tajdar e haram lyrics english translation

Come, let's go to Medina! Barah-e-raas hai raahe-e-khuda madine mein,. You already know what is in my heart Isi maheene chalen Let's go to Medina! This song is a tribute to Sabri Brothers with music composed by Maqbool Ahmed Sabri. Man be-kas-am haal-e mara O king of the holy sanctuary, Khof e toofan hai bijliyon ka hai dar Sakht mushkil hai aaqa kidhar jayein hum Aap hi gar na lenge hamari khabar Hum museebat ke maare kidhar jaayenge, (Aap hi gar na lenge hamari khabar Hum museebat ke maare kidhar jaayenge Tajdar e haram Tajdar e haram), There is fear of the storm, and dread of lightning Our distress is severe, master, to whom should we turn? Kab tak yih rahegi be-khabari Lyrics of Tajdar-E-Haram from Atif Aslam's new song on Coke Studio Pakistan. For your sorrowful lover We come and cry for justice at your door Haami-ye be-kasaan kya kahega jahaan If you would not trouble to see how we fare, Yours is the hand all the helpless and hopeless grasp, O you who cures ills, O you with the breath of Jesus, I beg you in the name of that same fragrance, Present my greetings at the blessed grave, O king of the holy sanctuary, bless us with your merciful gaze, Please help to translate "Tajdar-e Haram". Tajdar-e-haram, If he looks up but once Kabhi sun bhi to lo hamari batiyaan Choose translation The Lyrics for Tajdar-e-Haram by Atif Aslam have been translated into 8 languages Kismat mein meri chain se jeena likhde Doobe na kabhi mera safeena likh de Jannat bhi ganwara hai, magar mere liye Let's go to Medina! Tajdar e haram, What should I tell you, O Prince of Arabia (Namaaz-e ishq karenge ada madeene mein) (Tajalliyon ki ajab hai faza madeene mein) Come, devoted lovers, let's go to Medina! Doobe naa kabhi mera safeena likh de Tajdar-e-Haram Lyrics with Translation song by Atif Aslam for Coke Studio Pakistan, A tribute to Sabri Brothers, composed by Maqbool Ahmed Sabri. O patron of the poor, what would the world say All the wine-cups that are empty will become filled! Coke Studio Season 8 (Khauf-e toofaan hai bijliyon ka hai ḍar) How long will I remain in this state of unconsciousness? آؤ مدینے چلیں، آؤ مدینے چلیں اسی مہینے چلیں، آؤ مدینے چلیں مے کشو آؤ آؤ مدینے چلیں (مے کشو O king of the holy sanctuary, Koyi apna nahin gham ke maare hain ham Feeh an-nabi yul-mohtaram, O Mustafa, O Mujtaba, show us mercy Our distress is severe, master, to whom should we turn? Tajdar E Haram Lyrics from Coke Studio (2017) sung by Atif Aslam.This song is composed by Maqbool Ahmed Sabri with lyrics penned by . Ham ghareebon ke din bhi sanwar jaaenge Ho nigaah-e karam warna chaukhat pe ham

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