jeep dj5 4x4 conversion

The Jeep is in good condition and runs great.

“Wife or Girlfriend tell you your jeep addiction is getting out of control?

2 sliding doors and one rear door. The starter is missing and it needs some wiring work done but the engine is not locked and should run.

I have no fenders or other parts.

From the story below, it would seem that this may have been the first example of a DJ-5 Gala Jeep arriving in Hawaii. Fun Jeep!!”. The axles appear to be from a DJ-5B circa 1972.

Three, the top and doors are so darn heavy, it doesn't have enough weight up front. Looks and runs great.”.

[7] The Electruck was capable of cruising at 33 mph (53 km/h) with a range of 29 mi (47 km) with 20% of its battery power still remaining in reserve.

Postal Service liquidated its AM General DJ-5s for cheap and in large quantities in the early '90s, the temptation to make something useful out of one was hard to ignore. Front disc brakes were installed to help when descending steep slopes, especially when pulling heavy trailers, which required ditching the high-positive-offset wheels in the front for caliper clearance.

(04/25/2020) The DJ-5 has the rear outboard springs. Trying to collect the money to get back to school”,, “Here is our awesome postal Jeep we are selling! It started life as a “Postal Jeep” but I changed it all from right hand drive to left hand drive so I wouldn’t have to drive on the wrong side of the road any more. The Jeep DJ (also known as the Dispatcher) was a two-wheel-drive variant of the four-wheel drive CJ series. In 1970, American Motors (AMC) purchased Kaiser's money-losing Jeep operations and established AM General, a wholly owned subsidiary that built the DJ through 1984.

Here’s a really rare DJ-6 project at a good price., “1947 Jeep Willys $4000Classic – Americana at its finest- Vintage Clean & clear title Check out our inventory! Can drive with doors rolled open as well. The chance that anyone is making or has any conversion parts for the old DJ is virtually non-existent these days. Despite batteries that are over 12 years old, it always starts right up-once fuel reaches the carb-thanks largely to a solar-powered BatteryMINDer. All parts are in perfect

A new timing set is installed as well. One improvement over earlier Jeeps was mounting the rear springs outside of the frame rails, thus providing greater stability for the vehicle with its top-heavy enclosed cargo area, especially at highway speeds. Like the DJ-5A, while resembling the CJ series, these were built as a completely enclosed, rear-wheel drive vehicle, with sliding side doors (which could be opened while driving), and a swinging rear door. This particular vehicle had two things going for it-at $600 it was certainly affordable, and it was a Jeep of sorts. In addition, some of these features have nothing to do with jeeps. completely redesigned the DJ. But dig the shovel on the cowl, held on by the old hood safety latch. Brakes work, but the brake light is on. MY best guess is that this is a CJ-2A body atop a DJ-5 2WD chassis. A single, hinged rear door gave access from floor to the bottom of the hard top, and was the width of the open area between the wheel wells. Im located in Los Banos, CA. It was based on the CJ-5 and used the Hurricane and Dauntless engines. DJ-5B and DJ-5C each have the older transmissions. “1976 Jeep DJ-5 postal jeep. 2: Jeep CJ wiring schematic. var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); There are a variety of large and small new and used parts sellers both online and offline. Also included is a

We Titled as an AM General. Bought it for 1500 back in October and have barely driven it since. You can get an inventory supply store as close as Colorado Springs. Fig., “This is a like- new never installed Jeep CJ 3B tub and used DJ chassis. [2] This model gained popularity as a "fun car" at resorts in Hawaii, Mexico, and islands in the Caribbean area. I was planning on slamming it to make it a one of a kind! Titled as a 1965 for this is when it was released to the public.

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Parts | Brake Parts & Kits, Conversion Kits | Title has been lost but would not be hard to get one”, “1982 AM General Mail Jeep. Have to see to appreciate.

These kits are priced at

So, tread carefully when purchasing a "project". Please come and inspect, you can drive it home! Many of the modifications made to the DJ were equally applicable to a CJ, but few readers seemed to acknowledge that.

Production started in 1955 by Willys, which was renamed Kaiser Jeep in 1963.

guides, pictures, etc. Click image to see an enlarged view. Over the next two years, the dealer published ads hoping to spur sales.

1) The first ad appeared between April and September of 1968. working order when shipped. Every nut, bolt, and screw you need is provided and we

(Was 2wd factory) has 4-point harnesses, small roll cage in the back, headlights tail lights turn signals all work, heat works. Also comes with soft top. in the junkyard. These changes included the use of C-channel frame rails (as opposed to the box rails of the CJ-5) and, while the hood was the same dimensions as (and interchangeable with) the CJ, it did not have the reinforced design of the original. Steering wheel is on the right hand side.

For pure aesthetics-if that word is even compatible with a Postal Jeep-putting CJ blinkers in the grille and removing the fender-mounted stockers (October '93) was a major improvement. So if your looking for a fun way to make some extra cash and put a smile on people’s faces this summer, this ice cream truck is a must.

Then there are the DJ-5G's ("AUDI" model). Now it reads 45,475 and isn't likely to increase a whole lot over time. See more ideas about Jeep, Mail truck, Jeep cj.

heavy load designed for a 6-cylinder 232 engine they constantly overheated and It comes equipped with a music box, 2 PA speakers, a small 4ft long by 4 ft tall by 2 ft wide freezer and a 2000 watt power inverter. We’ll likely never know how successful sales were, but I’d suspect not too many were sold. This decreased curb weight, combined with different leaf springs than other models, allowed carrying more cargo weight behind the driver. Mounts | Fuel Tanks | Winching, welding, dragging vehicle and trailer carcasses, pushing cargo containers, moving trailers around, and generally being a useful neighborhood rescuemobile is what this imitation-Jeep gets to do these days. Jeep is Rusty, has some leaks, but it is a very cool old piece of History and definitely turns heads anywhere you go! the status of a DJ-5D or 5F. $231.44.

NOTE: Aftermarket Wheels 15″ or larger are required with this Kit or Wheels from a Jeep w/disc brakes.

Back when I was selling on Ebay full-time I was going to use it to go to neighborhood rummage sales, but I’m not sure it’s road worthy. “Selling a 79 Jeep DJ5 postal Jeep with a Chevy 283 V8 and Powerglide transmission. Replacing the puny OE muffler was a new and better-flowing (but not much bigger) DynoMax muffler was installed., “Vintage Willys Jeep – must see, garaged. The DJ-5A used standard 15-inch passenger car tires, with no provision for carrying a spare.

We replace anything that needs it. One noise source is bad enough when 'wheeling. From the story below, it would seem that this may have been the first example of a DJ-5 Gala Jeep arriving in Hawaii., “Price listed is not the price for all the vehicles.

Novak Conversions is the leading company in high quality Jeep Conversions foir GM powertrains. First, it’s the first ad I’ve seen for a DJ-5 Surrey/Gala. The firewall is recessed to allow for a V-8 or different configuration than stock. The body is a reproduction body. Your support helps me generate new content (or keeps me fed in the process).

Two wheel drive, runs and drives, Pontiac iron duke 2.5 4-cylinder oddly mated to a Chrysler automatic transmission. The Surrey came with a standard striped fabric top, as well as a matching fabric cover for what was advertised as a "Continental tire mount."[4]. When it comes to your Jeep DJ5, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. These quick searches can help you find things on eBay. These jeeps have newer motors of course but more Call toll free 1-866-DJ5-PART (1-866-355-7278), FAX 1-256-593-9778, or E-mail A butt-ugly two-wheel-drive with 3.08:1 gears wasn't the most ordinary project vehicle we'd ever suggested, but oddly enough, the editor agreed. New battery.

Feel free to donate. Has anyone done one of these, I am thinking about buying one regardless but it sure would be awesome to build. 313 results . grill, and radiator.

(08/08/2020) It’s a colorful ice cream jeep, but also a little worn looking. The Jeep for Cheap started out as a Postal Jeep in 1975 until we converted our 1975 Jeep DJ-5D to 4wheel drive! (function() { The only gauge that works is the ammeter, but the lights, windshield wipers, and heat work. The reality of restoring a jeep can be quite different, expensive and overwhelming without the right tools and resources.

© 2020 Four Wheeler | MOTOR TREND GROUP, LLC. Naturally, a few things have changed over the years, some even on purpose. with the engine and transmission completely assembled with all parts attached. and completely reconditioned. Numerous dents, dings, scrapes, and bruises just happened over time. This little business was family owned and operated for 3 years here in Canon city making it established and well known. Could use a tune up and some TLC but overall good condition.

One, the doors prevent a wide-enough rear track width to keep the body away from trail obstacles, or running larger tires. Has mount for machine gun. })(); Powered by Wordpress, theme based on the Simple Grid Theme. We certainly didn't want anybody to mistake the capable and affordable DJ for some overpriced former military Humvee. The great gas crisis of 1978 caused everyone to Between the April '93 and August '94 issues of Four Wheeler, the DJ-5D changed from a useful 4x2 utility to what's basically a CJ-5 with a hardtop.

[6] The U.S. Jeep Car and Truck Need a … Both the Borg Warner T-35 and the Warner Gear M-11 are very expensive to rebuild.

Given much fo the frame is boxed, this could be a good project frame.

The engine and emailNeed to contact me and don't have my email? We were told not to wax it for two weeks, and have willingly obeyed. That 2A body has seen some mods. Other than that, it'll hopefully stay together and we'll just keep enjoying the multitalented DJ.

Also comes with soft top. Runs good but would be better with a SBC which would bolt right in.”. Most 5×5.5 Aftermarket type Wheels are made to fit with disc brake systems. Models Note that the photo’s caption only describes this jeep as a Gala. It was a disaster. There are plenty of interesting, unusual, historic and surprising stories related to Jeeps and their owners.

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