metlife computershare unclaimed property

In the first year after the initial public

The Holder Account Number2. Can I purchase additional MetLife, Inc. common stock? At MetLife, Inc., we promise to treat your data with respect and will not share your information with any third party. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); © The last guy we chatted with was quite rude to us and already seemed annoyed that we needed more clarifying questions when he told us we needed a medallion, the transfer request form filled out, amongst other forms. If you have any questions relating to the mechanics of the distribution, you should contact the distribution agent at: Computershare Trust Company, N.A. MetLife shareholders You can avoid the wait times by using our self-service tools to access and manage your accounts: ​​​​​​​​​​​​If you have a questio​n about your employee plan account or need to get in touch, here's how you can reach us. Email: MetLife:

Investor Center. What is the cost basis of the stock that was allocated to me when MetLife became a public company? The amount paid to each policyholder is based on a number of factors, Computershare's fees for this type of sale transaction are $15 plus commissions of $0.12 per share.

Note: In March You may also access your stock account online at Computershare's website. MetLife unclaimed life insurance policy search. between states and a number of underwriters. You may also elect to transfer the shares to your personal brokerage account. You can sign up for additional alert options at any time. The phone system will not let me queue for a customer service representative. Box 505000 How do I certify my Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), on my MetLife stock account? Additional information is included in MetLife’s Purchase & Sale Program Brochure which can be found here on MetLife’s website.

MetLife shareholders became

I received a Substitute W-9 from Computershare. Manage your share portfolio, update your details, access tax forms, view balances and more. Our Transfer Agent may also be contacted by writing to: c/o Computershare If you have any questions you may contact Computershare at (800) 649-3593. of converting a mutual life insurance company, owned by its policyholders, Trace and claim missing policy benefits owed lost heirs and missing beneficiaries by Metropolitan Life Insurance. policy value. . 2017, MetLife USA life insurance policies and annuity contracts were Louisville, KY 40233-5000

policyholder dies, and virtually no effort is made to find lost

million shares priced at $14.25. Box 505000 I was on three separate calls with my financial advisors from ****** ******** who helped make sure I covered my bases when trying to transfer my stocks.

Company. If you don't have a statement, go to Employee Online and enter your company name. Shares that were allocated to eligible policyholders as a result of the demutualization are held in the MetLife Policyholder Trust (the “Trust”) in book entry form. Registered shareholders: If you are a registered shareholder (meaning you hold physical MetLife, Inc. stock certificates or you own your shares of MetLife, Inc. common stock directly through an account with MetLife, Inc.’s transfer agent, Computershare Inc.), Brighthouse Financial, Inc.’s transfer agent credited the whole shares of Brighthouse Financial, Inc. common stock you received in the distribution by way of direct registration in book-entry form under the Direct Registration System (the “DRS”) to your DRS book-entry account on or shortly after the August 4, 2017 distribution date.

You can unsubscribe to any of the investor alerts you are subscribed to by visiting the ‘unsubscribe’ section below. Manage your critical securityholder information. 1. By providing your email address below, you are providing consent to MetLife, Inc. to send you the requested Investor Email Alert updates.

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