jojo stands ranked

A stand that requires someone to die to beat it, may I say more?

is near impossible. Most opponents would get easily ripped to shreds by Tusk.

attempts to kill everyone on board, with its flesh eating ability deploying toward any enemy that makes a nearby sound. Killing both Avdol and Iggy, Cream matches the ferocity of the vampire that wields it. A list of stats for each Stand in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.. Speed (スピード Supīdo): Measures the Stand's agility and reflexes as well as performance speed. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has hundreds of Stands by this point – spiritual manifestations of a fighter’s spirit, each possessing unique stats and powers. This isn’t gonna be recognized until Part 5 anime comes out.

Really imaginative use of the Stand mechanic. This Stand seems to be indestructible, and without a user, is also most likely immortal. The third and final Stand owned by Enrico Pucci is one of the most powerful in the entire series.

The World will always be one of the most recognizable enemies in the franchise of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and it's no surprise that it earned its place on our list.

Godlike stand that beats people down and throws them into never-ending death loops, It can literally cancels out almost any ability, Uh, why isn't this top 5? And that isn’t the craziest: even Polnareff doesn’t know the true power of Chariot. Basically, whenever Sticky Fingers or Bruno punches, they can create zippers. Like Cheap Trick, Notorious B.I.G. His Crazy Diamond is a brilliant stand, mainly because it encouraged JoJo to work together with his friends to take down opponents instead of doing everything on his own. Napkin TIME, Basically the same stats as star platinum with 2 op stand abilities, what is there not to love. Kira and Queen make for two of the scariest villains in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, which is quite a feat considering the other main villains that appear. Catch the Rainbow is a ridiculously simple Stand that can be rendered completely useless dependent on circumstance. Though it strangely has a lot in common with its user, Yasuho. But, they also have the extra property of being able to stop time. So, literally nothing can be done to this Stand. JoJo: The 10 Strongest Stands In Golden Wind, Ranked. Power Persistence (持続力 Jizoku-ryoku): Measures the duration of time that the Stand can actively maintain its ability. It's called Green Day/Green Tea and is controlled by Cioccolata. But yeah, I think GER should definitely take the cake. Sticky Fingers certainly proved its worth, and has done so with every battle since. At the base of its trunk are its human victims.

Stand User: Masazo Kinoto (And Kishibe Rohan briefly).

And I love it. Instead, we got this loveable yet air-headed delinquent scamp, so maybe it's not all bad. Three Stands, of course! Not only does it boast a ton of power, but it also bestows the unique ability to turn the user's body into threads, which is an excellent idea with a ton of potential — something that Araki wastes no time exploring in Stone Ocean. 8 WORST: Talking Head It’s like a re-imagining of Crazy Diamond (but, personally, way cooler).

Range (射程距離 Shatei Kyori): Measures a compromise of the Stand's range of manifestation, range of ability influence, and spatial mobility. Third, it can manifest mini tank-like heat detecting bombs on wheels that can deflect any magnitude of force thrown at it. It can manipulate and navigate technology to gather information and discover searchable targets. And if that's not enough. When it’s raining, it manifests as a mask for Blackmore to wear and gives him the ability to walk atop raindrops.

Star Platinum and The World are very similar both in their humanoid designs and abilities. Register Start a Wiki. It’s got multiple complementary powers: bubble generation permits the formation of rapidly vibrating, rotating cords giving the illusion of transparent spheres – these ‘bubbles’ can lift things and deflect impact. This Stand’s personality is embodied by its user. Its actual ability is restoring anything to a previous state of being through touch. The Hanged Man can strike from anywhere at light speed, and it is nearly impossible to outrun, since reflective surfaces are everywhere. With all that being said, we love Enemy Stands and can't wait to see what new villains are created in the future of Araki's long running franchise! RELATED: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: 10 Most Powerful Stands in Morioh, Ranked. With this overwhelming stand, Giorno easily trapped Diavolo into an endless procession of deaths.

That includes space, air, and even reality. It also possesses great strength, speed, and precision stats. 219 Pages. Living inside of a polaroid picture, Yoshihiro vows to protect his son by any means necessary thanks to Atom Heart Father. This humanoid stand resembles a combination of Mewtwo and a cat, but it is far scarier than either. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has hundreds of Stands by this point – spiritual manifestations of a fighter’s spirit, each possessing unique stats and powers. However, this changes with the advent of Act 3, which pretty much allows for the creation of a wormhole of sorts. The stands in Part 5 are some of the most unique of the series. Now we're getting into the "heavy hitters" of the franchise, as Killer Queen functions as the top antagonistic Stand of the fourth season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Diamond Is Unbreakable. Monkey child molester/rapist is litteraly the ship ayylmao. Additionally, Blackmore can fuse with rain in order to relocate his body parts individually between drops.

This man can stop time, this man can throw thousands of punches at you. Some are silly, some are bizarre, and some are simply devastating.

Enrico Pucci, the villain of Part 6: Stone Ocean somehow managed to nab three throughout the story. His barrage and his fists are very strong. But, GER is on another level. As soon as a fourth thought occurs, the first vanishes. You’re absorbed into the tree and must wait in line to become the next Guardian. A no-nonsense badass who could deal with any threat in his way was the trend that Araki tried to emulate with Jotaro Kujo, and the results were... mixed, to say the least. Well, when Civil War activates its guilt materialization, that present would reappear in front of you – then try to merge with you. RELATED: 10 Anime You’ll Like Better Than Dragon Ball. This wormhole grants Johnny interdimensional travel, but it is intensive. Bubblegum pink flesh covered in a pale blue Corinthian armor (and a design reminiscent of Star Platinum) makes Crazy Diamond one of the cuter buff humanoid Stands in the series.

Ringo is a noble soul, who believes in telling his opponent the exact mechanics of his Stand before combat…. It's truly one of the broadest and most creative Stand powers out there. His real stand is called "the speed wagon foundation". Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Once pierced with the Stand Arrow, Gold Experience evolves into Gold Experience Requiem – the most overpowered Stand there is. Giorno's stand initially starts out as a complete weakling whose powers were mainly to imbue things with life... perhaps a bit too much at times. It resembles a small tornado, rapidly spinning around a tiny humanoid figure shaped like a genie.

Heaven's Door does not typically deal damage, but if used correctly, it doesn't even have to. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Every JoJo Protagonist, Ranked. JoJo: The 10 Strongest Stands In Golden Wind, Ranked JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind is the latest JoJo manga to receive an anime. It has no hands or mouth, and uses its massive arms to carry its eye-covered torso. Rohan could effectively rewrite any character of plot point at any moment, and is clearly an extension of Araki as an author and mangaka. I'm also getting his body pillow, Someone comes at one of Bruno's kids he will sticky finger them to hell.

The setting, story, and characters all work together in complete harmony, with Josuke being the crowning jewel of this combination. This ability extends to itself, as if it’s killed, it will be resurrected. Oh good old King Crimson. A physical manifestation of a person's fighting spirit, each Stand varies depending on their user.

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