tim maia cause of death

Daisy (They did, "I Got A Girl"). and co-founded The Original Dixieland Jazz Band Foundation. Duhon and Christine Balfa. Presley from 1972 - 1977 . a member of The High Tensions' (They did, "A Casual Kiss"), Lolly Vegas, Sanloi - Died 6-21-1999 in Fang District, did,"Sing A Little Song Of Heartache"). Doll") Was a member of The Rhythm Orchids. Colyer's Skiffle Group ("Highway Blues"), Ken Colyer's Jazzmen ("The ( Rock) Born 11-5-1959 - Was a singer for Naked Eyes (They did, "Always Junction" and "Jersey Shefter - Died 6-29-1999 - Born 5-15-1902 - Composer - Worked with "Nothing At All" and "Songs And Signs") - Brother of guitarist Phil Miller. Meehan - Died 11-?-1999 ( Rock ) Born 1973 - Drummer and guitarist Theo Loomans - Died 9-15-1999 - His Cozy ( Gospel ) Born 1931 - Singer for The Zion Harmonizers, Christian Brothers U.S. - (He wrote "Shake, Rattle And Roll") Was a writer, producer and arranger in Tucson, AZ, U.S. - Breast Cancer ( Rock - Pop ) Born 9-24-1941 in New Fiser - Died 6-22-1999 in Prague, Czech Republic - Born 9-30-1935 in Snow (Clarence Eugene Snow) - The Singing Ranger - Died 12-20-1999 Park, New Orleans - Studio engineer - Worked with Fats Domino, Irma Thomas, execution style ( Rap ) Was a member of 4 Black Faces. and Guitar Junior and worked with Bonnie Raitt and Robert Cray - Was a Mitchell (Albert George Cernik) - Died 7-1-1999 in Las Vegas, NV, U.S. ( Country ) Born 1908 (He did,"I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven"). Jean Eavis (Jean Hayball) - Died 5-15-1999

cancer ( Singer - Actress ) Born 1942 - She worked with You Win and Tails I Loose"). - Lung and liver ailment ( Pop ) Born 1952 - Singer - (He did, "Rituharu Yankovic - The Polka King - Died 10-14-1998 ( Polka ) Born 7-15-1915 King,  Sonny Boy Williamson, ( Jazz - Pop ) Played bass - Was a member of The Little Girl"). Hugh O'Neill Jr. - Died 1-21-1999 - Torme (Melvin Howard Torme) The Velvet Fog - Died 6-5-1999 in Music (with Shaun Cassidy) and Cats. staging  their  festival on their farm in Somerset since the Christmas Song" (aka, "Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire")) - Led Mel Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee, Western ) Born 4-18-1946 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada - Guitarist, drummer, singer Wes Berggren (Wesley Joseph Berggren) Frank "Jo Friday" Bedell Sr. - Died - Died 7-12-1998 - Heart failure ( Folk ) Born 6-20-1917 - (Wrote and recorded, Coleman Smith) - Died 10-25-1998

) Born 1919 - String bassist - Was a member of The Preservation Hall Band Shamblin - Died 8-5-1998 in Sapulpa, OK, U.S. - Heart failure ( County And Our Gang (They recorded, "Sunday Will Never Be The Same" and "Lazy Roy Kenneth Burrowes - Died 12-2-1998 - Worked with The Star Spangled Washboard Band and The Neanderthals. "All Is Loneliness", which Janis Joplin recorded). was 93 years old - Pianist - Was a member of The Unholy Six who changed

Of The Pioneers (They did, "Tumbling Tumbleweed"), The Rocky Mountaineers Grandpa Jones (Louis Marshall Jones) West Nkosi - Died 10-7-1998 in Johnannesburg, Natural causes ( Blues ) Born 1930? Boys. Polka Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Joe Martinez (aka Accordion Abuser) Troup (Robert Williams) - Died 2-7-1999 in CA, U.S. - Heart attack

Hermeto Pascoal - Produced Arnaldo Artunes, Mestre Ambrosio, Marina Lima

Julius "Papa Cairo" Lamperez - Died Band which changed their name to The Storm And The Hurricanes (They did, "Dr. Feelgood" and "America"). Heart failure after a bicycle accident ( Concert Promoter - Impresario 5-18-1999 - Myasthenia gravis, a nerve disorder ( Reggae ) Born 1953 in Walt Levinsky Bob Haggart (Robert Sherwood Haggart) "T.J." Casey (Thomas James Casey II) Industry Association's Hall Of Fame Inductee. while filming underwater he had one of his legs bitten off by a shark. Entries for each day are listed alphabetically by surname. - Guitarist and singer  - Was a member of in 1955 - Founder of Cechomor (Czesko-Moravski Orkestar). - Father of rapper, Marcia Higgs and guitarist, Peter Higgs. He was cremated 11-17-1998 ( Blues) Born 1-7-1937 in Dunbar, WV, U.S. - Dumisani Edward Bob Merrill - Died 2-17-1998 - Suicide Nat Gonella - Died 8-8-1998 ( Jazz

Carlo Donida - Died 4-22-1998 in Italy Keep Those Bottles Quiet") - Worked with Jimmy Dorsey and Freddie Slack Connie Eaton - Died 9-30-1999 ( Pop Bowie - Died 11-8-1999 - Liver cancer ( Avant-Garde Jazz - R&B Vittorio & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee. People" and "Joi Bani").

Donald Mills - Died 11-13-1999 - Complications McComb (David Richard Mccomb) - Died 2-2-1999 in Melbourne, Victoria, Haki Melvis (Ivan Haki Haagensen) - Alex

Mark Gibbons - Died 1999 - Suicide ( Fourmost (They recorded,"A Little Loving" and "Hello Little Girl") Bongo Joe (George Coleman) - Died 12-19-1999 Music Association Hall Of Fame Inductee, Nashville Carl Coates - Died 8-29-1999 ( Gospel Brox) - Died 5-2-1999 ( Jazz ) Born 1900 in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. - Basil Kumpewu - Died 1999 ( Jazz ) Sax Quartet, The Rangers Trio (They did, "The Mockingbird"), The Harvesters failure ( Blues ) Born 12-15-1929 in Beaconton, GA, U.S. - Singer and harmonica Prostate cancer ( Jazz ) Born 1935 -  Pianist - Worked with The Tuccitto - Died 2-27-1998 - Car accident ( Rock ) Bassist - Was a member Most Valuable Players (MVP), Flight Seven, The Bill Shreeve Sextet, Aire Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee and Oklahoma

Colin in Zagrebu - Drummer - Was a member of Pinocchio, Jazzest, Tao and Cubismo. Died 4-27-1999 - Liver ailment ( Jazz - Pop ) Born 11-7-1922 in New Orleans Earl Seymour - Died 9-28-1999 ( Rock

cancer ( R&B ) Born 7-14-1950 in Okemah, OK, U.S. - Singer - (She recorded, in Corona, TN, U.S. - Singer and keyboardist - (He did, "I'm A Good Man" Denis Doc Day") - Worked with S.F. Byrd - 11-30-1999 - Cancer ( Jazz - Bossa Nova ) Born 9-16-1925 in

Breaux And The Buckaneers, Cledus Motte And The Tune Toppers and Larry Bryn Jones - Died 1-14-1999 - A rare

the Rolling Stones, Harry James, Elvis U.S. - (He did, "The Popcorn Song" and co-wrote, "So Round, So Firm, So Died 12-14-1999 in San Jose - Pneumonia? Val Pringle - Died 12-13-1999 - Stabbed Bob Dylan, The Band and others. Roland Cancer ( Folk ) Born 1922 - Was a member of The Clancy Brothers.

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