viki pass how many devices

This plan is available for just $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. 7-day free trial! I was watching their free to watch 106 episode show.

My one-year subscription ended and it automatically made me re-subscribe ( I didn't know due to not using this platform due to not letting me watch half of the content because of REGION LOCK ) so I went on the website right after I got the notification and asked for the refund but no answers. Any of you with Viki Pass Basic Viki Pass Standard, Viki Pass Plus or DramaFever, have you managed to watch shows in multiple devices AT THE SAME TIME? Be sure to check out our sidebar for helpful info and resources! I have been a user of Viki for many years, I have recommended the service to many of my friends and I’m surprised I now must make this decision and give a bad review. Kocowa has a four device limit. This has been the absolute worst year. This would probably be a great movie option for someone who speaks Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin. Suddenly when I'm in the middle of watching a series (16th episode of 38 total), they locked up the show and said that viki pass plus ($9.99 per month) subscription is needed in order to watch this series. I found that Netflix does a significantly better job with translation. Though if you are getting ready to subscribe, check what shows you will primarily be watching. I also have DramaFever with one other person and we've both watched things on the xbox at the same time with no issues, too. Stay tuned for more information on this feature. After watching one seven-episode series and part of 2 other series, English subtitles no longer appear on my TV, even though Viki indicates that it is active on my TV. By clicking on "Accept", you agree to our use of cookies. I sent multiple messages to Viki customer service with screenshot of my receipt and my real email associated with my account. Suddenly when I'm in the middle of watching a series (16th episode of 38 total), they locked up the show and said that viki pass plus ($9.99 per month) subscription is needed in order to watch this series. Perhaps it’s the way some series were aired? hmmm....Something tells me that will be difficult with a company like this! Forcing subscription. This plan is available for just $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. share. This thread is archived. Beginning episodes are standard but half way through they become locked.Right now, the only standard shows are either on Netflix or Hulu or really crappy shows. But I think viki has a lot more content than DramaFever. If you don't want to pay (or if you can't), you can contribute to the subtitling process and get Viki Pass for free. As far as non paying customers go, Viki is a premium app/service and not favourable for free users.

Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, Taiwanese dramas, Japanese dramas, Kpop & Kdrama news and events by Soompi, and original productions -- subtitled in English and other languages. But other than that viki is better than DramaFever in my opinion. The subscription is not worth it. I really do recommend and the small investment is well worth it. Cancelling suscription today! We will be implementing limits for this in the future but will be updating again when this happens. WTH?? You can watch everything in HD quality with no ads. Yes, DramaFever is kdrama heavy & viki does offer more than kdramas. Frequently I will start watching a series only to find that they stop translating it into English midway through the series. Constant buffering, full stops for 20 mins at a time. That’s just $89.99 for the entire year! Bad business Viki. Hire more people. I feel like I was cheated with the subscription. No ads with HD access. So every series that I started watching I have to worry about it getting blocked to force me to pay more per month? Viki Pass Plus Premium Apk: All in one app for Korean Video contents which includes Korean Drama, Korean Pop, Korean Shows, and much similar related contents. With Viki Pass Plus, fans will enjoy the biggest selection of Korean entertainment on the market today, alongside all of Viki’s unique fan-centric features like Timed Comments and Learn Mode. Please stay tuned on product developments and updates at our Viki Blog. I want to subscribe to one service and my mom likes kdramas too. Subscribe to Viki Pass Plus Annual Plan anytime from August 14 — September 17, 2017, and you’ll receive 25% OFF! They have a lot of good shows. Pretty cheap, but with it you get so many shows that you would otherwise have to wait a long time for. It’s obvious that the characters say way more than it’s translated. Rakuten is a huge company that produces dramas and now took over ebates. Small team??? Press J to jump to the feed. Hi, I was wondering if I make an account can my sister and I both use it at the same time on separate devices? It's been 5 days since VIKKI deleted my paid Plus Pass membership and all my saved info. There are some amazing dramas both Korean, Japanese and Chinese all with Subtitles. ODK doesn't have a limit (better selection of cable shows BUT fewer shows with subtitles). Kocowa has screen limitation (cannot simultaneously watch the same show on a second device) and I unsubscribed in a heartbeat. [Solved] How many people can use Viki at the same time? Pretty sure you cannot watch one drama while someone else in your house watches another. I don’t think there is on either. Got to episode 103 and then they locked it and said I needed to pay to finish the series. For the first month only, we’re having an amazing promotion! Viki Pass Plus: Viki Pass Plus includes everything in Viki Pass Standard PLUS all Kocowa content. Supported Devices. Cheers, In my personal opinion, DF is more Korean-heavy, and while Viki has a lot of kdramas, they don't cater almost exclusively to Korean shows. I tried on my iPad and still couldn’t get it to work. I disagree. Does Viki or DramaFever have this? Does Viki or DramaFever have this? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Of course, we’re working on expanding our reach and will continue to broaden our availability. I encourage people to cancel and find other avenues, mostly because of the deception and the cost which isn’t supported by the platform performance.I’m giving 2 stars because it was pretty good until a couple of months back. How many devices can I watch Game Pass on at the same time? Sign up today to complete your ultimate K-drama binge list on Viki! I can’t even remove my card from the account, I will have to go through my bank. My son watches kdramas on his phone while I’m watching upstairs sometimes, no issues yet, but I think he only watches DF, so Viki is less sure, just never seen anything about limitations. Absolutely disgusting customer service, more like no customer service. Watch Asian TV shows and movies online for FREE! Wish the subscription can get better. Watch Asian TV shows and movies online for FREE! I find playback quality does not even reach HD(or is stretched), let alone 4K. Get Viki Pass subscription to enjoy exclusive Asian dramas with no ads and in HD. I would be watching a series for a day then the very next day the same series remaining episodes are locked and needed plus upgrade to watch. They don't (officially, though your viewing history can get real screwed up). We will never post anything without your permission. We will be implementing limits for this soon. or. Viki Pass Standard: Viki Pass Standard is the same Viki Pass plan you know and love.

If you are a paid member (very cheap price) you get to watch in great quality and with no ads at all. All Viki Pass (Standard and Plus) content is available for streaming on desktop, mobile and connected TV apps. KISSASIANS in my opinion,( it's Free) is much better than VIKI and I'm sending one more email to VIKI telling them CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP. I only say this because Viki caters to a lot of Asian shows and it isn't just kdrama heavy. I am giving them a one star for lack of customer support. Bye. The services offered are great, however, the irregularity of the ads is a big problem especially when they are never-ending. Standard subscription shows are suddenly premium with no notice. MUST BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN YOU SUBSCRIBE!!! Any of you with Viki Pass Basic Viki Pass Standard, Viki Pass Plus or DramaFever, have you managed to watch shows in multiple devices AT THE SAME TIME? Is this honest? I haven’t received not one single reply from Viki.

Be the first to watch the biggest exclusives as well as Viki originals, movies, and more! All of the sudden content is locked? I love this about Viki and Dramafever. Also, some of the translations are only partial. Dramafever - my mother and I frequently both watch at the same time (different shows). Welcome! It is very deceptive. Many customer will il leave the company this way. I sent them multiple tweets on @twitter and still no reply. Viki Pass Standard remains available to our fans worldwide. Viki is my favourite Streaming Application. No ads with HD access.

Moved to Viki after drama fever shut down. Many dramas that was in standard subscription was moved into plus. How to supercharge Continuous Integration (CI) tools for your workplace with managed CI! I’ve been a paying member of Viki for years. In terms of content only I would rec viki pass plus - has more shows than DF. I do not recommend Rakuten Viki Plus. "Video Cannot be Loaded" appears on every episode. Red flag.

Michelle Currently, Viki Pass Plus is only available to the fans residing in North, Central, and South America. Why are you taking it away now. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of a new subscription plan called Viki Pass Plus. I have both but I don't share it with anyone.

This company was ok at the beginning but it’s getting worst and not worth it paying for the subscription anymore. I am now very disappointed with your service. Log in with Email JavaScript Increment and Decrement operators, Two-Hit Wonders That Peaked with the Wrong Song, How Going r/bald Affected my Mental Health, 3 Valuable Lessons from the Korean Drama Start-Up, Ethereum Classic (ETC) is currently being 51% attacked. Comments. Get Viki Pass subscription to enjoy exclusive Asian dramas with no ads and in HD.

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