most accurate 9mm pistol out of the box

This means it doesn't need much lubrication to work well and fast. I sure like the price point of the S&Ws. The gun is lightweight, has a steel frame, a manual safety, and a 17-round magazine. It's simple to disassemble the gun and clear it and one of its great innovations is that the SR9's magazine disconnect feature can be deactivated, allowing you to fire the round in the chamber even if the magazine is out. They are also more expensive than the typical revolver.

The Target Barn and Competition Electronics provided ISPC cardboard targets and a Pocket Pro shot timer, respectively. The name of the pistol refers to the caliber of the bullet it fires. For purposes of clarity, I consent to Athlon's collection, storage, processing, and transfer of my Personal Data and Non-Personal Data (as defined in the Privacy Policy) for the purpose of signing up for the email newsletter. It was unanimous that the EAA needed a fiber-optic front sight, and one shooter also found the rear sight too low. He had no firearms experience, but he did have a lot of vision. Just look at the number of handgun manufacturers offering pistols that are suitable for competition right out of the box. Have killed hogs with it at 75yds+. The safety arrangements also differ to a marked degree. If one malfunctioned during the face-off, we would attempt to correct the problem at the range. Since it came out, the Ruger SR9 has been popular and should be easy to find at online gun shops or brick-and-mortar shops. An inaccurate firearm cannot be made to be accurate and an accurate firearm will prove itself in a shooters hands as well. The Walther has a paddle in the face of its trigger that must be depressed before the trigger can be pulled. What did you say the price was for one of these?”, Richard favored the EAA because of its “great single-action trigger, very comfortable grip, and it’s extremely controllable in rapid fire.

It is THE most accurate handgun I’ve ever seen and I own “a few” hand guns. Glock34. Your email address will not be published. Once we received our test pistols, my wife, Becky, and I zeroed each from an MTM K-Zone rest at 15 yards and were pleased to see that all four were capable of producing groups 2 inches or less in size. exemption for fair use of copyrighted works. Put a green fiber-optic sight up front and it would be just about perfect. Revolvers hold six bullets in a revolving cylinder. Were they looking for the best handgun sights ? It is really expensive ... CZ 75. In real life, that translates into greater control while you shoot.

You'll pay somewhere in the neighborhood of more than average for this gun. If we were unable to do so, the pistol would be scored up to that point and then put aside while we finished testing the remaining handguns. It depends on what you want in a gun. The Walther’s low rear sight, with its shallow notch, caused it to finish in second place. Each race gun featured checkered or textured grip frames for enhanced recoil control, and the EAA and Walther have removable grip panels.

Reliability: Three of the pistols received perfect scores in this category, and the only reason the Walther finished one point behind was that the slide did not go completely into battery on two occasions, forcing the shooter to push it forward. All four pistols provided sufficient accuracy for competition, and it was only the Sig’s thin front sight that caused it to finish in last place. Beretta Arms … Not one Springfield Armory XD or XDM in the list? Easy to find nearly anywhere, the Springfield runs around more than average. They are simple to field strip and a pleasure to hold. We then field-stripped, cleaned and lubricated each pistol—the only maintenance they received. Here's the first list of accurate 9mm pistols, due to resources not all brand names were able to be looked at. The shooter faces four steel targets in a V-shaped formation at 10 and 15 yards with an 8-inch steel plate in the center at 8 yards. Opinions posted on Free Republic are those of the individual Sig Sauer P226X5Glock34Swiss AT 84 S Considered a CZ75 clone but many shooters feel this is more accurate.Browning Hi-Power 9mm The name and reputation speaks for itself.Glock17 Straight out of the box accurateSig Sauer P210Beretta APX This shouldn't have surprised you. In the end, each shooter fired a minimum of 97 rounds from each pistol for 388 rounds from the four of them.

Weight: …

They're not square and blocky like some 9mm pistols. As these things tend to happen, one shooter gave the Springfield a perfect score while another said it had the heaviest recoil. Our list of 9mm pistols could be different or more 9mm’s added to this list. Required fields are marked *.

The EAA stands out with a traditional fixed front post as well as a double-action/single-action (DA/SA) trigger arrangement. There were no warm-up firing, all shooting was done cold from the line. This excellent pistol is truly state-of-the-art. There's a reason it's one of the biggest names in 9mm pistols. Expect to pay around $500 for this fine gun. posters and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Free Republic or its The score is the time plus a five-second penalty for any plate left standing. The 9-millimeter pistol is easily the most universal of handguns. I agree. Easy to find online or in gun shops, the PPSM2 will run you between average and more. SIG P210. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

It's very economically pleasing to hold and encourages a high grip. The CZ-75B is the service version. Many people prefer them for their more elegant look, especially compared to the Glock. The VP9 harkens back to the German word Volkspistole, or people's pistol. The term pistol differentiates this handheld firearm from a revolver. Glock. Atlanta Arms 115 grain 9mm FMJ match bullets were used. The grip is solid but uncomfortable. As token of our appreciation, sign up and receive: Magazine disconnect could be an issue for some, Tends to bite the hand of high grip shooters, Striker assembly can be easily broken if not handled carefully, Corners of the magazine tend to dig into the thumb, Accuracy is good, but not as good as some others, Bulkier design makes it  less suitable for concealed carry, Many safety features to prevent accidental discharge, Slide stop under the right thumb may be an issue for some, Less comfortable to hold than other pistols, Slightly less accurate than could be desired, Double action system will be offputting to some. If you want an absolutely dependable weapon that is highly accurate and will last you a lifetime, the Glock 17 should be your choice. Posted on 04/24/2019 4:46:38 AM PDT by w1n1. Not many other guns like it (maybe none). That’s right. It's possible to get a decent 9 mm pistols for under average price, while larger and better models will run closer to above the average and even up to very expensive. The second requires three body shots to the first target, two to the second and one to the third. The score is the total time plus a five-second penalty for any miss or shot fired out of sequence. While some might feel comparing them is unfair, we thought it would be interesting to see if the pistols’ weights made a difference in the final scores. Then the entire drill is repeated. The shooter begins with pistol at low-ready engages each target in order over three strings of fire. although they only beat out the polymer-framed Springfield by one point. The Glock. The trigger is easier to pull and many pistols have less recoil. Beretta is one of the oldest firearm companies in the world. In fact, I gave it a perfect score.”. The Germans designed a small weapon for home guard use, and this pistol is based on those blueprints. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The following are two 9mm pistol lists, the first is from shooters who just went out and shot targets without any purpose just on a "feel and where the bullet hits on target".

Chambered in 9mm, the G34 measures 8.82-inches in overall length with a … Because unless these are fired in a locking device this is not a test. SHIPPING, PACKAGING, AND PRODUCT, ON US! Accuracy is demonstrated by the shooter of a weapon.

The Beretta will also be a bit picky about what ammunition you put in it. The second group are the same type of shooters just different person. Browning Hi-Power 9mm. Springfield Armory: This happened with both brands of ammunition and when the pistol was clean and dirty.

You may have a little more trouble finding the VP9 at your local gun shop, though it should be no problem to locate it online. The Glock has an excellent grip to go with its lower recoil when compared to some other guns, and one of the best things about Glocks is that they are not picky about what type of ammunition you put in them.

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