Chesterton Update

We went to Chesterton this weekend. The original plan was to go to Jen’s parents’ place on Thursday night, hang out there with them, and then give the kids to their grandpa while Jen and I did some touring of the area. However, things didn’t work out that way.

  • Jen’s dad was assigned to work on Friday even though he was supposed to take the day off, so we couldn’t leave the kids with him.
  • We were supposed to have a meeting with Pastor Bill at Liberty Bible Church, but he got sick and had to cancel our meeting.

Nevertheless, we had a really good time. We met with a Real Estate agent who, though he wasn’t too interested in having another church starting in Chesterton, was really encouraging about the character of the town. He showed us on a map where to go to look at houses that were selling at the median selling price in the area, so after we dropped the kids off with their grandmother to take naps, Jen and I went back out to see those homes.

We were impressed. The amount of home you can by for your dollar is incredible (especially compared to Chicago!). Also, a large number of homes have the design and neighborhood that is just what we would be looking for. In terms of a place where we might want to live, it would rank pretty high.

However, we still need to talk with some pastors in the area to see about the spiritual condition of the town and whether there is a segment of people who are effectively unreached. I should be getting some of those meetings in next week.

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