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WI aye??? After creating a Text Log-in Seal for your computer, you can make sure you're on the legitimate tc-v.com site each time you log in to TCV. 1984 Volkswagen Scirocco 4cyl 1781cc (1.8L)8v Engine 5 Sp.

Please select if you want marine insurance. This sounds like a cop-out response from VW. If the manufacture year is required, please confirm with the seller. Since the Puebla plant is being re-tooled to build the GTI, and the GTI and the Scirocco use the same basic architecture, the Puebla plant could be configured to produce the Scirocco in short order. VW has the GTI and Beetle R (both of which MSRP at about $25k) and Beetle GSR (MSRP about $30k), and then there are plans for a Golf R (MSRP $37-$40K) next year.

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I will be messaging you on 2017-03-01 21:08:26 UTC to remind you of this link. VW’s MQB modular global architecture underpins a number of models, including the new Golf GTI and the Scirocco. !Authentification failed. Please only answer if you know for sure. Investing dollars in bringing yet another sports coupe to the VW line-up means that VW doesn’t have money to spend on a new SUV, updates to existing models, etc. To calculate the price of the car with shipping cost and insurance, please select calculate from "Estimated Total Price". I think you might have the currency thing backwards.

Yet if you sell your car in the USA, you’re taking in dollars.

The shipping company sails here 1 time every 2 months. I want to import a vw scirocco 2.0 l tsi but they are only sold in europe. I went home and did a TON of research on the car and arranged a meeting with Volkswagen TN to get the car to meet American standards. Attention! Ahhhhh that's tempting. After all, currency rates fluctuate…what goes down will eventually come back up. Screams from enthusiasts to bring the Scirocco here fall on deaf ears. Eng.

2016 Scirocco R. I have a Volkswagen dealership a few miles away from my house in Tennessee. I thought you were only allowed to import a car older than 25 years?

NOTE: Currency fluctuations are a major concern of global automakers like VW. Search by Accident Cars. Search by Engine Capacity.(Min. Import VolksWagen Scirocco straight from used cars dealer in Japan without intermediaries. VW’s US sales goal for 2018 is 800k units – an ambitious figure considering that VW is only on track to sell about 400k units in the U.S. market in 2013.

Lastly would i have any restrictions on it such as milage? Search by color type of its Exterior Color.

I drive a Ford Focus hatchback that started giving me really bad engine problems, plus my son is getting older and I wanted something sportier but great to travel in.

I've owned one for many years! TCV Corporation All rights reserved.

She's a bit of a garage queen.

By continuing to browse this website, you consent to our use of Cookies. If VW is going to double sales, they’re going to need more products…which brings us back to the Scirocco.

In my opinion, the VW Scirocco probably isn’t coming back to the US this decade, and it’s because the “opportunity cost” of the Scirocco is too high. cc) 6000cc.

Bruno T – You mention that VW can overcome currency price fluctuations simply by raising the price of their cars, however: a) Prices are set for a specific model year months before production begins, as all the auto dealers and marketing people have to know what the cars are going to be priced at to do their jobs. Scirocco Production and “Opportunity Cost” Once the price is set, VW (or Honda or whomever we’re talking about) is “stuck” with that price for about a year. Summing up, VW could build the Scirocco at Puebla, sell it in the USA to boost sales, and protect themselves from the currency fluctuation concerns that (supposedly) kept the Scirocco out of the USA in 2007.

I noticed the dealer had a toy car of a Scirocco on his desk and I asked him if I could test drive one. Man. Do you take it on the chin for a while to protect share, or do you sacrifice long-term sales to preserve short term profits?

If, for sake of argument, VW were to invest money into producing and selling the Scirocco in the USA, they would need to: Since VW has a limted number of dollars available to develop new vehicles, the “cost” of selling the Scirocco in the USA is that it keeps VW from investing in another vehicle for the US market. 2 stock items. I drive a Ford Focus hatchback that started giving me really bad engine problems, plus my son is getting older and I wanted something sportier but great to travel in. New models, old classics, whatever you want! Market the vehicle in the USA (which is surprisingly costly, even for a model like the Scirocco that would sort of sell itself). Here’s to hoping. I had to contact the EPA, DOT, IIHS, and the Department of Customs. Still, the question remains…where does the Scirocco fit into VW’s US product line-up?

Search by left-hand-drive or right-hand-drive.

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