which country has the most beautiful eyes

On 25 January 2015, Miss Colombia Paulina Vega was crowned as the “Miss Universe”. Yet we insist that beautiful are things that seem appealing to the eyes. There are many people saying Mexican women are unattractive, until and unless you don’t visit the country. Barbara Mori is one such example of divine beauty from this country.

We come across countless quotes saying that beauty lies within a person, it lies in the eyes of person looking at beauty. It’s believed that the combined s*xual appeal of Russia and Ukraine would have made them as the biggest s*xual powers in the world. The United States of America has many attractive women, who are tall, well-maintained body, very good hair textures, and a pretty face. Owing to its gorgeous ladies, it is also called as the ‘Hotness Capital of the World’. When you hear this country’s name, most of us remember two things – the beautiful Brazilian girls and Brazilian girls dancing the Samba.

They are truly ‘Frozen’ Disney princesses. Like most of the South American women, Colombian women have a distinct curvy body, good stature, great looks, and a sensual face. Indian women are naturally beautiful and pretty. Russian women are widely appreciated for their beautiful fair skin. Venezuela is one of the countries with the most beautiful women in the world.

Swedish women are definitely the most attractive in entire Europe. Still, they emerge to be the most gorgeous women in the world. It is also known for being home to the most beautiful women in the world. No country or eye color is superior to the other--this is especially geared towards the members I've seen claiming blue eyes are the "best"--there you go trying to reinforce that European standard of beauty when in fact other countries have much more beautiful people as well. It is very difficult to calculate and say the accurate figures of which country has the most beautiful women in the world. They are joyful, independent and carry themselves with an incredible grace. Many beautiful girls of Afghan origin are supposed to be the most stunning in the world. Located in Western Europe, France is home to the stunning medieval cities, scenic alpine villages and gorgeous Mediterranean beaches. Venezuela is the land of beauties with many beauty pageants and titles for major beauty contests like Miss World and Miss Universe. Most of these beautiful ladies have very proportionate bodies. Everything about America is simply amazing so is American women. These gorgeous females are not only sophisticated but also encompass incredible personalities. The country holds the finest women of the world. You might not have heard a lot about Bulgaria but it too is country with lots of gorgeous attractions, stunning beaches and ski-resorts. They have a personality that can make every man be attracted towards them. They are also in list of most beautiful women in the world. Nobody can beat that! Similar to Ukrainian ladies, Russian women are full of grace and beauty. They’re sweet-natured, caring, loving and in fact very much in touch with their feminity. Mostly brown-eyed, they know how to carry themselves. The dusky complexioned stunning Indian women are famous in the world for their mysteriously gorgeous aura. While Ukraine and Russia are essentially the same, we see that women of Ukraine are prettier than those from Russia.

Cuba like many other South American nations has a good number of good-looking women. While talking about beauty, you can't miss to discuss about the by default beautiful creature of god – women.

From its tennis players to gymnasts and from models to actors, amazingly gorgeous Russian women leave everyone speechless and charm people with their fascinating blue eyes and flawless features. Why Is Goa A Famous Tourist Spot Among Indians? Despite all these beautiful quotes, one can't resist the fact that visual beauty appeals every one. The USA has many Hollywood queens and beauties; a definite mention for such beauty in the country is Olivia Culpo. They’re open minded and pretty accepting about different world views.

Brazilian women are also some of the world’s most famous models. We have analyzed certain parameters like the number of “Miss World”, “Miss Universe” titles of a country and the normal visual instinct factors from movies, social networking, and Televisions to create this list. They beautifully know how to carry themselves and playing key role in any event held in their country. Spanish are beautiful people but there infrastructure and environment is not! Venezuela is the land of natural gifted beauty like Barbies. The USA is a country, where the genes definitely get a boost from neighboring Puerto Rico. Georgie Twigg, Hockey Player. Anabella Acosta from Cuba serves as a beautiful angel from the country. With features like; Blonde/ light hair, big blue eyes, full lips, tall and fit bodies, Russian women are the most beautiful in the world. Armenian women have been in the spotlight ever since the world fell in love with the very Armenian Kim Kardashian and beautiful family. It is actually in the soul and so on. Even in the remotest and interior parts of Argentina, you happen to find pretty women easily. The listed above are top 10 countries with the most beautiful women in the world. She has the most beautiful and most unique eyes I have ever seen! With Mediterranean genes and healthy diet, they are in shape for a longtime. In addition, Brazilian girls have the power to make anyone crave them in their dreams. Venezuelan girls are tall, have a curvy perfect nose and very good facial features to make this country with the most number of beautiful women. They are completely dedicated for their appearances and known for their angelic personalities. Russian women possess a mix of western and eastern features in the form of high cheekbones, broad and tall bodies with blonde hair.

These countries are said to have the good looking, attractive and glamorous women in the world. In the origin of Colombia, there is a mix of various nations and bloodline. With their coffee-and-cream colored skin, dark hair, and enticing eyes, Armenian ladies are among some of the most beautiful people in the world. British women are charismatic, attractive, and also have some lovely cheekbones. Vinod Suthersan is an young tech enthusiast, Blogger addict, Internet craze and thriving to learn new things on the world of Internet.

They also some of the hottest women in the world. They’re also super confident, and to top it all- beautiful. Located in the northern coast of South America, Venezuela is gifted numerous wonderful tourist attractions. It is really difficult to not become excited about a gorgeous Italian lady. Feminine, caring and loving inside out are the key secrets that make Venezuelian women most beautiful in the world. There is several heart touching quotes stating beauty lies in the eyes of beholders, beauty is a virtue that lies within a person and it also lies in the way we look at beauty. They have their own kind of nonchalant attractiveness. With complete elegance, sporty charm and passionately deep eyes, women of Sweden are perfect beauties. And Brazilian women are famous for their awareness about socialization and traditions. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), 10 Innovative Gadgets That Will Change Your Life.

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