veryovkina cave in abkhazia georgia

Shone, however, was still freaked. “I just thought, ‘You’re joking. Its entrance is situated 2,285 meters (7,497 ft) above sea level in Abkhazia, Georgia. I couldn’t just stop here because Jeff and everyone else was coming up behind me. “‘Because he's got to do that.’”. Early August 2017 – the speleoclub "Perovo" explored the cave to the depth of 2,151 m (7,057 ft). The ground was completely saturated, and somewhere in the Earth, something had cracked that had unleashed that ungodly volume of water. Veryovkina Cave (also spelled Verëvkina Cave, Abkhazian: ... Its entrance is situated 2,285 meters (7,497 ft) above sea level in Abkhazia, Georgia. The team started from the same point. All rights reserved. “Where am I going to go? February 2017 – the expedition of the "Perovo-speleo" team reached the depth of 1,832 m (6,010 ft) The cave advanced to the second deepest in the world, after. The roar was almost deafening. “This was at my limit of what I could possibly deal with.”. He took sips of air as he struggled to crawl up through the barrage. Shone reached a point where he could step to the side of the torrent. There are photos he still needs to get. “The most enormous torrent of white water appeared out of this hole, and I just stood opened-mouthed at the sight of this huge white wall of water entering our little home,” he says. In fact, this team of cavers has only scratched the surface of what secrets the world’s deepest cave might hold. Despite the flood pulse cutting the trip short by a day, the expedition was successful. After quickly evacuating the deepest camp, expedition members waited for 16 hours at the, next camp, between an impassable waterfall. No one had expected to be moving from camp that day, but now everyone was scrambling. That’s when they realized they had no idea if the same could be said for the Russians. Like his teammates, Shone was dressed in fleece under-gear, his breakfast bowl still in his hands. Its depth was later determined to be 156 m (512 ft). The next day Evgenyj Kuzmin climbed over the wall of boulders and found the head of the Babatunda pit. As long as the flood continued, they were trapped. He moved as fast as he could. Shone was nearly panicking. “With caving, you need to save energy to be able to get yourself out two kilometers of ropes,” Shone says. The driving water was punishing. October 2016 – the expedition of the team "Perovo-speleo" reached a depth of 1,350 m (4,430 ft). The freight-train of floodwaters continued to tear through the dark chasm. “Jeff’s face was white and he had massive eyes,” says Shone. August 2016 – a joint expedition of the "Perovo-speleo" team and the "Perovo" speleoclub reached the depth of 1,010 m (3,310 ft). Zyznikov shook his head.

Then Petr Lyubimov happened to notice a gurgling sound coming out of a small hole in the ground adjacent to their tent.

Veryovkina Cave (also spelled Verëvkina Cave, Abkhazian: Вериовкин иҳаҧы, Russian: Пещера Верёвкина, Georgian: ვერიოვკინის მღვიმე) is 2,212 meters (7,257 ft) deep and is the deepest-known cave on Earth. Shone was concerned about a pseudo-siphon 70 meters above them.

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