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On Sunday, we had another Live Q&A session, and this time I think I got more deep doctrinal questions than ever before. Because of the depth of the questions and also because many questions came in that never made it to the screen, I decided to address them all here on my blog.

Here are all the questions I’ll be addressing in the next few blog posts (Note, some of them are ones I also addressed live, but I’m including them here because I want to give an answer with a bit more precision):

Questions From Sunday

Personal / Silly Questions

  • What is your favorite letter of the alphabet and why is it E?
  • Have you had a crumble cookie? If so what’s your favorite flavor?
  • What’s your favorite Starbuck’s order?
  • What’s your favorite board game?
  • Who is your favorite person in 1 and 2 Samuel?
  • If somebody gives you Playdoh, do you first make a ball, a snake, or something else?

LCC Questions

  • What is your vision for the church this year?
  • Can the congregation request songs for the band to play?
  • Any news on what is going on with the buildings next door?

Practical Questions

  • How can we engage in evangelism without judgment and hypocrisy?
  • When pursuing God, what are the key practices to pursuit? Is there a difference between pursuit and rote obedience?
  • Why do many churches not offer an alter call—an invitation to come pray, leave burdens, respond if the Holy Spirit has prompted and allow the lost to come when convicted to further learn or step into salvation?
  • In the Great Commission, Jesus commands the disciples to teach the Nations to obey Jesus’ commands. Are there any examples of what it looks like to do this practically without coming across as self-righteous and judgmental?

Historical Questions

  • How old was David when he struck down the giant?
  • How old was David when he was anointed king?
  • How many years was Saul king?
  • Can we trust apocryphal books like the Book of Enoch?
  • What happened to the Ark of the Covenant?
  • Who replaced or followed Samuel?
  • Where do Neanderthals fit in a Biblical context?

Doctrinal Questions

  • Do pets go to heaven?
  • What does purgatory mean?
  • What does it mean “to bind and loose”?
  • Truly, what does it take to go to heaven?
  • The Bible talks about both predestination and free will but those two are paradoxical in a way. Do you think that people really have free will in relation to salvation or have God’s people been chosen and set in stone since the beginning?
  • What does it mean for the Holy Spirit to be upon someone?
  • Is being angry with God a sin? What about being angry yet humble?
  • The world today is do broken and events are aligning to set the stage for fulfillment of Bible prophecy. The next event is the rapture why are so many churches not responding with urgency to reach the lost?
  • Who/what is the antichrist?
  • Does LCC believe Hell is a literal place and is there a spirit of urgency to tell His truth to those that are lost?
  • 1 Samuel 15:35 says God regretted making Saul king over Israel. If God is perfect and His choices are best, then how can God have regret?
    If it’s a sin to kill, then why is there so much killing in the Bible?
  • Is believers baptism necessary to receive complete salvation and receive your spiritual gifts?

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