Cooper is screaming at Murph, my eyes were glistening, i just could not miss a second of this scene. I’d like to point out that I hardly ever get teary in films, in fact I can count the ones I do on my fingers (Dancer in the Dark, Amour, Brotherhood, Life is Beautiful, Requiem for a Dream and now this one) and they all feature one scene where I get emotional. Anyone got any other films that come close to Interstellar’s beauty, realism and grand. No Time for Caution had me so anxious the first time I saw it. I was not expecting Interstellar to touch me in places like this (that sounds wrong) and this part really pulled at my tear ducts. Also love when they do catch the drone and cooper lets murph control the drone, that part is really awe aspiring. I hated him.

I've joked to people before that watching this movie in real IMAX for the first time was like a spiritual experience, but there's some truth to that I think. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the interstellar community, Press J to jump to the feed. I adore how he is frightened of the tessact too. I just think every element in this scene is perfect. Yes, so many great scenes but this one came to mind first.

It was a scene that I didn’t really expect, but when it happened I knew the scene would be great. I've always dreamt of being in space, but the cold reality when you get past the romanticism is that it's just like Rom explained it. Why keep building those damn stations? Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Interstellar - Mountains [Piano Tutorial][Synthesia] Interstellar. Many people find this part unsatisfying because it all seems too contrived and sentimental to end in this way. Oh and the music is truly what pushed it over the edge of being the best scene in the movie. ", It’s just extraordinary to see years of messages with his son marrying and having a child. 3:23. There are many great scenes in Interstellar but the one that always gets me is when Coop get the messages from home, Matthew McConaughey absolutely beasted that scene. Interstellar is on a whole different level. This scene (and the whole film, in fact) is just as stunning on your big TV and surround speakers at home. And by the way Brand’s death scene is an incredibly well acted scene by Sir Michael Caine.

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