001-07 — You Are Significant

SCRIPTURE: Various To conclude my series on how to live a significant life, I want to turn the tables a little bit and simply claim that you are already significant beyond your imagination. How significant are you? You are so significant that Jesus would rather die than live without you in his family. Listen in […]

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001-05 — The Significant Church

SCRIPTURE: Various What sets the significant churches apart from the insignificant ones? Not much other than the fact that significant churches simply do a better job at carrying on the ministry that Jesus began. Want to be a part of a significant church? Invest yourself in continuing the work that Jesus started. Listen up to […]

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001-02 — The Significant Parent

SCRIPTURE: Various If you are a parent, you probably have thought about what it might take to be a truly significant parent. In this message, I try to encourage both parents and non-parents that you can find real significance through helping other people become significant! Download Now Subscribe to this series by dragging this link […]

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001-01 — Introduction

SCRIPTURE: Various Everyone wants to live a significant life. In this message, I try to show that the true secret of living a significant life is to begin by choosing a role model who has done it. Why not pick as your role model the single most significant person who has ever lived? Download Now […]

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