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[238] In April 2016, the Trudeau government announced that it would aim to introduce legislation to legalize cannabis in Spring 2017.[239]. "Trudeau won't rule out bid for party leadership". this Wikipedia article. [53] His mother purchased and moved into a new home nearby at 95 Queen Victoria Avenue in Ottawa's New Edinburgh in September 1979. [147] When interim leader Rae, who was also seen as a frontrunner, announced he would not be entering the race in June 2012, Trudeau was hit with a "tsunami" of calls from supporters to reconsider his earlier decision to not seek the leadership. Trudeau also remained active in international affairs visiting foreign leaders and participating in international associations such as the Club of Rome.

[338] For the first time since 1979, the party that garnered a large share of the national popular vote did not win the most seats—Trudeau had 33.1 per cent of the popular vote, while conservative leader Andrew Scheer had 34.4 per cent. Maybe on Easter, maybe midnight Mass at Christmas.

He then declared that Canada would nevertheless have a strong global voice due to the deepened relations it had forged with other countries, and that it would "continue to work with [allies] on all our shared values on the world stage. Thinking of pleasing my father, I told a joke about him -- a generic, silly little grade school thing. [321] A third instance, a video, of Trudeau in racist dress was also published. "Liberals rally for immediate action in Haiti". Sarah Elisabeth Coyne was just 9 when her father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau died. My father looked at me sternly with that look I would learn to know so well, and said: `Justin, Never attack the individual. [152][153] While Trudeau was seen as a frontrunner for the leadership of the Liberal Party, he was criticized for his perceived lack of substance. ", "Canada election: Trudeau's Liberals win but lose majority", "New book examines Trudeau government's record of living up to pledges", "Justin Trudeau says anti-abortion candidates can't run as Liberals", "Justin Trudeau's abortion policy will "definitely" hurt Liberals, former MP says", "Cardinal Collins urges Justin Trudeau to reverse pro-choice rule", "Trudeau defends abortion stance amid sharp Catholic criticism", "Ten highlights from Justin Trudeau's first federal budget", "Trudeau wants alternative to first past the post", "The pros and cons of Canada's first-past-the-post electoral system", "Justin Trudeau's electoral reform plan needs to 'get going, "Trudeau government won't commit to electoral reform referendum, Tories push for vote", "Liberals acting too much like Harper, Trudeau says after electoral reform concession", "Trudeau abandons electoral reform, breaking key campaign promise", "Trudeau abandons promise for electoral reform", "Trudeau says national unity more important than electoral reform", "Trudeau defends 'turning back' on electoral reform promise", "Canada to Admit Almost a Million Immigrants Over Next Three Years", "Canada to take 1 million immigrants by 2020", "Canada to admit nearly 1 million immigrants over next 3 years", "Trudeau lays out plan for new relationship with indigenous people", "Q&A: Murray Sinclair: Time to right the wrongs of the past on First Nations education", "Commission de vérité et réconciliation du Canada", "By buying Trans Mountain, the Trudeau government breaks an array of promises – Macleans.ca", "Justin Trudeau promised to protect indigenous rights. When Justin was six years old, his mother moved out, leaving Pierre to raise his three sons as a single father. [181] Trudeau launched an internet video the week before the 2014 Liberal party convention titled "An economy that benefits us all" in which he narrates his economic platform. google_ad_client = "pub-1062773544934402"; He has kept his promises and earned his sleep.

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