Website and Application Development

For the past 24+ years, I have been honing my skills as a Web Developer and Computer Programmer. I can learn new programming languages quite easily and am very comfortable with just about any computer system whether mobile, embedded, desktop, or server.

However, the majority of my development work has been in Web Server applications using technologies like PHP, Python, and Node.js. Recently, I’m diving more into mobile app development using native languages like Swift, Kotlin, and Java along with cross-platform frameworks like Flutter, NativeScript, Tabris.js, and Fusetools.

Here are a few examples of my work:

Church Sites

I built my church websites on top of WordPress but created a few custom plugins to make uploading sermons easier for the people of the church. Here are a few of them:

Business Sites

I also develop and host websites for businesses. Here are a couple of them:

Mobile Apps

From Church apps to mobile games, I enjoy developing mobile apps. Here is a link to the apps I currently have available on Google Play: Jeff Mikels’ Developer Profile