Exile & Renewed Hope

This post is part of a series on explaining the whole bible. Exile The kingdom of Judah ended with the destruction of Jerusalem and the deportation of the brightest young people to Babylon. However, Jeremiah had predicted that the exile would last only 70 years, and Isaiah even predicted a king named Cyrus would be […]

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The Downhill King Slide

In my last post in this category, I talked about the Cycle of Rebellion that plagued the nation of Israel beginning with the death of Joshua. Here’s a recap of what that cycle looks like: The Jews forsake God and his laws for foreign gods and immorality. God forsakes the Jews to foreign governments and […]

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The Cycle of Rebellion

In my last post in this category, I gave a narrative description of the first 6 books of the Old Testament ending with the death of Joshua. Now, I’m picking up where that post left off. The key thing to remember for the rest of Jewish history is that the Jews lived in a constant […]

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In the Beginning(s)

How the Perfect Creation was Corrupted Nothing existed except for God, and he decided when everything should begin. He created the world in a flash of light, and built it up piece by piece until it was exactly the way he wanted it, but despite its beauty and greatness, he noticed something was missing, so […]

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Explaining the Whole Bible

As I have spoken with people about the Bible, I find more and more that people aren’t really familiar with the “plot” or the overall story of the Bible. Therefore, I’m going to try to go through the entire story of the Bible in a very brief overview fashion. The challenge is that I don’t […]

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