magi djinn powers

Each Dungeon/Labyrinth is ruled by a Djinn and, if you can capture a dungeon, you might be able to be that Djinn's master. Barbarossa is the older brother of Drakon and one of Judar's King candidates. In even rarer cases, elemental Djinns can produce these elements without having to exert to much effort on their part, since it is elemental energy being created by their Djinn, thus enabling them to perform their magic without the aid of any type of magical energy source, applying only the power of their will to enact any and all actions., The Djinn are based on the Jinn or Genies from, The Djinn were created by Solomon. For Dungeon Capturers who are not yet able to perform full Djinn Equip, or only want to use the Weapon Version. As the final, most powerful state one can attain using this magic, it gives the user the power said to encompass that of a full-blooded divine Djinn: the power to grant wishes. —Sinbad, explaining the proper way to use a Djinn, Djinn Equip For example, the word "moon" (a concept) is not the large, bright, shape-changing object up in the sky, but only represents that celestial object. The weapon they desire to create is completely dependent on the user's desire and preferred style of combat that involves the use of a specific type of weapon; depending on the level of connection the user has with their genie, they can also make each other stronger by working together, making the bond between weapon and master a strong and close one. Wizards that use this magic are essentially a living host, vessel, and or conduit to their Djinn in which they can exert their will, thus the wizard has the capability to channel/harness any powers in their surroundings, within themselves, others, etc., and utilize it towards a myriad of possible ways one is capable of manifesting their own hidden potential. Like human beings, the Djinn can be good, evil, or neutrally benevolent and hence have free will like humans.

As such, the elements produced are often dubbed as Djinn Elements (ジン要素, Jin Yōso) due to their special properties, an element produced by any Djinn is incapable of being consumed or absorbed by Slayer Magic due to the lethal nature that Djinn particles have with living beings; an attempt at consuming these elements would only result in a lethal overdose of magic particles, instantly killing them in a matter of minutes. While activated, the overall maximum size and volume of magic their originally had is pushed to even greater extents, enabling for higher use of magic reserves to cast large-scale attacks.

When you use Djinn Equip, you try to take the exact appearance of the Djinn. Astaroth is a fire Djinn that Kouen can use to burn through most things within his path, which was of great use to him against the Dark Djinns. Master of the Djinn, Dantalion, space and time Djinn from the 71st Dungeon, that appeared in the world of Magi. The overall purpose of this variation of Djinn is to remove or seal away any type of physical weaknesses that a living body has, including the need for rest, sustenance or other physical requirements; additional advantages lie in the armor's capacity to dull any sense of pain, and keep the users body in top physical condition, such as negating the possibility of succumbing to status ailments or debilitating effects. Agares is a gravity Djinn that can crush anything in its gravitational field. Regardless of mass, density, or material, there's is no object powerful enough to provide sufficient resistance or opposition to counter the weapon's swing, much less deflect them with other weapons or spells; the sheer momentum and velocity channeled inside each attack it creates allows for the energy to build up to critical levels until bursting out in an explosion aimed at whatever or whoever his target is. Barbatos' ability boosts his strength to an immeasurable level and this, combined with his speed, makes it possible for him to break through even the toughest of barriers, as he showed in Magnostadt. Able to travel incredible distances in order to reach their designated target, interact with the environment in incredible ways, and provide defensive cover should the user be incapacitated, tied up, constrained, or bound to an object against their will. When activated, the user can completely recharge refill their used-up abilities after they have been exhausted, completely restoring them to the point that they first started using them, such as transforming a singular-use spell into a recycled resource.

Since these type of Djinns are the living manifestation of their natural element, this characteristic is inherited by the user, endowing them with the capacity to control their element with absolute supremacy to the point of drawing sustenance and power from any and all pre-existing elements in their environment via absorbing them through their Djinn, thus fortifying their elemental power to an extraordinary new level, increasing the overall magic output over 10x's the ordinary level.

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