What is “it”?

Some people have “it.” Some people don’t. Some people get “it.” Some people won’t. Recently, I have been teaching a series of messages on what it means to have “it” as a believer. I mean, when you consider that Christians have a direct line of access to the God of the Universe, doesn’t it make […]

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Debate on Gay Marriage

Over the past two days, I have been watching an online video of a debate regarding the constitutionality of same-sex marriages and whether or not they should be legalized. Gay Marriage Debate at Fora.tv Parts of the discussion were fascinating, parts were offensive, and parts were really informative. One issue that I had not thought […]

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Why do Christians go to church?

This last Fall, we took a survey in our church asking people to rank our church from “ick” to “wow” on various categories. This is a non-scientific study, of course, but the vast majority of our church attendees gave our church a “wow” on our preaching and mid to high marks on everything else. Also, […]

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Why do people go to church?

This morning, my wife heard on the Christian radio station that a recent study reports 67% of Americans claim to have a personal relationship with Jesus that affects their daily lives. However, just last weekend, I heard a statistic that currently 17% of Americans go to church. I think that means specifically that on any […]

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