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Zarick's son, Joey (Wil Deusner), is also introduced as a kind, caring, aspiring magician who is kind to Courtney while showing her a card trick. Courtney Whitmore is the stepdaughter of Pat Dugan the second Star-Spangled Kid after Sylvester Pemberton. Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) (2020). If it is revealed that Courtney is Sylvester’s daughter and that Henry Junior’s mother is Merry Pemberton, then the future-Brainwave Jr and Stargirl would be cousins. We’ve already met some of these characters, but we’ll also go over some of the unofficial ones as well. He was the first kid at school who was actually nice to me. Icicle freezes the bridge, causes the bus to crash, and while S.T.R.I.P.E. Cynthia “Cindy” Burman is unlike the other ISA legacies. Hank eventually learned he had the same powers as his evil dad, Brainwave and vowed to use his powers for good. The Flash: Will People PLEASE STOP Trying To Cancel Danielle Panabaker And Candice Patton? is an episode of season 1 of Stargirl. Male In the comics, Cameron becomes Icicle Junior after he is overexposed to his father’s cold gun ray and follows his old man in becoming a supervillain. She also reveals to her father that she basically has zero interest in Henry and wants to dump him. Required fields are marked *. His activities attracted the attention of the, This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 21:48. Along with aspiring Justice Society member the Black Canary, the Harlequin soon freed the heroes and restored their memories with her hypnotic glasses. Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Stargirl, season 1, episode 3, "Icicle.". Joey was the son of Blue Valley councilman and secret ISA member, William Zarick. got bored and did an analysis on the cards from episode 3!! Almost every member of this wickedly awesome group of villains has a child who could carry on their mantle if necessary. However, their memories were restored again, by the Black Canary, and they captured their foes. Parent(s): Lawrence “Larry” or Crusher” Crock & Paula Brooks, Abilities: Athletic abilities; not actual powers. The Wizard later returned to Earth-2, once again reassembling the Crime Champions with the help of Johnny Thunder of Earth-1, but was once more defeated by the combined might of the JSA and JLA. See, The first Sportsmaster was debuted by John Broome and Irwin Hasen. Or not make mistakes or succeed all the time, which I really love. The Bold And The Beautiful: There's A New Buckingham Coming To Los Angeles, Home And Away: Alternative THEORY - Colby Dies In Prison At The Hands Of One Of Ross' Mates. Like many characters in the Arrowverse, the villain was genderbent and became female and took the name Izzy Bowin, though her moniker of The Fiddler remained. When Jordan left Blue Valley, he put William in charge of operations. Joey was born to Denise Zarick and William Zarick and raised in Blue Valley, Nebraska.

A version of Wizard named William Zarick appears in Stargirl, portrayed by Joe Knezevich. He also married speedster Jesse Chambers with whom he had a son, Johnny named after her father, Johnny Quick. Friends He disguised himself as Doctor Alchemy using his magic and the rest of the Earth-2 criminals disguised themselves as the Earth-1 Crime Champions. Portrayal Pat introduces Courtney to the Justice Society of America's history. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, By Nicole Drum The latest episode of DC Universe's Stargirl made reference to the Thunderbolt; the secret weapon of the Justice Society of America and, at times, their greatest liability. Believing that the Justice Society of America was merely a cover for a criminal organization, he first offered a reward of $1,000,000 to them in the paper under the alias W. I. Zard, later asking to join them. Joey Zarick † (Son) She is the daughter of Dragon King. The Harlequin, as it turned out, was actually not a criminal at heart...she merely kept up the pretense in order to attract the attention of Green Lantern. “Icicle” takes great pains to show us both sides of her personality. Last Appearance The Wizard, during the crimes, stole the Freedom Train.

[4]. Romances Relationships All rights reserved. Home And Away THEORY: Does Angelo Return To Summer Bay To Investigate Evan? [5], In the late 1940s, the Wizard was contacted by Colonel Future to help get revenge on the Pre-Crisis Earth-Two's Superman by removing him from existence and given the Glastonbury Wand, which had once belonged to Merlin and had been stolen by Future's henchmen. Joey was a pale teenager with a skinny build and a slightly shorter-than-average stature. With parents like hers, it’s no wonder that she may one day become the second Tigress. See, The Wizard is an electricity-manipulating supervillain who faced off against, Vincent Watson is an criminal who faced off against, Alec Royer is a villain who used stage magic to make airplanes disappear, royal jewels float away, and alien monsters appear on the streets. The Wizard escaped Green Lantern and Black Canary during a million-dollar robbery. He is coddled by his mother Anaya who has taken up his father’s place as The Fiddler.

Joey Zarick was a character in The CW and DC Universe series, Stargirl.

This Wizard had no magical powers, but was instead a mad scientist and masked mystery villain who was revealed to be Carter Hammill, the twin brother of Professor Hammill. On Earth-1 he battled Hawkman and Black Canary and was beaten again, before being finally defeated by Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and the Earth-2 Flash. During the Infinite Crisis, the Wizard was again seen in the Secret Society of Super Villains.

He tells her she can’t as he needs to know if the boy has his father’s powers. He loved card tricks, magic, and making people smile. In the eyes of the public, he is Rick Harris, the son of local hothead Matt Harris who is actually his maternal uncle.

Home And Away: Tori And Christian End Up Engaged! Joey’s Death and the cards. "Stargirl" p. 328. [1], Joey is first seen in a cameo playing a magic trick with cards in the hallway on Courtney's first day at Blue Valley High School. Pat followed and demanded to know what she was up to. Home And Away THEORY: Does Angelo Return To Summer Bay To Investigate Evan? Ten years ago, William fought alongside his fellow ISA members under his alias, "The Wizard". Courtney WhitmoreCameron MahkentBeth Chapel After a narrow escape from Brainwave, Courtney and Pat argue over her drive to hunt down the Injustice Society members to aS.T.R.I.P.E. The Wizard originally only knew the secrets of illusion, hypnosis and astral projection; in later times, he is a skilled magic user capable of performing various effects. His father and girlfriend constantly ridicule him for what reason? At school, she stands up against bullies and smooths over an awkward moment where her nerdy classmate Joey Zarick (Wil Deusner) messes up his magic trick. Maybe his highest power degree was when he possessed the Wand of Glastonbury.

Warning: SPOILERS for DC’s Stargirl season 1, episode 2, “S.T.R.I.P.E.”. Cindy on the other hand has made him her lapdog and he’s simply tired of it. Yes, we know! Spoilers for this week's episode of Stargirl, "Icicle" below. ... Timeline of DC Comics April 1947 Lois found the Wizard, who was now homeless and unable to perform acts of magic due to his shattered confidence at not being believed that he was responsible for Superman's disappearance. Unfortunately, the Wizard accidentally eliminated only his memory of being Superman, but his Clark Kent identity remained. She’s also phenomenally reckless. During Season 4, Izzy was a country musician who had zero interest in a life of crime when she joined forces with Clifford Devoe (The Thinker). Dark brown hair with grey streaks on the sides and with receding hairline, he had a sharp nose and jawline. RELATED: Stargirl: DC Comics' Shining Knight, Explained. Joey, unlike his fellow ISA legacies, does not have a comic book counterpart. Cindy’s jealousy of Yolanda fuelled her but it was also part of the plan set in motion by Dragon King if ‘Shiv Part One’ is any indication. He was also the nephew of Sylvester Pemberton as his mother, Merry was the Star-Spangled Kid’s sister. As the JSA’s hothead, Rick tends to take his anger out on anyone standing in his way, but Beth is seen to have an effect on him that ultimately makes him see reason for a short amount of time. Legacies are a big deal on DC’s Stargirl, even if the younger characters don’t know that yet. He shared an affinity for card tricks with his father. We’re going to dive into the confirmed identities of the future ISA and JSA members. Stargirl THEORY: What Awaits The ISA Legacies Going Forward? Gender While Yolanda worked hard to get where she was, Cindy sabotaged her by leaking semi nude photos to everyone in the school she had stolen from Henry Jr’s phone of his then-girlfriend. In secret, he was a member of the Injustice Society of America and the villain known as The Wizard. Henry Snr has a lot of expectations of his son, including his hope that Junior has the same powers as him. Character Information As a gun man for various crime bosses, he ultimately ended up in jail.

Of all the ISA legacies on this list, Isaac is one of the few who doesn’t have special abilities. The Wizard's escape was circumvented by some junior fans of the JSA. Occupation Your email address will not be published. First Appearance Nickname(s) The DC Comics Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to the Characters of the DC Universe. Occupation It premiered on May 25, 2020. Babes Against Bullshit: Not-So-Grandfather Of The Year - Why Is Thomas Markle So Desperate To Meet Archie When He Has Five Other Grandchildren He Barely Knows? Aided by Felix Faust, they attacked the Daily Planet, and were stopped once again by the Justice League. When Zarick goes to confront Jordan about his son's death, the head villain uses his Icicle powers to kill Zarick, too. Alter Ego "Stargirl" Shortly after Identity Crisis, Despero gave the surviving Secret Society members their memories back. I love how her endless energy and her drive is unstoppable," series creator Geoff Johns told

Steve SharpeHenry King Sr. According to Jordan Mahkent, he "stumbled into [his] powers" and killed his master before his lessons were complete. However, Green Lantern was able to outwit Brainwave who believed him to be dead after he fell into a ravine, though his power ring saved him at the last moment, and free the rest by impersonating the Thinker who he had captured, who was acting as a judge in the 'trial' of the JSA, where the Wizard was acting as prosecutor. Does Colby Die In A Prison Escape?

Home And Away: Angelo Uses Taylor To Get A Confession From Colby, Babes Against Bullshit: If Trump Gets Back Into Office – There Should Be A Redo Of The Election. [4], The Wizard proceeded to escape prison once more and reformed his gang with new members the Icicle, the Fiddler, the Sportsmaster, the Huntress, and the Harlequin. Glee Star Naya Rivera Goes Missing After Her Son Is Found On A Boat Alone. Wizard Stargirl THEORY: Could There Be A Time Jump? He runs to the middle of the road to catch and collect them and fails to notice an oncoming car before it's too late.

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