world war 3 2026

In 2017 China and Russia secretly sign a military pact called the Beijing Accord. Additionally, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan suggested he has aspirations for Turkey which could involve nuclear weapons. As a matter of fact, it had never happened before. This report is to show you exactly what will transpire over the next 20 years and what you can do to in order protect yourself. They fight against the Allies: USA, UK and most of Europe, Brazil and Australia, Latin America and Japan.

PUBLISHED: 14:02, Mon, Aug 24, 2020

Israeli forces stall the attackers but beg for US action. As the US and China/Russia relationship continues to deteriorate over the next 10-15 years, Russia and China will, once again, be forced to form an alliance. What I talk about below represents approximately 5% of my work. Whether or not that's the exact date.......I refuse to say. The Italian and British force controls Palestine and head to the Egyptian border to repeal Egyptian forces. Also on May the 30th a year before the Iranians take over the Iraqi Military, the Turkish bombed many Kurdish towns in Syria under the reason that they were holding Terrorist Strongholds. The bottom line is this, both Russia and China are fed up with the US at this point in time. Total American Casualties (killed and wounded) 50,000. Same applies to your family. (*Significant can mean many things. All wars repeat in cycles. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. As such, please don’t contact me or seek further guidance in regards to this report. Chinese leaders will need someone to blame in front of their population and since the US will inflate its $1.3 Trillion away, China will point its finger where it belongs. (Star Trek: First Contact) In 2026, at the start of the war, Colonel Phillip Green led a faction of eco-terrorists that was responsible for the los… My work speaks for itself and I hope you will see that throughout the book. This section will be a pure speculation, but we have a good reference point.

EXACTLY 84 YEARS LATER------------------------. US President Donald Trump approved of the assault on General Soleimani claiming the action was undertaken to make “the world a safer place”. The Allies Try to persuade the Middle East but they say no. Total American Casualties (killed and wounded) 1.05 Million. I knew that it had to be something big. For instance, machine guns (Gatling Gun) were first introduced during the Civil War in 1861. At the same time, China has worked defiantly to assure its relations with Russia, while the US has sparked controversies with both South Korea and Japan, its two closest allies in the region. Donald Trump and President Xi have staked much of their political reputations on the trade situations in each country and therefore both have incentives for diplomatic and economic escalation. On April 12 Israeli and French Troops have taken half of Syria and Lebanon. Russia is fed up with the US due to NATO's expansion right up to its borders. Rejoice as the night is now over and the new morning is here At that stage you will have two options. The Allies are now only the USA. ). On Friday, January 3, the USA undertook a drone airstrike following a series of “orchestrated” attacks on coalition bases in Iraq over the past few months and attacks on the US Embassy in Baghdad, all of which was done on the orders of General Soleimani. Every single war, including smaller wars, can be predicted with these cycles. "China admits it has a maritime militia, and it’s a clear violation of international law. .....NUKE each other back to the stone age. The Russians took it up a step with the next goal was to take over Georgia, something they were unable to do in 2008. China invades the Philippines and Japan with 750,000 troops. It was mostly ever building tension ever since the end of the Cold War and the rise of new powers like China.

The TUE tell the Allies that what they are doing is for the better and Oceania joins them including Australia and Indonesia. Revolutionary War: Started in 1776. In Europe Russia has taken half of Ukraine and Poland and the Allies put a last ditch effort in the capitals of Warsaw and Kiev. newspaper archive. The US-China relationship has been particularly tense in recent years. The Allies attack Beijing the TUE Headquarters but fail. Both countries plead for assistance but Japan only receives 30,000 American troops because they are busy fighting in the West. Now as a killer infection spreads across the globe and riots over police brutality have sparked across the world, leading to World War 3 concerns again. World War 3 concerns were triggered around the globe following the death of Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani in a US airstrike in January. •Creation of American/European zones and proctates, World War 3 is fought between the Allies-U.S., UK, France, Italy, EU, Japan, Israel- and the Eastern Block-Russia,China,Middle East,Venezuela,North Korea-  from 2018-2026. Since that time, Iran "unintentionally" shot down a Ukranian passenger jet which saw 176 people killed. Every significant* American war has been fought exactly 84 years apart. World War 3: General Soleimani was killed on a mission authorised by Trump, WW3 fears soar as US helps India take on China, World War 3 mapped: Several locations are considered to be likely origins for war in 2020, World War 3 mapped: Relations have worsened between India and Pakistan in recent years, WW3 fears as Kim Jong-un’s North Korea invades south, China launches terrifying new assault ship near Taiwan as US warned, WW3 fears SOAR as Trump US Election world map predicts India rebellion, World War 3 mapped: The US and China are embroiled in a bitter trade war currently, World War 3 warning: Iran begins construction of new nuclear site, India sends warship to South China Sea in bold move, Iran attack: Ukranian plane shot down ‘accidentally’, says US, Iran on the brink: Ex-Trump aide exposes exactly why US, World War 3: Missile strike kills eight pro-Iranian militia members, World War 3 outbreak: BBC expert stuns Newsnight in Iran crash claim, WW3: China and Russia hint at new MOST POWERFUL military alliance EVER, WW3 fears: China vows 'necessary response' after US-Taiwan arms deal, China space race: Beijing launches three newly developed SPY satellite. Additionally, in the first Treaty of Versailles in 1871 Germany became an empire at the expense of France.

Now, before you assume that I am sort of a doomsdayer seeking to build some sort of a cult following, understand something very important. On July 4 during the 4th of July celebrations in the south side of Chicago, Russia launches a nuke and kills 500,000. So in 2024, on July the 24th Russian troops entered into Georgia with the intention of taking over it, and that went not as easy as they took with the invasion taking over a month for such a small nation. Remain in your sleep you no longer my brothers and sisters March: The UN announces sanctions on the new Eastern Block resulting to Britain, The EU, and NATO to declaring war on the Eastern Block creating the Allies.

Most wars are triggered by economics, not ideology. Basically, if any of the member states are attacked, the entire NATO goes to war.

The American and French Troops arrive on March 20 with supplies and are immediately put on the front. This infuriates the Chinese to no end. On April 23 France and Israel have successfully taken Syria and Lebanon and turn their forces into Iraq to help the Kurds. "If a global pandemic doesn’t cause China to calm things down in the South China Sea, there’s not much that will. However, we are not talking about a specific region. The South is defeated in two weeks. Massive casualties. Simply be aware that this is coming down the pipeline and decide what plan of action is best for your family and yourself. Given the tense relations between countries around the world, has compiled a guide for the flashpoints where World War 3 is most likely to erupt in 2020.

Tensions between the two countries now stand as high as at any time since 2017, and the impending US election could imperil relations further. Total American Casualties (killed and wounded) 1.1 Million  3.2% of population. I rest my case. This might not be a problem if China didn't face a massive economic slowdown over the next decade. Most wars are triggered by economics, not ideology. Now Xi Jinping wants it to be the best. I am a very well to do and generally very happy. You will eventually get vaporized or otherwise killed during the war. The Philippines falls on June 28. I think absolutely no way will there be World War 3 before 2026. World War III (often abbreviated to WWIII or WW3), also known as the Third World War or the ACMF/NATO War, was a global war that lasted from October 28, 2026, to November 2, 2032.A majority of nations, including most of the world's great powers, fought on two sides consisting of military alliances.

The scary part was, if one sailor or one pilot or one soldier would have made a simple mistake at that simple as accidentally firing their gun.....we would have had a nuclear war in the 1960. And right before the start of the war in late 2025, the Chinese moved into Mongolia as another move into claiming territory, the country was quickly overrun and put under Chinese ownership. They then in order to gain allies fund North Korea,Venezuela,Syria, and Iran's governments and military efforts. Most population centers throughout the world (particularly in China, Russia and the US) will be radioactive wastelands. Alle News Manche sagen das der Krieg immer gleich bleibt. Since no one likes being lectured, Putin is not only fed up with the US foreign policy, he is furious with it. DON'T MISSIran on the brink: Ex-Trump aide exposes exactly why US  [INSIGHT]World War 3: Missile strike kills eight pro-Iranian militia members  [EXPLAINER] World War 3 outbreak: BBC expert stuns Newsnight in Iran crash claim [ANALYSIS]. Just turn the TV on. The question is about WORLD War 3, not a local conflict. Total US Population at the time.... 4 Million (including 700K slaves). There is no point in reading it. Thus far, without too much success, due to a number of deflationary forces within the economy. No one will win. If you didn't know, China and Russia are both "communist" countries that go way back. So, if you haven't noticed the US owes China $1.3 Trillion. Plus, China is trying to build a military superpower in the region only to be constantly undermined by the US with the help of Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Italy surrenders to the TUE. These vessels were 92 nautical miles off the coast of Vietnam’s Binh Dinh province as of yesterday morning, deep into the 200-nautical mile EEZ, and were further accompanied two Chinese maritime militia ships, the Dongtongxiao00235 and the Min Xia Yu 00013, Radio Free Asia reported. At first, I thought that I got some of my calculations wrong, but after some verification my original work was confirmed. Every country declares war except Saudi Arabia (resentment of Iran), Jordan (ally of Israel), and Algeria,Tunisia, and Morocco. They will continue to deteriorate further from this point on. The war will be fought between NATO Members and Russia/China Coalition. They are trying to create a one government world. We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. In fact, I see this economic issue as the major trigger point that will eventually set this war off. They agree to pass a law requiring all men ages 18-24 to enlist in their countries militaries and optional for women of those ages. Britain and Italy send 35,000 troops total to invade Palestine.

With the Wars gradually ending it was obvious something was going to occur to spark that competition again especially with the growing desperation of power between the West and East. Birth control is introduced. October, 28th 2026 - November, 2nd 2032 (Proxy Conflicts continued until mid-2070s)

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