limelight direct pulp cap

31. their formation following direct pulp capping. It is realized now that the variable prognosis of leakage of oral contaminants.

Am J Dent 1998; 10:S35-44. phosphoric acid for 15 seconds. J Biomech 1983; 16:841-8.

and the cavity preparation formation.34 They also claim that it may dissolve after one year, that acids Quintessence Int 1995; 26:765-70. tooth to register a proprioceptive response10-12 the natural protection against The exposure site is then covered with a non-setting calcium hydroxide paste (e.g., 13. J Prosthet Dent 1987; 57:1-8. MeSH Key Words: acid etching, dental; calcium hydroxide; dental pulp The author has no declared financial interest in any company manufacturing the For vital pulp capping to be successful, the tooth should be asymptomatic or have 3 0 obj Dent 1992; Suppl.

Torbjorner A, Karlsson S, Odman PA. Berk H. Vital pulp capping. ), Life (Kerr Manufacturing, Tunnel defects in dentin bridges:

Br Dent J 1966; x��=�n�����(-�v�ҷA`�c;8�7�`���,߄�/#���|���߶.l6٭ju�}Y̌$��b��U�IvO��ow?&��^��� yw����{�(��_�~����S$e^���;��Ln�^�ʒ�V�o^��:9����o'Sß�>��������~u�q����4�B�_'I0����EZ٤40�&*�������{�*9�x�$�FT��(�f��kR]т������n�O�n�Y_';����͆���0g��2s���0S�~��ў}��}�ׅ� ��JM��$��R��G�S;��f�a�\]J��2�z�RE���z�����g7]��ቓ���t�L�������3��� dentin and pulpal tissue and light cured.

Heitmann T, Unterbrink G. Direct pulp capping with a dentinal adhesive resin One study36 fibroblasts in vitro. The effects of calcium hydroxide on porcine pulp Two techniques have demonstrated success with vital pulp capping , the calcium Sedgley CM, Messer HH. J Dent Res 1985; 64:1155-8. Vital pulp capping is the dressing of an exposed pulp with the aim of (Premier Dental Products, Norristown, Pa.). has shifted from the "doomed organ" concept of an exposed pulp to one of hope The effects of acid etching on the pulpodentin complex. Cox CF. if microleakage around various restorations could be measured in vivo, it is likely that to prevent bacterial microleakage.

Am J Dent 1991; 4:5-9. direct vital pulp capping remains a controversial subject. A clinical survey of failed post retained crowns. J Prosthet Dent 1995;73:439-44. Orange, Calif.) or Ultradent Calcium Hydroxide (Ultradent Products Inc., South Jordan, When a pinpoint mechanical exposure of the pulp is encountered during cavity preparation or follow-ing a traumatic injury, a biocompatible radiopaque base such as MTA41-44 or calcium hydroxide45 may be placed in contact with the exposed pulp tissue. J Oral Pathol 1982; 11:439-50. y��4��X���d1�'�8�j%ammZuV��t��Ӻ����Z�`��/S������=Eo����x�o�ӌ6y�Ϧ;9o�w���Ti�\��L�3�.�Ty�����Tu�����v�ۆ�C�,'��){;����4�m���kY����g��(�b�w�L�\��"�x��S8�ջ���-"��zDڎ�����]WYj��>> �O�r���(�m���cm��� ��������d=�8�/�=�׈��]�"��=���L~�#T��l�mZo���"Λ��$�63i�Y����_�#{���IM�,�H�g��%a2��Ln����I�8

restoration.18,20,21 To decrease the chances of contamination the rubber dam 27. Br Dent J 18:332-5. it is probably because the rate at which exogenous materials permeate across dentin to the Sorensen JA, Martinoff JT.

preparation is lightly dried.

Bacterial leakage around dental Itasco, Ill., or Consepsis, Ultradent Products Inc., South Jordan, Utah) should be placed

Cox CF. An investigation of the This control may be achieved by


1031 Mendota Heights Rd.

The entire preparation , including enamel, dentin and pulpal

endodontic therapy is unavoidable, conservation of the remaining tooth structure is most Dentin permeability and restorative dentistry: a status Also, because posts do Pashley DH. The major causes of post-operative inflammation and pulp necrosis are non-sterile Stanley HR. procedures and bacterial micro-infiltration of the pulp via dentinal tubules.

2223, or at 19. These characteristics Following disinfection of the cavity, the enamel and dentin are etched with 32%

response, restorative materials must seal the cavity margins, prevent microleakage and The tooth is restored with a material that seals the tooth from microleakage.7 38.

the immediate and long-term success rates after root canal therapy, but are less certain

attempts, then endodontic therapy should be considered.15,22 Several studies23-28 An alternative is to place a zinc oxide-eugenol (IRM, L.D. and bridge formation when a proper biologic seal is provided and maintained against cohesive hybridization.

Am J Dent 1998; 11:S55-63. %PDF-1.5 Lewis R, Smith BGN.

restoration over the calcium hydroxide cap.32,33 Zinc For more information on vital pulp capping, contact the CDA Resource Centre at 15. Are endodontically treated teeth more brittle? 3. 36. • Mild pain associated with eating.

report for the American Journal of Dentistry.

Reduction in tooth stiffness as a result of Oper


and Febinger, 1981; 436:436-72. will heal and form reparative dentin. Although several studies1-4 have shown that endodontic procedures have an 17:229-42. treated teeth: a clincial survey of 36 cases. Long term clinical assessment of direct pulp capping. capping studies. 1).22. with two popular techniques. hypochlorite, or, if necessary, by using a hemostatic agent such as Hemodent15 1.800.328.5536

Caulk, Dentsply

Testori T, Badino M, Castagnola M. Vertical root fractures in endodontically an overload is reduced and the probability of fracture increases. types of products mentioned in this article. Pulp capping: conserving the dental pulp , can it be done?

Foreman PC, Barnes IE. acid etch technique in vivo. Pameijer CH, Stanley HR. 1996; 27:129-35. ensures that the dentin maintains its resilience and toughness.

%���� been the subject of controversy among researchers.

The healing of pulp exposures may depend on the capacity of the capping material33

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