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The University of Cambridge acceptance rate in 2016 showed applicants had a 26% chance of getting in – while the University of Oxford acceptance rate showed applicants had just a 17% chance of success.

Common sense should never be neglected! Credit: Madrugada Verde (background), Dean Drobot (left), Antonio Guillem (right) – Shutterstock. The fact that the application processes for some universities are more competitive than others is nothing new. Swagbucks – Get free gift vouchers & cash, 53 small business ideas to start at university, Weekly deals, guides + free cheat sheet. by

Privacy policy. This will help you decide what college characteristics and facilities are important to you. If you take a look at the university acceptance rates and application statistics, your chances of getting into Cambridge are substantially greater than at Oxford. New UCAS data shows that some universities offer places to over 90% of those who apply – but less than a quarter of Oxford applicants get an offer. Privacy Policy - Sitemap - © 2020 Save the Student.

Tutors have no preference for direct or open applications: they are looking for the best applicants for their course.

How COVID-19 Has Changed the College Admissions Process.

Your chances of obtaining an offer from Oxford or Cambridge (before you’ve confirmed your course and college choice, sat your Admissions Test and been invited up for interview) are roughly 20%, a figure that comes from around 40,000 applicants chasing 10,000 places at the two universities. This will help you get used to talking about your subject with a stranger and responding to new, challenging questions. Going to university isn't all about the money, but we'd be lying if we said it wasn't a factor – so check out the graduate salary for your subject.

Disclaimer: All content on this website is based on individual experience and journalistic research.

• access – most colleges have facilities and accommodation for disabled students; however, given the age of the buildings, some areas of some colleges are not accessible for students with mobility issues. Which college is easiest to get into? The university used students’ scores in the Admissions Test, the BMAT, to cut the number down to invite around 500 to interview for 165 places – meaning that by the time you got to interview, your statistical chances of success had increased from 10% to 30%. Online Interview Preparation- Four Mock Interviews, Online Interview Preparation – Two Mock Interviews, Weekly Test Tuition – Online and In-School, Interview Preparation – One Day Course – Online and In-School, Teacher Training Workshops – Online and In-School, Aspiring to Oxbridge Talks – Online and In-School, Oxbridge Preparation Days – Online or In-School), Oxbridge Admissions Tutors are still looking for the best applicants, Schools Mock Interviews – Online and In-School, Teacher Training Workshops – Online and In-School, Oxbridge Preparation Days – Online and In-School, The Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) – COVID-19, Top tips for remote, online Oxbridge interviews.

Oxford offers many more courses than Cambridge. Before you opt for the least competitive course, remember that if you’re not interested in studying the course, you’re not going to enjoy your time at Oxford or Cambridge. It is considerably harder getting into Oxford as an international student, completing the IB Diploma and A-Levels will not assure you a seat at Oxford but can definitely aid you in the process moving forward. This will mean that your application will be assigned to a college or hall that has relatively fewer applications for your course in the year you apply. Oxbridge Applications. As you can expect, some courses are more oversubscribed than others: applicants for Medicine at Cambridge have a 21% chance of success – whereas those for Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic have a greater than 33% chance of being offered a place. Moreover, you won’t really improve your chances by picking a less oversubscribed college as the university uses a pooling system to make sure that good applicants are looked at again if their first choice college can’t accept them. Yet, even as super-low admission rates at many top colleges get more attention every year, it may actually be getting easier to be accepted. The news is filled yearly with stories about the lucky students who got in, and those who didn’t.

Tweet @savethestudent - Facebook Message - Email. Analyzing the aspects of the Fall 2021 college admissions process that may make it easier to get into college ; Five tips for applying to college during Fall 2021; Let’s jump in! This data shows the offer rates for undergraduate applications across all age groups (not just 18-year-olds) to start in September 2019.

Whichever college you go to, you will be studying for the same degree at the end of your course. Tom Allingham Overall: 94.2. Of course, offer rates will also be hugely affected by the popularity of a university – the more popular it is, the more applications it'll receive, making places more competitive and offer rates lower. Although all undergraduates belong to a college, it is the University of Oxford, not the colleges, which awards degrees. Extra Guides, Freshers, Sixth form & college, Updated by Not exactly. All Rights Reserved.

Each college interviews roughly the same number of applicants for each place. These chances, however, can increase and decrease depending on what you do between now and December. Many applicants will be interviewed by several colleges during the interview period in December. We've crunched the numbers to reveal the percentage of students who receive an offer after applying to each university in the UK, proving once and for all which unis are the toughest nuts to crack.

There is a really strong support system, and I feel like I am truly part of a community in which we all look out for each other. It’s also good to get as much mock interview practice before the real thing, preferable with a range of different people. Carbon Positive Website. In some cases, offer rates are low because universities have limited number of places or cater to a niche subject area. Competition for places at all Oxford colleges is very strong. But will it make it easier? Our Oxbridge-graduate consultants are available between 9.00 am – 5.30 pm seven days a week, with additional evening availability when requested. By the time you are sitting opposite your interviewer in December, your chances of success at Oxford are around 1 in 3 – and about 1 in 4 at Cambridge.

Teaching: 86.5. Check out our guide to, Worried about having enough money to make it through uni? If you take a look at the university acceptance rates and application statistics, your chances of getting into Cambridge are substantially greater than at Oxford.

I have never felt so liked as I do at my college.

But some of the best and most prestigious universities in the UK have higher offer rates than you'd expect – Durham and Warwick offer places to over 70% of those who apply, while Exeter offers places to 88.7% of applicants. Remember, that even the most competitive courses are looking for good applicants – so do your research, and don’t be put off a course you love, just because you think it will be a challenge. Of course, any statistician will tell you these trends are irrelevant when applied to an individual – you could pick the most competitive course at the most competitive college, with the toughest admissions test and still get a place – and deserve that place! The business of getting into college is intense. In 2019, 35% of successful applicants got an offer from a college they didn't specify on their application. Both Oxford and Cambridge are considered first-class institutions, a healthy rivalry seeing them each jostle for a top spot on the league tables.

There is an adage at Cambridge: “US admissions are stupid.” I have heard this statement — not once, not twice — uttered by (mostly) international students who applied to both Oxbridge and US top universities. This is because Cambridge courses give students the flexibility to study related subjects – whilst Oxford’s courses allow you to combine subjects in ‘Joint Honours Degrees’ when you apply.

Our advice to you is to thoroughly research all your decisions, to work hard in all the areas you can and to have confidence in your own ability – with the right preparation, good applicants are successful. However, it may reassure you to know that beyond Oxbridge, some of the very best unis in the UK are offering places to almost half of their applicants. You will also meet people not at your college in your department and at university-wide events. Doing well in your admissions test can dramatically improve your chances at Oxford and Cambridge.

Open applicants are allocated to colleges which have fewer applications in that year. This is likely to be the case with the University of the Arts London and Leeds Arts University (two of only a few specialist arts universities in the UK), as well as St George's, University of London, which is exclusively a medical school. What are the benefits of online summer schools. If a college is very oversubscribed for a particular course, shortlisted applicants might be 'reallocated' and invited to interview by another college instead. Our research shows that more students apply to Oxford – 59% of 2016 applicants that we surveyed.

Once again based upon the percentage of offers made compared to the number of applications received, these are the hardest universities to get into in the UK: Something which definitely won't come as a surprise is the fact that Oxford and Cambridge have landed the top two spots for most difficult unis to get into – with Oxford offering places to less than a quarter of those who apply. Now it’s up to you to keep your nerve, demonstrate your academic potential and show the tutors that you’ll be a rewarding and interesting person to teach for the next three or four years. Almost everyone at Oxford or Cambridge loves their college and wouldn’t go anywhere else if you paid them. We’ve worked with applicants in the past who have not got a place one year for Politics, Philosophy and Economics and then reapplied for Economics & Management the next and been made an offer – even though the course is almost twice as competitive. Our research and experience show that Oxbridge Admissions Tutors are still looking for the best applicants – whatever their background – but the colleges have come under more pressure from the government to explain their decision-making process. The average student who gets into Oxford has a whopping 205 UCAS points (roughly equivalent to two A*s and two As at A Level), while at Cambridge it's even higher at 212 points (roughly equivalent to three A*s and an A) – so clearly they're going for the best of the best. Some colleges tend to receive more applications for each place than others, but this varies from year to year. Read on to see how these Admissions Tests will affect your chances. Research: 98.9.

The university will smell a rat if your personal statement looks suspiciously like you’re applying for Economics at your other universities when you’ve applied for Chemistry at Oxford.

You can’t prepare your answers for an interview as you’ll never be able to predict what questions you’ll be asked. But what are your chances of getting an offer from Oxford or Cambridge – and what can you do to improve them? Just over 85% of Oxford and Cambridge courses now require some form of Admissions Test – and your mark can determine whether you are invited to interview or get offered a place.

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