Coronavirus: Waiting for Yellow

Latest Indiana County Map and COVID Statistics

Note: Since publishing this post, the Indiana statistics have gotten MUCH better. However, our county is still considered “red.”

I and the other leaders of the church have been doing a lot of thinking regarding when and how we can return to in-person worship even at the level we did during the summertime, and I know you are thinking about it too.

Well, we have come up with a strategy that we think will work out for us, and I wanted to give you the outline of it now.

First of all, we are planning on being virtual only through the rest of the month of January including our Vision Dinner. (Yes, we are planning a virtual Vision Dinner that should still be a lot of fun.)

Secondly, we’ll be virtual only every Sunday that Tippecanoe county is in the Red or Orange according to the State Advisory Level Assessment. Note two things: (1) According to the state, “Advisory level refers to the current guidelines the county must follow. A county must remain at a lower Weekly Two-Metric Score for two consecutive weeks to move down to a lower advisory level.” (2) The map colors on the state website are a bit misleading, “red” is represented on the map by a dark brown, “orange” is a peachy-beige, and I haven’t seen what yellow looks like yet.

When our county hits “yellow” and we do go back to in-person worship, we’ll put limits on attendance, require masks, shorten singing time, and still put out the best quality livestream experience we can. At that point, we will also start working on a strategy to fully re-open, and when the county goes blue, that’s when we can start working on going back to “normal.”

Until then, I’m simply asking you to continue working on your direct relationship with God and others.

No one ever enjoyed learning patience, but God wants it for us.

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