jonmile morite hobe poem

He’s just walking with Elvis. Jonmile Morite Hobe Ai To Niom Khodar Duniai Si Tu.

Kazi Niru. @POV ….

Rafi’s bursting into tears on hearing a hindi translation of a Bengali song he was about to record? Sort of in that Halwawallah movie. But his music will always be there for us. of 3. can u please explain?

Sanyo not Sanio :-), unless of course this player was bought from those seedy markets that sold brands like Penasonic,Gregorio Armani and jeans by Lavis. Always found it hard to reconciliate those songs & the incidents he were at fault with in his life.

In which other group can you put Bal Thackeray, A R Rehman and Greatbong together? and they were happy to sell the “molestation” for 22 million which speaks “volumes” about their integrity. Yes, before MTV dawned upon us, before we made sense of anything that was to be known as Western Music, in those days when we saw music more than heard, MJ appeared. Long live the king. Michael Jackson had the most incredible fan following. About Md. For some reason, MJ was way popular in India for his dance moves than his songs. He was shyte, a scam, a whatever. I mourn for your three children who could never, ever see their father’s magic LIVE”. A zombie nation deserves a zombie mascot. They just walked away with the loot and happily shut up. The nation that defeated manifest evil in World War Two woke up one day years later to find itself stripped of its manhood, mentally enslaved to cheap entertainments, and hostage to its own grandiosity. Sorry, there was a problem saving your cookie preferences. I neither understood the lyrics. (“adu idu” == “that this” in Kannada) But that did not stop us from screaming out his songs.

PhD, Computer Science. The Man in the Mirror I’ve never known… Michael Jackson – the legend, RIP. Michael could burn through $50-million in half a year. I bet the shows had been insured. Good Bengali boys were supposed to listen to Rabindrasangeet and not even think about the devil’s music.

I fully, totally, whole-heartedly agree with you that He is the greatest. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. For all his hit numbers that shaped my childhood, one of the songs that ranks highest on my goosebump index is a live rendition of “I want you back” back when he was a member of Jackson 5. In pre-MTV days, state-controlled Doordarshan had almost no Western pop/rock programming except some horrible Europop that acted as fillers.

Twitter Updates-when I am not blogging(which is usually all the time) | Human Trend,, BlogAdda's Spicy Saturday Picks - Jun. In a word, yes.

From that perspective I suppose there is nothing to be sad about. A legendary icon who revolutionized not only songs and lyrics but also dance & picturization.

You like to hear your take on new movies that are released after strike. To enjoy Prime Music, go to Your Music Library and transfer your account to (US). It is impossible to recreate the context in which they were huge. R.I.P to you..please don’t mind the zany Indian humor.. “But I did it and no other artist could have made me get up from bed”… for some strange reason this reminds me of the iconic scene in “Clerk”..No disrespect GB just what I felt. MJ stands as a giant against the blandness. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Dad. 27, '09, MJ appeared to be a gentle soul, a lost child, crying and longing to find happiness. I guess he was the 1st introduction to Western Pop for most of us who grew up in the 80s. I did not even know what the Grammies were. A lion used to sing in a jingle – Parry’s Lacto King.. just Eat It.. just eat it. I still sing it as “adu idu okay?” etc. The little boy who grew up to be the simulation of a girl was really a werewolf.

madhusudan dutta must have turned in his grave, but THAT was the power of jackson’s name, that ‘jackson’ was the only title in reference to ‘michael’ which popped into a 6 year old bengali girl’s mind. A man whose name I, and my generation,will never forget. Sex change operation, Colour change, charges of Pedophilia, bankruptcy etc etc can go to hell. There are only a few things which make me think and act like a child – MJ along with his music and dance steps is surely one of them. They accused quite sometime after the alleged molestation. The tip-toe stand, the twirl, the way he moved his jacket.

Well, as you said, MJ was the first and only (for many years) angrezi artist that I knew of. This is where MJ transcends his identity as a superstar and as a musical genius. He hadn’t recorded a song worth listening to in over two decades. Like the USA, Michael Jackson was a has-been. Wannabe politician. But my maternal uncle grew up in it. Check out Jonmile Morite Hobe by Jewel Khan on Amazon Music. ‘He’ also liked Duran Duran, but I have not found another Kolkatean yet who liked them too!! Who will record the above stories and legacy? They view it as such strange eccentricities… Your Amazon Music account is currently associated with a different marketplace.

Though I moved away from pop music to get into Rock in later years, MJ remained an exception. In some ways I hope he got mukti from his “black or white” existential problems. today when i saw 0 comments my poor fingers cudnt help themselves… Stream Jonmile Morite Hobe by PratulMukhopadhyay from desktop or your mobile device. In college, after a bad attack of hepatitis that required hospitalization, I announced my return to health with a frenetic sweaty pelvic rendition of  the pulsating “I am Bad I am Bad” which alarmed my mother, considering how weak I was. Jackson will obviously meet the same fate.

From the Album Je Amar Mon Vengeche Listen Now Buy song $1.29. Your Amazon Music account is currently associated with a different marketplace. The coolest guys in the campus always would be those who can dance like MJ. I agree wholeheartedly.

“Mai ka lal jai kishan” was the word that got associated with MJ in my school days.

( Log Out /  Michael Jackson changed the entire concept of presentation. Try again. Totally identify with the Calcutta contextualization. About Bruce Lee.

We listened to real music like Deep Purple, Dire Straits and The Stones. But I was blown away.

However one cannot forget Michael Jackson’s isolation, his bankruptcy and the sadness that engulfed him in his last days and one wishes that his end could have been under happier personal circumstances, even more so as he seemed on the verge of a breakthrough with his final concert tour scheduled to start in July. I listened to “Billy Jean” once in my cousin’s (who incidentally was a student in SPHS, your school) walkman when I was in class VI and instantly became a fan of him. As I rewind 18/19 odd years I remember the day when my father bought me a “Thriller” cassette (must be a pirated one, coz there was no Sony Music in India those days) and I played & replayed “Wanna be Startin’ somethin’ ” over & over ( I was under the impression that the other songs might not be that good as was the case with Hindi movie music cassettes those days, wherein the A1 track was the best and the rest used to be duds). I am contemplating on the subject of reincarnation these days. Therefore I absolutely loved the fact that Calcutta let him know that we haven’t forgoten – that that transcendal moment was ALL he ever needed to do in his life. It is only after coming to the US of A did I really appreciate his genius, thanks to my wife. May he be remembered for his greatness alone. Jonmile Morite Hobe by PratulMukhopadhyay published on 2012-12-20T04:08:59Z. Those memories are true, they remain. Everyone. He was the great unifier. Not puting Brian Lara in the hall of fame is a crime. i was not a great fan. God bless his soul. Aaoo! Ironical to quote the words of his songs today, I’m searching for the world that I Anyway, I digress. sort of like the popularity of Feroz Khan. MJ inspired me to try and learn break dance. G(in Bengal for only 3 years, 20 years ago and still having a big part of me a Bong at heart). DALTON the King of Pop. tru story!! Truly the last great King of Pop. So I had absolutely no idea as to what I was going to see. Michael Jackson was a part of us. That he was great. Revolutionary indeed. a.mai ka laal, jai kisan!! “in my baniyan and shorts, would do my desperate imitation of MJ’s iconic steps”, “You can imagine the importance of MJ in my life for the fact that I named my son after him.

I will miss The Man in The Mirror. Great post. ‘Cause I’ve been looking around Prime members enjoy fast & free shipping, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Video and many more exclusive benefits. Later as my knowledge on music improved and I graduated from MJ to BoyBands to Adams to Floyd to Nirvana, Metallica PearlJam..

it is always good to have a different point of view.

Don’t kill me, but I want to disagree with your statement about his deeds outliving his lifespan. You didn’t skip the opportunity to infuse humor into this earnest post with the Even if I did, I doubt whether as a seven year old I would have understood a song about an illegitimate child. A beautiful tribute to truly the most innovative performer of our times.

Even those who hated him (parents mostly, and not because of him but because of the fools we made of ourselves imitating him), had a deep admiration for his talent. And now, I just hope as he performs those blinding moonwalk, freezes on toe, and all those chart toppers somewhere very high above, he wouldn’t have to worry about his daily painkiller dosage, financial affairs and court summons, go Michael go, somebody up there had been eagerly waiting for the last 50 years to enjoy your performance . All the loose talk about “love” from the media and the fans gives off the odor of self-love. His sudden death reeks of conspiracy, especially considering the hoopla surrounding the overbooking of his concert tour! A part of our childhood memories.

sorry didn’t mean to post that prev msg as kk. Even those who could not make anything of the lyrics were trying hard to imitate the ‘dance’ moves of Jackson. To enjoy Prime Music, go to Your Music Library and transfer your account to (UK). I used to sprinkle talcum powder on the floor and do the “moonwalk”!

Evidence of greatness also comes from imitation. I agree with greatbong.. to people like us who had a very middle class upbringing…even they heard about and listened to MJ…. This is such a massive loss… words fail me. It was when I was in Class-VIII in 1994 that I finally bought “Bad” and “Dangerous” from a music shop in Esplanade. . You talk about these heavy-metals hard rocks or what ever genre, they all pale in comparison to the King of Music. Listen to your favourite songs from Je Amar Mon Vengeche by Kazi Niru now. A crime against humanity, nice tribute! well had ur kid been sexually molested wud u have settled for 20 million or get the balls of the molester cut ?? Are we on the same Ip? My maternal uncle (mama) had just come back from the US. We can remember that as part of our cultural history, but Elvis or for that matter the Beatles cannot become “alive” to you and me in the same way they were alive to their generation. O2Ai Mon Manayna . These are all artists of the moment. MJ, RIP, you stand proud in that indelible galaxy of the unforgettable greats of Buddy, Nat, Elvis, Jim (Reeves), Beatles & Freddy. By the man in the video. IMHO he was not a child molester, I may be wrong, but truly he had a troubled childhood which he couldn’t let go even when he was a father(?) No make it a strong influence in our definition of music. I will only add Pink Floyd & Doors to the bands you listed. Had a pirated cassette of Thriller and obtained a genuine LP as well. Sure I completely agree with u he was no doubt the greatest and was indeed looking forward to him making a comeback. But, I mourn not so much for thy death, for everyone dies some day.

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