Tweets! ( 2009-02-07 )

<li>”just finished the initial assembly of our baptism testimony videos for Sunday. It’s going to be one incredible day!” <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”Finally going to bed, but eager to start the day tomorrow.” <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”I have the t-shirts for baptism tomorrow. They look good, but they’ll look even better when wet! Praise God!” <a href=”″>#</a></li>

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Tweets! ( 2009-02-03 )

<li>Step One: Launch OpenOffice Calc. Step Two: In any cell type =GAME(“StarWars”) and hit Enter. <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>going to practice with the band… should be some fun! <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>Back from practice at Eric’s house, and realizing that once again, I’ll be using Linux to save someone’s Windows machine! <a href=”″>#</a></li>

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Indiana Snowstorm

I thought some of you might be interested to see some pictures from our house of the Indiana snowstorm that hit us yesterday, so I’m posting them in a little gallery here You should have seen the huge pile of snow that the snowplow left at the end of our driveway. I was out […]

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I’m an Enthusiast

According to the “Enneagram,” I am an Enthusiast. Here are some quotes from the website: The Busy, Fun-Loving Type: Spontaneous, Versatile, Acquisitive, and Scattered Easily become accomplished achievers, generalists who do many different things well: multi-talented. Practical, productive, usually prolific, cross-fertilizing areas of interest. How to motivate me. Sevens want to maintain their freedom and […]

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Help the Person and the Car

Charlie has been getting into stop motion animation, and I think this one is one of his best. NOTE: This video was made from pictures taken ENTIRELY by him. I wasn’t even watching him do it. Of course, I did the computer work to put it into a movie, but he took all the pictures […]

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Future Reference

RAZR PHONE How to hack the RAZR phone LINUX SERVERS SME all-in-one server distro RETREAT CENTERS deer ridge ministries Websites TechSoup — technology for nonprofits — buy older (and smaller) computers — web-based payroll service (free first year for non-profits if purchased through — small business services from ADP (payroll, accounting, […]

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