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Zuzu was horrified at the outcome, which ended with Sora's loss and hospitalization, rushing down to him with Yuya. The Zuzu pack holds the Frightfurs, Ancient Gears, Predaplant, Lunalight, and other archetypes, if you are looking for them.

Traptrix Rafflesia is available from Zuzu Boyle's booster pack which is extremely easily obtainable from the first tutorial part of the 5th Arc. Julia pointed out that Zuzu's eyes were clouded and she was hesitating. This page was last edited on 27 April 2020, at 03:30. As Yu-Gi-Oh! Zuzu and Sora get along well; Zuzu is more tolerant of Sora's antics than most people. Remembering about Yuya's encounter with Yuto and Yugo, Zuzu thought that Yuri was the latter. Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution, https://yugioh.fandom.com/wiki/Zuzu_Boyle_(Legacy_of_the_Duelist)?oldid=4305860, "Melodious Diva's Ballad" - Zuzu vs. Julia (. It is Zuzu's bond and the time she spent with Sora that convinced Sora to save Zuzu from Duel Academy no matter the cost and deliver her safely back to Yuya. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram as @christyxcore. I would like to receive news and offers from other Future brands. Yu-Gi-Oh!

Though she cares about Yuya, Zuzu occasionally gets annoyed with Yuya's antics and whacks him with her paper fan whenever he does anything foolish. Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution - Booster Pack Content List Cross Post from r/NintendoSwitch for link Evolution Shop List If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. After school, when Yuya pleaded with her to help him qualify for the Junior Arc League Championship, Zuzu reminded him that she had already qualified and thus couldn't Duel him. After the Duel the woman introduced herself as Alexis Rhodes and brought her to her Duel School. Want Galaxy-Eyes, Heretics, Evilswarm, and Inzektor archetypes? Later, she, Gong and Skip went to the Dueling arena to watch Yuya's Duel against the Sledgehammer. [42] When she arrived in Central Park, her bracelet activated, and she found Yuya in a state of shock before he collapsed.[43]. Share them in the comments! Yuya's feelings regarding Zuzu are more complex, but no less caring. Sylvio's friends had showed up, claiming that Yuya had hospitalized Sylvio. Traditionally, Hiiragi is used as part of a demon ward on Setsubun. She asked her father whether their school taught Xyz Summoning, only to get a negative response. If I'm not writing, you can probably find me over at Disneyland. Concerned for Sergey's safety and believing that she had the Duel won, Zuzu attempted to warn the crowd about the interdimensional war and to convince them that the Friendship Cup was wrong. When Zuzu was twice trapped by the Obelisk Force and Sergey, Celina was furious with her helpless state and her inability to get Zuzu to safety.

While brainwashed by the Parasite Monster, Zuzu is emotionless and does not speak. Zuzu first met Alexis when she was surrounded by three Juvenile Officers; Alexis dueled them in her place, defending her despite not knowing who she was. While she reached for an Action Card, she ended up sliding off the ice shelf and into Olga, who was Dueling Gong at the time, resulting in both Duels being combined into a Tag-Team Duel with Zuzu being paired with Gong. Sergey then set up an array of Thorn Counters that would harm both players, so Zuzu fused all of her monsters into "Bloom Prima the Melodious Choir" to avoid the damage and attempted to win again, but Sergey, again at great cost to himself, was able to survive the turn. She and her counterparts were surprised to see a dragon's silhouette form from Yuya's dark aura. Zuzu was somewhat relieved until everyone heard Gong shouting.

[67] Zuzu wanted to go help Yuya, but the kids were able to talk her out of it. Yuto explained the situation: He and Shay were fighting to get back their captured comrades, one of which was Lulu. Zuzu notices the change in Yuya's attitude. When he started asking why Yuto and Yugo both looked like him, Zuzu commented that Yuto had also told her that Lulu looked like her. At the tournament venue, she frantically looked for him, but it was to no avail until they ran into Aura, whose constant comments about Yuya, her "Darling", sent Zuzu into a rage. [40] She continued to watch the Duel in growing apprehension as Shay's comments reminded her of what he'd said beforehand and as Sora revealed his true sadistic colors. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She watched Leo take damage from the effect of Yuya's "Performapal Gatling Ghoul" and called out to Yuya in his rage.[89]. Agreeing with Zuzu's suggestion, the two swapped clothes to stop the Obelisk Force from capturing Celina, though Zuzu had to drag Celina behind a rock to change so Moon Shadow wouldn't see them since the latter didn't understand the concept of modesty. The Card Shop in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. Legacy of the Duelist is different from other Card Shops in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Then when you're out of DP, just duel some more. As Roget continued to rage, he ordered Sergey to get an Action Card, but Zuzu told him that it's pointless as the two were no longer in his reach of control. Sora gave her a "Polymerization" card and explained the basics of Fusion Summoning. [70] Zuzu then arrived only to realize Yuya was awakened. Zuzu was blasted back by "Master Diamond" and lost her Duel. Black Friday deals from $10: Save big on Echo, Fire TV, and more at Amazon right now. Two days later, she and Yoko Sakaki watched over Yuya while he was still unconscious. Julia explained that several LID members had vanished, and blamed Zuzu for letting the Duelist escape. The next day, the participants were informed that instead of single Duels, they would be participating in a Battle Royal around the city, using the "Quartet of Quandry" Action Field, which would also generate "Pendulumstatue" Pendulum Monster cards for the participants to find. Lily is known for being a flower that symbolizes soul of the departed has received restored innocence after death, possibly refers to Z-ARC being restored of his innocence after his rebirth as Yuya. Yuya helped her gather her Deck and returned it to her, but later picked up her "Polymerization" card, thinking he had overlooked it earlier. Zuzu has been best friends with Yuya since they were really young and they both were raised to believe that dueling was for making people smile. after a few years and haven't been keeping up with the meta of the trading card game. Zuzu's bracelet warping Yugo away due to Yuya's arrival. All rights reserved.

The bond between them culminated in Zuzu's speech to Z-ARC that she believed that Yuya was not a demon despite being the reincarnation of the destroyer of the Original Dimension, allowing for Yuya to break free of Z-ARC's control and allow Ray/Riley to defeat him. Like the others she was shocked at Sergey's transformation and questioned if he was even human. It's all Yu-Gi-Oh!, all the time. Sergey mocked her for believing that she had won and revealed a horrifically sadistic side, performing a Fusion Summon to bring out "Thorn Overserver Vandarlizuma" and using his low LP and its effect to set up an OTK. You can acquire 3 of each card, but you can still pull meaningless duplicates if you already have 3 of a card. They were unable to find one, but Celina appeared and told them to follow her. I thought you get the cards when you buy the DLC right away. He responded that Yuto had given it to him after losing his Duel with Yugo, and that that was the last thing he remembered. After fighting Yuri throughout the night, she made her way to a hiding spot under the ice to hide from him, but Yuri easily located her. Just have an idea of the kind of cards you're looking for, whether it's to improve your current deck or make a new one, and keep going for those packs. During the Friendship Cup, Zuzu wears one of Rin's Turbo Dueling outfits; a predominantly white one-piece short-sleeved jacket-miniskirt combination with light pink shoulder pads and hot pink markings, in addition to back pockets; long white gloves with light pink elbow pads that extend over her elbows, hot pink pants, and white knee-length form-fitting boots with light pink kneepads. You can acquire 3 of each card, but you can still pull meaningless duplicates if you already have 3 of a card. Her hair also features two lighter pink bangs that fall to the side of her face. Her bond with Yuya is what drove her to become stronger so that she could protect her friends and You Show Duel School, and in return, this drove Yuya to push the boundaries of Pendulum Summoning. Before Yugo could answer her question, they were teleported away by Zuzu's bracelet because Yuya was nearby looking for her.[13]. I think a good way to start in Link Evolution is with the first series, as it is not too complicated and you can get some good cards to make a solid deck with to get through a good chunk of the campaigns. After arriving at the Fusion Dimension's You Show Duel School, Zuzu receives a change of clothes that once belonged to Alexis when she enrolled in Duel Academy: a sleeveless white shirt with a pink pad over her chest and shoulders, a pink skirt and a white belt similar to Tori Meadows', except with a different color scheme. Incidentally, the name Susan also means "Lily" tying with her Japanese floral-based name. That leaves a lot of possibilities for decks and play styles, but how do you get that DP to get those booster packs? When Yuto met her for the first time, he mistook her for Lulu Obsidian and grew protective of her. Une erreur s'est produite sur le navigateur. She decided to go after him, intent on repaying Yuya for saving her in his Duel with Sylvio. When Yugo decided to use the power of her bracelet to get to Duel Academy, Zuzu described her helplessness at the fact that she couldn't control her bracelet's ability, and then broke down at the mention of Yuya. You'll also find Winged Kuriboh support and more. © Valve Corporation. Zuzu tried to stop Celina since they were in the middle of the Championship, but Dennis accepted her challenge. Realizing that she would be portrayed as the villain, she urged Yuya to exchange insults with her, and Yuya came up with the concept that she was The Sledgehammer's sidekick. Yu-Gi-Oh! She improved to the point of being able to correctly discern his winning move and chant along with his Summon. Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution, Best microSD Cards for your Nintendo Switch. Before they could begin, the warehouse door was thrown open by a mysterious Duelist, who raised his Duel Disk, indicating that he intended to take Zuzu's place in the Duel. Knowing how important for Celina to learn the truth about what happened to Xyz Dimension, Zuzu decided to Duel the Obelisk Force.

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