ishpatina ridge directions

Key Col: N47 19.742 W80 44.593 (1640 ft / 500 m) As outboard shear pins are designed to break under stress, and a modified cotter pin serving as a replacement shear pin is not, we made careful voyage down the Montreal River. It is reachable via a trail from Scarecrow Lake. The Ishpatina Ridge traverses several rounded bumps and under the Ontario 2100 Footer criteria, 3 of these qualify as being distinct 2100+ foot peaks.

Some came by float plane, some by canoe and 8 of us, including myself & my 13 year old son hiked in, our only guide being Ken Takabe's trip reports. Date Summited: August 21, 2009. From the trail head to midway of the peak there is a lot of bushwhacking and lake crossings. The map shows the fastest and shortest way to travel by car, bus or bike.

The Ellis Fire Tower, a lonely sentry and reminder of days of old, sits on the tallest of the bumps and looks out across the vast expanse of Canadian Shield wilderness. To get to the primary high point from here, continue the counter-clockwise swing around the lake / wetland by heading west for 250 meters, then south for 500 meters to an open area composed of ferns and moss covered rock outcrops. After eating breakfast and making last minute preparations, we set off up the road towards the Sturgeon River. The trail starts where they took out an old bridge for logging. All located in the Ishpatina Ridge, ON area. Also, the road may have active logging in progress, so caution is advised — give the logging trucks a lot of space. The worst would be behind us, or so we thought.

The next morning, we broke down our camp and made our way out across a calm Smoothwater Lake.

Andrew fords shallow river.

I will be going again in the spring of 2012 with as a guide to a few that want to do the trip, but never have. In the interest of saving time and daylight, I decided that we would bring our bikes to ride the 6.7 km of road beyond the river. We took our summit photos, I waypointed the summit and afterward we made our way south along partial clearings that showed off good views of the area.

This trail was marked with various coloured flagging tape and some of the trees were blazed to mark the way. The North Peak as seen from the Fire Tower summit appears to be just as high, but according to Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources Ontario Base Maps (OBM) series, it is 43 feet lower. The plan was to drive up Highway 11 to New Liskeard, and then take Highway 65 to Elk Lake and beyond Elk Lake take Highway 560 to the eventual turnoff to Beauty Lake Road. Follow this path eastwards for 570 meters until reaching another fork — take the left fork. Directions:

That saying I’m glad I did it.

As I was enjoying the filtered lake water, I was rejoined by Darcy.

After only 50 minutes of rock hopping and walking along the shore of Scarecrow Lake, we arrived at the campsite just south of the Ishpatina trailhead. and bike to the summit, would most of the journey be ok on bike, or would i end up hiking later on.

09.0 km – End of the trail, beginning of the bushwhack to Scarecrow Lake

DIY Cheap Exercise Ball Pizza Oven - Duration: 10:17. A large boulder hidden by thick bushes at N47.31670 W80.74884, 50 meters from the base of the tower may be the highest point on the summit.

Elevation measurements were taken from the 1:20,000-scale Ontario Base Maps (OBM) series produced by Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources. Trip Summary:

Distance and road itineraryIshpatina Ridge, ON Sellwood, ON. Slowly everyone departed, until there was only 4 of us left, and we realized we wouldn't have enough time to get back to the Sturgeon before dark. At a height of 2275 feet / 693 m, the Ishpatina Ridge is the highest point in Ontario. Directions to reach Ishpatina Ridge, ON from some of the main cities, To plan a trip to Ishpatina Ridge (Ontario) by car, train, bus or by bike is definitely useful the service by with information and.

Once reaching Apex Lake, the 5.1 km bushwhack (3.8 km as the crow flies) begins; first rounding the northern shore of the Lake and then proceeding in a 220 degree true (compass course of 231 degrees) direction through the mixed forest along the Ishpatina Ridge. The remaining distance to the Ishpatina trail trailhead on Scarecrow Lake must be bushwhacked.

Just used your instructions. Lat/Lon: N48 32.326 W79 50.106 Passing through the small town of Capreol, continue along the road for another 8.0 km and then turn right onto Portelance Road.

The summit is a very broad flat area, and it is marked by clearings with lots of debris from an old tower. Initially the overgrown trail travels east, but after 0.5 km, the trail turns north. hi again thanks for all ur help.


After a short while, we heard an ATV approaching and saw the first sign of life we had seen all day.

The trail climbed at a moderately steep pitch, but after about 20 mins we got our first glimpse of the fire tower at the summit.

At a height of 2275 feet / 693 m, the Ishpatina Ridge is the highest point in Ontario. Also roads to get there are best suited for an SUV or larger! If you mean the intersection of RR-84 and Portelance Road, it is 64.4 km to the Sturgeon River.

Follow the standard approach from the Montreal River Access Point to Smoothwater Lake, proceed to the south end of Smoothwater lake and follow the 780 meter portage to Apex Lake. After a couple of line up changes, my friend Darcy mentioned he would be interested in going. It’s been awhile since I’ve been up there. We left Southern Ontario early Friday morning on our three day adventure into the heart of the Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater wilderness. Height: 2106 feet / 642 m

The Ishpatina Ridge traverses several rounded humps and under the Ontario 2100 Footer criteria, 3 of these qualify as being distinct 2100+ foot peaks. We left from Barrie, Saturday morning, just after 7 AM and traveled north along Highway 400 and 69 to Sudbury. Someone had placed logs and boards in key places so we were able to get across without getting wet or muddy. Date Summited: August 9th, 2019.

What held me back was the condition of the Portelance Road beyond the Wanapitei river. Following our topo map (and Ken's waypoints) brought us off the main logging road, onto some very overgrown old tracks, and finally to a very overgrown and unbikeable track, so faint and overgrown that it was almost gone. There are no views at the summit, but if you make your way west for 150 meters you will come to the top of the cliffs where you’ll be able to get a nice vista of the surrounding area. 20.8 km from the turnoff at the Wahnapitae Reserve, the road crosses the Wanapitei River and follows the eastern shore of the river for another 8.8 km until Stobie Road forks to the right.

Trip Log: The thread can be found here; Ok, I thought, it’s just a sand bar, how could there be any real damage, maybe the motor just needs to be stopped and restarted. GPS recorded height: 2247 feet / 685 m Take RR-85 for 18.4 km to Hanmer, and after it jogs across the train tracks follow RR-84 to Capreol which is 6.5 km ahead. 10.1 km – Scarecrow Lake – hike along shoreline to Ishpatina Trailhead Trip Report:

07.5 km – Take left fork onto overgrown trail Click here for my trip report to Ishpatina – South Peak. After a small mix up we found our bikes just off the bush road in the woods and started biking back. The height of land at N47.3065, W80.7651 is the likely candidate for the highest point on the South Peak.

07.0 km – Turn right onto bush road #2 From a logging road crossing at the Sturgeon River, the Ishpatina Ridge can be climbed in a day by following a series of logging roads, overgrown bush roads, hiking trails and bushwhacks.

After spending about half an hour on the summit, we began our trip back. planning for 10 hours of hiking should be sufficient without bikes. Height: 2275 feet / 693 m You can see the tower footings, the wreckage of the wooden observation box, old cables, and electrical junk lying around. The fire tower that once stood at the summit was recently removed by Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources. Andrew Lavigne’s trip report to Ishpatina via the overland route There was no bridge and no trails beyond the ATV trail east of the Sturgeon in 2008, so the last bit of the hike in was an adventurous bushwack, to say the least. More. Combined with a bushwhack along the west shore of Scarecrow Lake and the usual fire tower trail hike from the trailhead on Scarecrow Lake, many hikers are able to complete the trip from car to car in a long day hike.

is route lots of bush whack?

It was 2:45 PM. At the base of the tower, there are good views towards the North and South peaks. I raced down the 3.7 km trail in just over an hour and refilled my water bottles.

We packed up, began our 2 hour drive back out the logging roads. Jim and Derek at the summit of Ishpatina North Peak. The steep canyon between the two peaks is one of the deepest in Ontario, and the rock cliffs on both sides of the canyon make a traverse between the two peaks a daunting trek. 2.4 km from Scarecrow Lake, the trail gains the top of a ridge.

Turn right (east) onto Stobie Road and follow the road eastward. 25.8 km – Road crosses the Wanapitei River at Fraleck Bridge. I had to try this route and if that wasn’t reason enough there was still the matter that I had not climbed Ishpatina’s South Peak yet. 26 of us met at the fire tower for a geocaching event. Can anyone who’s been to Ishpatina most recently chime in ? 42.7 km – Apex Lake and start of bushwhack to Ishpatina Ridge – North Peak

Do not cross the River at the bridge here, but continue along the west shoreline of the River for another 5.3 km.

In where is Sellwood, ON you can find out more about Sellwood , Ontario Canada, distances from neighboring towns and major cities (in kilometers and miles).

Once we were on the trail it was quite straight forward in terms of finding and following the markers. Going up took about 7 hours with breaks, and coming back down took about 6. But the recent Ontario Base Map (1:20,000) published by the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) clearly labels the summit with its name and elevation. So we tried to get to the ridge in July, but the universe told us to try another day (LONG story that involves car troubles, weather troubles, bug troubles and broken equipment!). OBM map spot elevations indicate that the southwestern-most point is the highest.

The head net also helped during the bushwhacking part of the trail, preventing any leaves and twigs from hitting the face. 23.0 km – Boat launch at Beauty Lake Road onto the Montreal River Thank you for the updates on the conditions that have changed since I did the trip.

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